Jaycation: YouTube Channel Trailer | Travel Vlog

My name is Jay Jay Maniquis and I live in
America’s Finest city. Although San diego is one of the most popular vacation destinations
in the planet, Sometimes my urge for travel takes over. Woooooooo! Follow me, as I leap
out of my comfort zone. (laughs) See places I thought I’d never see. Holy S#%# Beep
Ya! Encounter some awesome people from all over the globe from different cultures. Sip,
sip, (What do you think of Jay Jay? He’s Alright!) I’m with my New York Buddies.
To remember these places, I collect Starbucks Mugs as Mementos. Finding these mugs in itself
can turn into an adventure. Travel with the mindset that time is wealth and budgets can
always be made. Life begins outside your comfort zone. Welcome to JAYCATION! Are you ready
for a Jaycation? All you got to do is click SUBSCRIBE.

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