Japan Travel Guide: 10 Things you need to know Before Coming to JAPAN

Hi, everyone! It s Yuka. Well, today, I m
going to share ten things you need to know before coming to Japan with you guys. Here
s a place to be for you if you want to know about Japan or if you plan to come over to
Japan. Okay, so, let s get started! Number one: please get a WiFi connection information,
please. I think you can get internet connection anywhere anytime in your country. It may be
free; I m not sure. But, I am sorry we are not there yet. We are kind of in the middle
of the road. Can I say that? Anyway, I strongly recommend you to get the
WiFi connection information at the airport. If you re going to stay only big cities like
Tokyo or Osaka, you ll be able to find the free WiFi hotspots at many places. There,
you can get free internet connection. Usually, you can find the hotspots around major airports,
train stations, tourist information centers, or even major streets in Tokyo. Also, major
convenience stores like Seven Eleven and at coffee chains like Starbucks, they provide
WiFi access to the customers. If you re going to visit rural cities and you want to get
internet connection, please make sure to check information beforehand. I ll put useful information about wifi connection
in japan below in the description, so please check out. Number two: Irasyaimase! Irasyaimase! Irasyaimase!
When you re going to the restaurants or shops, store staff will call out to you, Irasyaimase
. It is greeting, but you don t need to reply. This might sound rude to you, but it s totally
okay. Number three: Sorry! Many Japanese cannot
speak English, or they don t want to, or they re so hesitate, or they re not get used to.
Anyway, they just cannot speak English. Although we studied English for six years of mandatory
education, still, we cannot speak English. While it s said that there are many reasons
for it, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, it s just a fact, it s a real. If you re going
to come over to Japan, yeah, most of people cannot speak English. Since Japan has been
elected as a place for the Olympics in 2020, people say that we need more English speakers
to accept the guests from overseas. I think it ll get better. Well, I hope it ll get better. Number four: We take off shoes. I know all
of you know that we take off our shoes when we get into the house. Actually, there are
other places where you need to take off your shoes. For example, some restaurants, Ryokan,
which is Japanese-style hotel, and temples. You know what I mean, right? Just be ready
for that, just in case. Number five: Go to the post office if you
need cash. There are many ATMs in the city, but most of the time, they don t work, so
you need to use ATMs at the post office. They will work. Number six: Size matters. Well, we are small,
compare to Westerners, so if you wear like a size medium, you need to find extra-large
here. Also, if you wear a big size shoe, like a woman size eight or men size twelve, you
might not be able to find any. Number seven: Vegetarians! Yes, there are
restaurants for vegetarians, but still, very few. If you re vegetarians, please get information
in advance. Of course, restaurants like Izakaya, they offer many kinds of small dishes, so
you can find vegetarian dishes, too. Number eight: Could you wrap up my food, please?
Yes, I know you might want to wrap up your leftovers and bring back with you, but most
of the time, you ll be turned down for the sake of hygiene. Well, usually, the portion
of the dish is smaller than the ones in the Western countries, so you can order separate
dishes and then share with your family, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, whoever you like.
And one more thing if you order cold beverages besides beer or wine, it ll come with ice
for sure. If you don t want ice in your drinks, you need to let them know. Number nine: Rush-hour train. When you travel
Japan, you ll use trains for your transportation, and I want you to know that rush-hour trains
are really crazily packed, so if you re going to travel with your big luggage by local trains,
I recommend you to avoid rush-hour. Well, both trains are fine, though. During rush-hour,
there are woman-only cars. As you can imagine, only women are allowed to get in the car,
so don t hop in that car if you are not woman. I think it s going to be okay if you think
you are woman. Number ten: You pay at the cashier, and no
tips. When you re finished eating and want to pay your check, you need to come up to
the cashier and pay there, and don t forget to bring a piece of paper with your orders
on. Usually, you can find it on the corner of the table or side of the table or store
staff brings you. If you cannot find it, forget it, just go up to the cashier and pay there.
You don t need to pay tips at all. I think if you offered tips, they might get confused. Here s one more thing you cannot find many
trash cans in the city. If you need to throw away something, there are trash cans in front
of the convenience stores, at the airport, at the train station, like a public place
area, parks, so you have to find them. You might see the litter of pet bottle on the
trash cans. What is a pet bottle? There are many mistakes and strange English everywhere.
Well, pet bottle is plastic bottle , okay? Yeah, pet bottle. Now, you know things about Japan many tourists
know, things like where s trains or don t know what to do, which is great, right? If
you have any weird, strange experiences in Japan, I d love to hear your story! Please
leave a comment below. Plus, you have questions or things you want to know about Japan, also
please leave a comment below. I ll answer it just for you! Of course, thumbs-up if you
like it, and if you haven t subscribed my channel, please subscribe. So, thank you so much once again for watching,
and I ll see you next time! Bye!

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  1. I have family in Japan and I'm planning on going there when I graduate high school. Currently I'm learning Japanese but I don't know it too well. Anyway, thanks for the video

  2. oh god, im going to japan with my family this nov end, but they decide not to get a tour package, so we are doing it free & easy ( yea .. its not really gonna be easy ) we cant speak japanese. im sure we gonna have a hard time … even if i memorise some phrase for asking destination etc.. if the person i ask replies in japanese, what the hell am i suppose to do ?

  3. Ok loved it ! One of the best I saw so far (if not the best) ! from a french young man that love japan and that will travel there is around 6 months 🙂

    If you had one "special" place to go there, what would it be ?

  4. do you have to learn japanese before you go to japan??? also is it expensive for the flight, hotels, restaurants, shopping stores???

  5. Very useful information. You are extremely kind and have a bright smile. I'm going to Japan for a month in Dec/Jan and I am worried because my flight arrives to Narita at 7 pm, then I'm meeting my host at a train station and I carry a BIG wheeled bag, I can't imagine 🙁 as for the English issue, it will be okay since I can speak Japanese 🙂
    I saw a comment below which might be true, maybe you could try to make the videos a bit shorter. がんばって下さい!
    Thanks again!

  6. Man love japan but I only speak two languages Russian and English tried Japanese crazy hard. How will u find anything without knowing the language.

  7. Im going to Japan for my birthday 14/2 2017 and I heard you have so many different wc whit tons of buttons. My question is this what is the word flush🙈 so I dont press wrong when Im done whit my needs, lets say at a restaurant (would die of shame if I had to ask a person/waiter)

  8. 🙂 Thanks Yuka, nice tips! I remember a sort of amusing experience from my Tokyo trip. Checked into a coffee shop & found the staff "singing" in chorus 🙂 It felt like they were reciting the recipe to help new staff learn how to make coffee!

  9. Seems like many Japanese people don't really travel to foreign countries nowadays unless it is cheap, I hope it is not too expensive ( recent yen appreciation ) in Japan.

  10. Sorry May I ask how much will it cost to stay 3-5 days in japon(tokyo + maybe 1 or 2 other cities) and explore major attractions except shopping?

  11. I'm actually quite surprised about the situation with wifi. It doesn't matter much to me, but everyone I know in my city would die of mourning over wifi. and they'd never leave a store once they're there that has wifi. Sometimes i feel embarrassed to know that my friends depend on wifi when i can live with or without. Oh and by the way, for anyone that may do so, Using google translate to talk to others who don't speak english may not be a good idea. It can lead to an awkward translation or you may have accidentally insulted someone. yeah, google's not entirely accurate. If you plan on talking a lot, Might want to try to pick up Japanese. at least enough to get by. But If you plan to move there, yeah, might want to learn Japanese. Now this is something i'd like to ask. For those who travel over sea's, and would like to move to Japan. Any tips on what you need to do? I was told that you need a high end job over here just to live there and the immigration process was really picky. Because I may or may not be planning on moving to Japan in the next several years.

  12. Although I have visited Yokosuka years ago, I would like to visit Japan again to check out some more tourist attractions. Since I now have a 5 year old child, is it a good idea to bring my child to tour Japan?

  13. I have a question. What do you recommend if I'd like to watch a sumo event in Tokyo? Should I book my tickets in advance/ can I just buy from the counter? Thank you

  14. Thank you for this great video! I would like to take the train from Tokyo Narita airport to Nagoya. I know the train connects in Tokyo but I cannot find any indication how much the trip to Nagoya will cost. Can you help? Many thanks! : )

  15. i have been searching everywhere online to find out if there is any way a person can move to japan without getting a job in japan if he has a large monthly income from the us, i have been trying to figure this out for a few months and i'm stumped, if you have an idea how id be thrilled to know

  16. Very interesting information. You are very thorough and friendly. Your English is quite good and I enjoy listening to you. I like you, Yuka. You are sweet and friendly!

  17. I've been learning Japanese at my school for 3 years now, i got A's and B's all the time, but i still didn't know anything lol. At the end of my 3rd year i realized that getting good grades doesn't make you memorize all of that Japanese, you have to put time and effort into it, REVISE it almost everyday, be COMMITTED. I'm serious, you don't know how embarrassing it is when people ask me to speak Japanese when i don't even know the basics!!! now i have to revise over holiday before school starts.
    P.S. everyone in my Japanese class dropped out because they all did the same mistake I did except one girl. now theres only two people in my class, me and this girl (the girl revises Japanese shes really good at it, she even learns Korean, bad idea though they are too alike).

  18. i went to japan last year – tokyo and kyoto – wonderful polite place. i don't expect japanese to speak english but i felt that alot of people do speak enough english. everyone is helpful. the people working in the train stations speak english well enough so get directions from. don't travel during rush hour!

  19. Hi Yuka. I'm planning to visit Tokyo by myself in September 2017 from USA. I'm concerned because I don't speak Japanese and I don't know my way around city. Do you know of any Americans or Japanese that can provide one-on-one guide services for a reasonable fee? Is there a website where I can find expats from English-speaking countries?

  20. Happy New 2017 year & Happy Friday yuka san lord God Shakya Mouni Buddha bless you nice listen on program to be use & develop skill Japanese language & program tourism wait to watching opportunity from you . thank you so much

  21. Thank you Yuka for all your info. On Japan is it wise to learn some Japanese words so to just get by, we are in our 60s are Japanese people friendly to seniors, Me and my wife interested to see Japan & it's culture, ,would you know is their a direct flight from New York to Japan , &&&& the best time of year to visit…… Thank you

  22. I have a question. If possible, I was wondering if you could help me learn Japanese? I wanna move and work in Japan for some time that's why

  23. Thanks for your great videos. We recently enjoyed a wonderful first trip to Japan which was made a lot better by the information we learned from your channel and others.

  24. Great country one of the best countries I have been to and have been to many. a little expensive but it's well worth it. Clean safe great culture great food and people.

  25. when coming to japan on vacation and i was to buy things that will not fit in my bags on my way back home is there a way to have it sent back with out it being in my travel bags like ups or fed ex?

  26. I really want to go to Japan but it costs so much to fly there 😣But I'm only 17 so I still have time to save up some money 🙂

  27. I like No 3. I would love to visit Japan one day and before doing so I will spend a month or something learning some basic Japanese. As for Japanese not speaking English? Damn right! Be proud and be yourself. You never were and never will be a colony. Screw English. Germans are in the heart of Europe and they don't really like to speak English in Germany, even if they can.

  28. Hi Yuka san, Is there a less crowded part of Japan that you would recommend for retirees? Are those areas cheaper to live? Hai domo Arigato gozai mashta 🙂
    btw, PET stands for : poly EthyleneTerephthalate.

  29. Hi Yuka, Many thanks for the information. My wife and I are planning to travel to Japan soon. Could you please guide me on the travel ?
    We are planning to be there for 14 days. What is economical to have 14 JR pass or 7 days and than get 7 days local pass on Tokyo metro .
    Warmest Regards

  30. Hi!! Thank you for the information, I'm going to Japan soon. Don't worry!! Your English is great!! I got understand perfecty. I have been stundying english for 2 years and I can understand many things but my speak isn't so good I think. =/

  31. Hello Yuka. I just discovered your channel and I will be staying informed by you. I love the way you present the information and your wonderful humour.

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