Italy Travel: Naples to Sorrento & Positano- A Vespa Adventure!

It’s Scooter Time!! And I am taking you from Naples to Positano
along the lovely Italian Amalfi Coast INTRO I know we talked about scootering around Naples
in the Top 10 Things To Do in Naples, Italy video, but now I’m going to show you what
to expect if you were to ride the scooter down the Amalfi Coast for a day trip from
Naples to Sorrento, or Naples to Positano. And we’re going to do this in 5 easy steps! Step 1- Gather your scooter. If you don’t
have one you can rent one from a local car rental agency. Our friends have a cute little
red one, and this, this is Giuseppe. Giuseppe is fully equipped with me and my
GoPro. Simply held up on this stick so I can get all the action. Step 2- Get out of Naples. Giuseppe has a fearless driver who will take
us through Naples tunnels, traffic and tolls. While it can take awhile just to get out of
the city of Naples, once you do, you’ll be well on your way to the Amalfi Coast Step 3- Now that you’ve paid all of your
tolls, you can get out on the open road and enjoy the picturesque Amalfi Coast. Your trip from Naples to Sorento will bring
you along both coastline AND through shady green lemon yards. which brings us to your
next crucial step On the way to Sorrento, stop over on the side
of the road at one of the limoncello stands Because Sorrento is famous for it’s lemons,
and these adorable little lemonade stands not only sell bottled limoncello, but fresh
lemonade slushies to cool you down while you enjoy the views. We have reached Positano Driving down into Positano on the scooter is really
half the fun, it gives you a nice slow preview of everything going on in town. We’ve now arrived in Positano, probably one
of the most picturesque towns in all of Italy Even this parking lot is just a beautiful place
with its sheer foliage cover. Only in Positano! Thank you for watching the Naples to Sorrento
and Positano Vespa Adventure video, I’ll definitely have some more footage from the
Amalfi coast coming soon. Until then you can catch up on all these other videos from Italy,
Europe and beyond on AMaeTV. Ciao!

14 Replies to “Italy Travel: Naples to Sorrento & Positano- A Vespa Adventure!

  1. Scootering is fun in just about any (warm) country! I definitely wanna check out the Amalfi Coast now. Thanks for the rad video!

  2. Great job, I love that you can 'enjoy the picturesque Amafi coast'…only if you don't look down right?! Those hairpin bends looked a bit scary – think I'd have been hanging on for dear life, but you did a great GoPro job! I just made a video about cycling around Budapest – but my experience was more like No-Pro!

  3. You're getting better and better with you editing skills 🙂 I haven't been to Positano yet but I miss Milan, Rome, Florence, Verona, Bologna and Venice 🙂 The scooter ride was so fun but you were so brave vlogging at the same time lol. I was scared vlogging while riding the quad bike in Santorini. lol

  4. YES! You got the vespa! I was there with my family and we took a bus that was pretty scary considering those curves on the road… but anyway its was a great adventure and the views are awesome! Have you ever watched that movie Only You with Robert Downey Jr and Marisa Tomei? A part of the movie happens in Positano at the beach and the hotel Le Sirenuse. The movie is old(1994) but my parents like it and I we laughed a lot when we entered the hotel to see what it looked like in real life =)

  5. Crazy beautiful! Any good Southern Spain on Northern Greece tips or secret places to visit?
    Fantastic videos! If you ever visit Toronto, Canada area, you'll have some Vloggers to show you around if ya wanted.
    All the best : )

  6. I asked on Trip Advisor if renting a scooter as our transport along the Amalfi Coast from Sorrento at the end of Sept/early October was a good idea. Most people were LIVID that I'd even consider doing something so dangerous, but a couple people said it was fine. I wouldn't do it when we visit Naples, but my husband does drive a motorcycle and we have been on scooters in the Carribean. I don't want to rely on buses. What if we want to spend the whole day in Positano? Bus schedules are often shorter. Maybe the scooter will get stolen? It's not until 2018, but doing research now. Thanks!!

  7. Great video! I have one question regarding the scooter: do you know how fast it can go? As in, top speed?

  8. Love this short video! I'm going to be traveling in Italy for a month between sept-oct and was wondering where you recommend staying in sorrento and Positano? And where to rent scooters from

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