IRAN TRAVEL Must See UNESCO sites and more | Travel to Iran Episode 3

Hi guys! Welcome back to Meiji Wanders channel! Today the video is about the must visit places in the beautiful
country of Iran.

Hi guyssss, we are in Isfahan! so it is one of the largest cities in Iran.
The number one site I recommend you to visit is Naqshe Jahan Square. It is the
central square of Isfahan city. It is a great square that has many important
sites for example we are on the palace in the West and opposite this is the
Sheikh Lorf Allah mosque and towards the north is the Grand Bazaar
of Isfahan and the most famous places of this square…this is called Imam Mosque
is at Chehel Sotoun Square right in the middle of the city so the Shah Mosque is a great example of
the Safavid era it was one of the first mosques and Islamic architecture that was
created in the Persian Empire and luckily we met this uncle that he was
working as part of the team ‘This one is 16th of the dome’ Around the square, there is also a bazaar under the walkways like this and you can do some shoppings also Towards the east that we saw before, this is Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque although this mosque is a little smaller
than Imam Mosque we saw just now, the significance of it was that it was used
for the Royal harem of the Sultan back in the days so there was a hidden
walkway underneath and the details of this Mosque is actually one of the best ever
created, even more sophisticated than the Imam Mosque. The second place that you must visit
when you’re in Iran is Yazd. Yazd is actually UNESCO’s World Heritage City when you visit the city you can
experience this narrow walkway, you can see here how narrow the roads were we are in one of the highlights of this world heritage town of Yazd so they also call this place, Jameh Mosque but it is also one of the most significant mosques in Iran and in the interior, you
can see all the tile works you can tell that it requires a very high
craftsmanship and the tile colors is in blue palette but it comprises of dark
blue, light blue and turquoise and they also use a little bit of green also Yazd is full of hostels so you
can expect a lot of cafes and very local vibe like this. You can take the rest with fruit shakes or ice cream In Yazd, you can also find this complex called
Amir Chakhmaq Complex, this is where the locals will come and hang out after
or right before their evening prayer so this has a quite distinctive architecture the third spot you must not miss when
you visit Iran is the ancient Persian site so the highlights today before reaching
Shiraz, we are going to see Necropolis and Persepolis so we are going back in time
to see the ancient Persian so first let’s see the Necropolis. So this necropolis
or the Noshe Rostam is the ancient Necropolis, for the tombs of the Persian kings
for example The Great Darius The First and also there are few more tombs here now we just resting
at a coffeeshop in front of Persepolis which is the ancient Persian town So this is like…in the middle of summertime So the driver told us, we should spend around two hours here but…
we really recommend you to spend less than an hour here because you might not
leave the place alive! (lol. It is extremely hot but luckily there is a nice coffeeshop at the front so you
can come and relax for a bit so I think in total we spend about 40 minutes yeah
but we didn’t see every inch of the place so if Persepolis
and necropolis are on the top of your list
to Iran that you’d probably shouldn’t visit Iran in summer and come in spring/winter time instead. and number four and you must not miss isNasir al-Mulk Mosque or the Pink Mosque This is a very very famous the reason why this mosque is really famous is because of this mosaic glass facade of the winter praying hall so in the in
the early morning you can experience this kaleidoscope lighting inside the
praying hall and also the domes and the vault and everything is just really
beautiful and the last place I’d recommend you to
not to miss in Iran is Agha Bozorg mosque this is the mosque right in the
center of Kashan City, it has a very unique design of the the structure and also
their details and even the facade and colors that they choose although it
looks quite monotone but it has a highly decorated details and also it internal
courtyard that it also has our classrooms here too And…that’s it for today – this is the top five must
visit spots in Iran that I recommend you not to miss! If you have any questions please
feel free to leave it in a comment and if it’s the first time you’re watching
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