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I heard spirits talking to me. I get an EVP that
says, I’m right here. So there are three
people alive in this house. I think there are
three dead too. She could have
given it right to us, and then we would have
had whatever that was. Something just was
like, just you wait. We’re Amy and Adam, and
this is “Kindred Spirits– Inside the Investigation.” This investigation takes us
to Wilmington, Connecticut, which was the home of Sharon
and her two kids Brady and Anna. She had three of
her children pass. So she had already been
through quite a bit by the time we got there. All of those bad things
had happened to her happened in the month of October. And we were days
away from October. Yeah, it was the
end of September. She was worried
about her two kids that were living in the house. And she knew that time
was of the essence. Sharon was
convinced that there was some sort of dark
attachment associated with her that was making bad
things happen in her life. Before Miranda passed,
and I was feeling good, I mean, and something just
was like, just you wait. What did you think that was? A spirit attachment I
think I had since childhood. Really? You have two
things going on here. You have– You have,
we need to help her, and we have to watch
out for ourselves. She could have given
it right to us, and then we would have
had whatever that was. – Absolutely.
– We had to be very careful. And our crew had to be careful. Like, everyone had
to take three days and make sure that
they consciously were aware that they are not
accepting this negativity. They’re not going to accept
whatever she’s giving, and that we are going to try
to figure out what it Was We purposely didn’t tell
you anything about the house, the family, nothing. What’s the three? Are there three
people in the house? Yes, there’s three. So there are three
people alive in this house? I think there are
three dead too. When Chip walked in and
immediately said three– and I just went, Chip Coffey,
you do this to me every time. Like, he just blows me away. And so– Every time. The thing about Chip
Coffey is, you know, he is our dear friend,
but we use him as a tool. Because for some reason,
he connects with things that obviously we can’t see. We’re not psychic. And it just lets us know that
we are on the right path. So your mom told us that
you saw a shadow in here. Yeah. Yeah? They, like, usually
come past my door. So that’s how I see them. To me, I’m afraid of the dark.
So– Oh. Why are you afraid of it? I heard spirits talking to me. Oh, OK. And who was talking to you? I’m not sure. What were they saying? They were saying, like,
hello, and I love you, all that. They were? Yeah. So Brady, as
soon as he started talking about hearing
a voice, his eyes teared up a little bit. And I remember– you don’t
see it in the episode, but I literally, like, reached
out and was like, it’s OK. We don’t have to keep
talking about this. We can move on– like,
trying to comfort him. Because as a mom, I
just wanted to, like, scoop him up and
give him a big hug. So what could we do for
you to make you feel safer? What do you want us to do? Maybe find out that there’s,
like, nothing to worry about. Anything else we should
know about the house? I know my sister
has had, like, a few experiences in her room. Anna, living in
Miranda’s old room, right? And Miranda gave Anna
those tarot cards on Anna’s 18th birthday, which
was one of the last times she ever saw Miranda. It was the last time
she ever saw Miranda. So she has these tarot cards. And she believes in the
metaphysical aspects of what we do, and so did Miranda. And so it was
interesting to see Anna, you know, kind of crack
that door a little bit and use those tarot cards. When I would try to
communicate through them, I would, you know, scare myself. Even now, I’m a little shaky. I always get shaky when
I come around her cards or pull them out or anything. Maybe she was doing
something wrong. Maybe she was opening a door
that was potentially causing the negative activity upstairs. There was so much around that. But it’s wonderful to
have something that actually belonged to Miranda. I mean, there is so
much of a connection, energy-wise, that way. But for us to use those tarot
cards in our investigation and bring in Dana and have her
sit down and do a tarot card reading and have that
reading match up with what was happening in the house– Temperance. So temperance is a card
of keeping balance. Something’s become
unbalanced in this house. And that’s mirrored
by the ace of cups. Cups– emotions have
become unbalanced. And I really
enjoyed, you know, seeing Dana do that
part of her work. Because Dana does a
lot of things for us. But we’ve never actually
gotten to see her use her tarot expertise before. And she’s amazing at it. And what she read just
completely made sense. And that was the moment where
Anna kind of admitted to us, like, OK, yeah,
there is some turmoil going on between my mom and me. Like, if we had not done
that tarot card reading, she would not have come
forth with that information. No. These are the tarot cards
that Miranda gave Anna. So I am just going to
attach the proximity sensor. And so if anyone reaches
for it or grabs it, they will go off and alert us. One of the things that I
don’t think you really see in the episode, but
what Miranda’s family expressed to us,
was that she knew who we were when she was alive. She was a big fan of our work. So when we set up that proximity
sensor to the tarot cards, it was like, OK, If
you touch this– boop. Like, immediately, it
started getting touched. It was like she knew exactly
what she needed to do to make herself known to us. We were in that room,
in that same space, after the tarot
cards got touched. We get an EVP that
says, I’m right here. It is clear as day
Miranda was in that space and she had something to say. The only way to fix it is you. Me? Yes. And that’s why we
brought you here tonight. OK. And we came to the conclusion
that Sharon had kind of become this self-fulfilling prophecy. She was kind of
perpetuating this negativity by feeding into it. And she was the only
person who could kind of come through and eliminate it. It took us being like,
Sharon, you can do this. And it’s hard to convey,
even in an episode, having to kind of build someone
up so much that they can take down, you know, 30
years of negativity that they had put on
themselves all in one night. I think after that moment,
after we convinced her that she was the only one
that could do it, and she went in there and she
got rid of whatever was there, and we got nothing on the
recorder afterwards– nothing. It was gone– you
could see her face. It was almost as if
whatever was that was like– [imitates vanishing] –and,
like, went into the ether, and she didn’t even
worry about it. You know, and she made
it through October. Let’s be honest. She made it through October. October came and went,
and everything was good. I mean, we made a
difference there that day. Thanks for watching. And keep up with “Kindred
Spirits” and more behind the scenes action
on Travel Channel Go.

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