Introducing Keri Davis and Ruth Phipps of A Journey Beyond in Greeley, Colorado

Hi Greeley, this is Ashley Colgate with Park Bench And today I get to introduce you to Keri Davis here and Ruth Phipps here and they have a local business here in Greeley why don’t Keri, why don’t you tell us a little bit about like your business name and what you guys do? okay, so our business is A Journey Beyond Quilts and Stuff we make handmade quilts start to finish from design to quilting the whole nine yards. We also do dishrags and other things for your house Microwave bowl holders all kinds of stuff. Yeah beautifying you can use and actually use in your own so Ruth why don’t you tell us how long you guys have been doing this we have been doing this for 13 years now. A Long time when we sat down and were talking about it. It shocked me. I’m like wow This in 2003. It’s crazy Oh, yeah, yeah why don’t like Your guys a story is pretty cool how you met through the Junior Chamber Mm-hmm and became fast friend,s best friends and then that phase ended and like how did you end up deciding to craft together quilt together and run a business together. Well, we both had little not little but younger girls, um, and they were into Barbies and Bratz dolls and all of that. Yeah So we decided well, let’s make them some furniture. Sure Yeah, so we made or be furniture and then we’re like we could sell this to other little girls who yeah You know we made Barbie furniture Hey, so we did that for a while at craft shows and stuff And then we made quilts for the beds and yeah Afghans for the bed I’m gonna have a photo of this because they were really kind and made me some Agent A things who I didn’t bring tonight, or she would be modeling it right here So but I’ll have a photo to include so then we sided we’re done with the barbie furniture. Yeah We’re done making Barbie furniture. I said I want a quilt for my bed. So I’m gonna figure out how to make it. So I Started I did. Yeah, then we just started making them for other people. So you guys have That like christmas is coming up and it’s not too late to order a kind of gift So how long does it take to maybe make a queen sized quilt? We can do it in three to four weeks Okay. Yep. All right. So if you guys want to get a cool custom gift in for a friend or Family member you can reach out to them. What’s the best way to reach out? Our Facebook page. @ajourneybeyondonquilts. Okay, cuz what it is. Yeah Okay Awesome. So, let’s see. We’re here in Greeley. How long have you guys been in Greeley? I’ve been here for three years and I’ve been here for two. Okay So what is one of the things that you love about Greeley? I love that it’s away from the hustle and bustle. Yeah of the Denver metro area. Mm-hmm. So you came from Longmont Yeah, I was there for 20 years. Oh, wow, so It’s nice to be away from You know all of that busyness, then you get caught up with and always feel like you need to go. It feels like home Yeah, I agree. But yeah Um, let’s see. What is one thing that you two love to do here and Greeley that maybe somebody new coming They’re like what is there to do in this town? We really love to go do trivia nights at Tower 56 distillery downtown. Okay, we have friends who own it. So We like to do that Yeah, that’s fine you um, alright, and I think there was one other thing that you guys love to do it We love yeah to go to JB’s – is the best place to Talk to them. All winter we crave those French Dips – I’ve never had it. Oh my gosh It’s hard talking about it So, thank you guys so much for meeting with me It’s been a delight to get to know you and your quilts are beautiful and your crafts are just lovely So guys if you’re looking for some homemade Greeley gifts for your friends, um, feel free to reach out to these ladies Bye. Bye

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