6 Replies to “Inteletravel Agent Benefits | What No One Tells You Before You Sign Up

  1. Once you watch this video completely, you will be glad you did and be off to sign up as a Inteletravel agent.

  2. Hello, the travel agent rates I see on go ccl navigator for the agents…are they per person or for 2?

  3. No lead capture/landing pages with autoresponder follow up messages? I do paid solo ads and also free traffic. I need a way to track my leads and send them follow up messages. How can you know who's visiting your website without a capture page?

  4. I'm not sure why people think its "crazy" you have to pay to sign up, and then pay monthly. When you start a business whether it's a restaurant, bar, or anything it costs soooo much more than what this company asks for. I mean you usually take out a hefty loan. So $60 a month is not bad at all, especially if your doing well with the company.

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