Intele travel and How Long Does It Take To Get Certified as a Travel Agent

Inteletravel and How Long Does It Take To Get Certified as a Travel Agent Inteletravel what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
and I’m back once again and then today’s video I want to talk about how long does
it take to get certified within teletraffic so if you’re looking to
start a home-based travel agency business and become a independent travel
agent here’s how long it takes all right everybody welcome back welcome
back welcome back so you’re doing your research online and you’re wondering
about partnering with a host travel agency okay a host travel agency such as
Intel a travel and the good thing I like Intele travel about IntelliJ is two things and we’re
gonna get into how long it takes to become certified in the second one but
now the first one is you have everything you need when it comes to intelligible
okay you have other suppliers access to other suppliers okay all the training
other resources all the tools as well as all the marketing material that you need
okay so when you join our team we go a little bit further than that we offer
additional marketing strategies training on that to help you get clients and
leads okay on social media okay so that’s a little something we’d be x-14
to kind of give our team leverage okay now when it comes to how long it takes
to become certified with internal travel good thing I like about it as soon as
you enroll you’re instantly Intele travel certified and the reasons for that is
you are you share that certification through the hosts travel agency okay
there’s no waiting there’s no certain tissue have to take there’s no
requirements or qualification you have to take all that’s been met for you all
you have to do is partner with them and start booking travel okay now that’s the
best way I recommend starting out as a home-based travel agent because if you
try to do all this on your own you’re gonna spend a lot of money on time okay
because you got to get your clear number you gotta get registered with ARC you
could get all these accreditations and qualifications that will cost you up
into thousands of dollars okay so my best suggestion to you is partner with a
host agency okay partner with Intel the travel and get certified instantly
because as soon as you enroll and you enrolled today you book trailer today
okay so I hope I hope this video makes sense guys so I hope I answered your
question it does it doesn’t take all day you have everything you need once you
get started with internal travel you immediately become certified you can
start booking right away Inteletravel however you do want to take the
trainings even though you’re certified go ahead and go through the training
academy videos that’s why I recommend and get your account set up and get set
up with the major vendors okay because if you’re not set up and you got a class
on the book trips are you gonna book trips and you’re not set up okay
even though once you partner with a Nutella travel you will have density
assets to your own booking engine okay but you want to have a huge database –
okay let’s say for example you are in teletraffic you might not find a
specific deal or a certain type of vacation that your client looking for
but guess what your travel you have access to other suppliers that you can
find that information but you can customize your clients trip with so yes
I go through the trainings first gets plugged in with all the suppliers at
least I say my top five I recommend VAX okay number one I also
recommend vacation Express number two of course Intel a travel that’s number one
anyway but anyway wants who I also recommend
gogo vacations that’s three okay we’re Intele travel agent direct which is Delta vacation
that’s four recommend those and number five number five I want to say fair bus
okay fair bills so at least start with those five okay
oh and go ccl4 you’re cruising okay go see CL so that’s five or six of them
anyway you want at least get those up front of your belt and you can always
implement more suppliers and vendors as you go as you learn more about the
industry you grow more okay so that’s my time so
just wanted to clear that clear that out the air as soon as you enroll you become
immediately certified you can start booking travel today okay
so Larry pour the Santa God you found value from this video give us a thumbs
up make sure that you subscribe to our YouTube channel and I like and like I
always say happy traveling okay oh if you were anybody ask you know we’re
looking to become a travel agent click that link below to learn more
all right happy charlie

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