Insider Tips from Jacobo Viera of the Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia

Hello my name is Jacobo Viera .
I am waiter at the bar of the Grand Hotel Residencia .
I would recommend to those who visit the island
to see the village of Teror . I am originally from Teror,
born and raised there. Teror is one of the smallest
municipalities of the island , with only 12,000 inhabitants.
Teror is a religious place because there is the Virgen del Pino (patron
saint of GC) The celebrations are very traditional,
and are based on the Fiestas del Pino, celebrated on the 7th and 8th of September.
Almost everyone on Gran Canaria pilgramages
on the 7th to Teror to see the Virgen del Pino
and to enjoy the celebrations. But Teror has not only its local festivities.
Teror also has places of cultural interest
such as the church , also the museum,
located in the Calle Real of Teror . There is also the convent of the Dominican
and the “Císter” convent. There is also the Finca Osorio,
a place to relax, for people who like
to run, walk and cycle . Teror also has beautiful trails
for people who like hiking. Every Sunday there is
a local market where you can buy
local food and crafts. You can get almost everything
the heart desires at this market. It is visited by many people every Sunday.
In fact, the whole village usually is around on that very popular day .
Teror not only has its festivities and beautiful places,
there is also industry and a water factory ,
which is the only public water bottling plant on Gran Canaria.
One can also talk about the famous pastries and meat products of Teror,
like the famous “Chorizo de Teror”, a soft sausage paste
or the sweet black pudding, which is so tasty. The best cakes and biscuits
are made by the sisters of the Císter Convent
And I don’t know , there are so many beautiful things in Teror, that right now, in a minute, I can not list all of them.
I ‘m here at the bar to help and show you if I can.
When you come back to visit us we’re here to help
in any way possible.

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