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I’m being hit by every
single type of emotion. Don’t say anything. We’re going to make it
an ax-murder-free zone. I know I’m going to die,
and I don’t give a damn. We’re Amy and Adam, and
this is “Kindred Spirits– Inside the Investigation.” [theme music] This case is
Maplecroft, which is the former home of Lizzie Borden
in Fall River, Massachusetts. And incidentally, it’s exactly
where we are right now. This place is very notorious
because Lizzie Borden, after she was acquitted
from the trial of the death of her father and stepmother,
she moved into this house with her sister, and she
lived out the remaining days. Deb called us in. It was interesting to get the
call to come here because they want to open it up to people. However, they did not know
what was going to happen here because they have not had a
full-scale investigation here to see what kind of
activity was happening. Like, what would happen
if you came in here and talked about the ax murders? It was strange because it
wasn’t like a normal case for us where it was
this dire, you know, moment of what the
heck is going on here? But we were setting the stage
for everyone who investigates here from here on out. Right. I don’t know that we
expected the level of activity that we experienced. And I don’t think
anyone would just experience it in day to day. It’s definitely brought on by
our attempt to talk to Lizzie. [music playing] We did use Chip on this case. And it was tough
because, you know, all we had to tell him was
we’re going to Fall River, and we thought he would
know where he was. So poor Chip. Thank goodness he trusts us. ADAM: You are in the house. All of a sudden,
I’m very upset. Mm. Like, agitated and upset. I’m here. Like, I don’t like it. I’m being hit by every
single type of emotion. I just– I’m trying to
get a grip on my emotions, and I just can’t. Chip is just another aspect
of our investigation, you know. So we would never base
an entire investigation on only Chip’s findings. But we would– you know,
we take it into account. And so if we can correlate
his findings with evidence or research, like, that’s amazing. Is there death
here that we know of? She was actually waked
here in the front parlor. So this is where her
casket would have been. Wait, right here?
DEB: Mm-hmm. Huh. AMY: Oh. Because I feel
sick, like I’m– like I’m going to die,
and I don’t give a damn. It’s like, let it come. We tried something
here where we split up, and I went up into her parlor,
and Adam stayed down here. Basically, I was up
there completely alone, and I did the spirit
box technique. And I used the blindfold,
even though no one was with me, just to
further, kind of, the sensory deprivation
aspect of it. Doing that, Adam asked the
questions using the walkie. ADAM: Right. You’re going to have
a lot of people come in here to try and talk to you. And most of those people
are going to talk about– Directly. ADAM (OVER WALKIE-TALKIE): Yes. They’re going to
talk to you directly. I’m lost. ADAM (OVER WALKIE-TALKIE): OK. So the people that
own this house now also owned the house– Don’t say anything. You want to ask the question. And we know everybody
watching is going to be like, ask the question. Right. But– Here’s the T. We knew if we did, she
would stop talking to us. And shut down. We didn’t want to scare her. It was because
the second we even touched on what happened
at the other house, she would shut down. She would leave for
the whole night. We wouldn’t talk to her
again until the next day. And we’d have to kind
of coax her back out. So if we went there,
we would just lose her. Like, I don’t think she’s
ever going to give anybody an answer to that question. No. I just don’t think– I think she’ll never bother to
answer if anybody asks it here. I think the quickest
way to ensure that any activity you’re
having is going to stop is to just ask that question.
– Right. Because it will stop. So right now, we are
going through Maplecroft, and we’re taking out anything
that pertains to the murders. Because we’re going to make
it an ax-murder-free zone. Because Elizabeth would not have
had anything like that here. Elizabeth, we’re
getting rid of all the horrible things
that talk about what happened on Second Street. Because you don’t need
to be reminded of that. And I think it’s
important, too– we didn’t get to touch on
it a lot in the episodes, so it’s good to
talk about it now– how there’s follow-through. Like, you, as an
investigator, you have to have follow-through. It’s important that when you
make a promise, you keep it. So when we said to
her we were going to take that stuff
out of the house, we needed to keep
it out of the house. We’re just trying to think
of, like, the long-run and what you can do here to,
one, stop this from escalating. Because if people start
coming in and bringing up uncomfortable things
for her, the activity could start ramping up. Mm-hmm. And so you do kind of want
her to remain comfortable. Exactly. So we just feel
like, in the long-run, it’s important that
everybody that come here, if they’re going to investigate,
do so very respectfully and with the idea that this was
her sanctuary, and it still is. OK. Mm-hmm. So we think that
the best thing to do, we have a
whole box of anything in the house that had
to do with the murders– we should just get
it out of the house. Because I think that’s
the one thing that’s uncomfortable for her here. But otherwise, it’s all
on the people who come in here to handle it respectfully. Know where her headspace is. Know that Elizabeth
Borden is in this house. In the end, you know, we kind
of communicated that to Deb and anybody else who
investigated here, that it was just important
to treat this haunting in a special kind of way. Because this will,
eventually, open up to be a bed and breakfast. And I think it’s
going to be flooded with not only, like, paranormal
enthusiasts but history buffs. And when we were kind of
digging into the history, we were wondering, you know,
is there going to be something else here that could
cause a haunting? And there’s not. It’s just her. She does not want
to go anywhere. This was her escape. This was her sanctuary. This was what she dreamed of. And I don’t think she has
any intention of leaving. And I don’t think
there’s anything we could do to make her leave. So I think we were able to
communicate that to Deb and Sue and other people who
investigate here. And we’re just
hoping that we are setting that trend
for how people handle this house from here on out. [eerie music playing] Thanks for watching. And keep up with
“Kindred Spirits” and more behind-the-scenes
action on Travel Channel Go. [music playing]

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  1. Saw the whole episode on Travel. I found it strange that they did not know Lizzie changed her name to Lizbeth after the trial. It's common knowledge available on Wikepedia. They had to go a library to figure it out!

  2. Lizzy Borden did not kill her father (allegedly) because he was a miser…she killed him (allegedly) because he sexually abused her and her sister.

  3. Just watched this episode on Travel Channel. When Amy shows Adam the newspaper about the killing; Amy tells Lizabeth they are now taking all the old stuff out about the murder. You hear a faint "Thank You" It's a whisper and they wasn't doing an EVP session. Very interesting.

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