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[screaming] Oh my god. Oh my god.
Hey, everybody. I’m Gunnarolla. And we’re here today in
Austin, Texas to take you through one of
America’s most shocking haunts, the House of Torment. [zombie sounds] I have my mom on standby, so. [nervous laughter] If I can make it
through, then we’re going to sneak peek
behind the screams to see who’s pulling the strings. [dramatic sounds] Welcome to Austin, Texas,
a hotbed of misery– [screaming] –pain and anguish– [screaming] –anarchy– [creepy laughter] –and insanity. [screaming] And we’re here at the center of
it all, the House of Torment. [laughing] [dramatic sounds] [beep] [heartbeat echoing] [dramatic sounds] Oh my god. What is that? No. OK. [roaring] OK. Oh my god. Oh, god. Oh, god. OK. [zombie sounds] OK, nice to meet you. Goodbye. Oh my god. It is smoky. It smells weird. What is this? It’s a bathroom? [screaming] There is a lot going on. There are people
screaming at me, knocking on windows and doors. I’m just trying to
get through this alive and without peeing my pants. [dramatic sounds] [screaming] Oh my god. Oh my god. Where do I go? [screaming] [whimpering] Oh my god, it’s dark. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. This is like,
legitimately terrifying. OK. [shouting] OK. No. [shouting] Oh my god, what the heck? [zombie sounds] Oh my god. [shouts] [zombie sounds] Oh my god. It’s even more
terrifying when you look them right in the eyes. OK.
[zombie sounds] Jeez. [zombie sounds] [screaming] [chainsaw whirring] [screaming] Oh my god. [screams] Whoo. OK. [chainsaw whirring] OK, I’m– how do
I get out of here? Think we’re done. I’m just going to have
a nice, leisurely sit. And we’re good. That was terrifying. But I also got a workout. If you can’t tell, I’m sweating. You again? [chainsaw whirring] OK. [shouting] Not my head. Oh my god. [zombie sounds] All right, so I’m
here with Glenn. He’s the general manager
of House of Torment. I was tormented. That was genuinely terrifying. I had no idea what to
expect coming into it. A lot of your senses
are engaged here. It’s not just things to see. There’s also like,
strange smells, I noticed. Yeah, yeah. So as you travel
through the experience, you get different fragrances. Right. So we have burnt
flesh in an area where the electric chair was. And the burnt flesh, is that
like, scientifically accurate? Is that what burnt
flesh smells like? Because I didn’t
need to know that. It’s an additive that
we add into our fog. Cool. Super excited to see some of
these spaces with the lights on.
– Yeah. Much less terrifying. Let’s go?
– Maybe. Let’s go check it out.
– OK. [instrumental music playing] So what’s first here? Oh, I remember this. OK, OK. [inaudible] back this way. Ahem. So there are a lot of little
corners to get backed into, but I always kind
of knew where to go. So how do you keep
the flow going? And if I wanted to build my
own haunted church/morgue, like, how would I
keep people going? Yeah. So I think one of
our biggest things that we do is we
light from behind. So if you look
here, the light is pointing you in this direction. But then as you’re
walking through, the actor’s going to bust
out here, scare you this way. – Right.
– And then push you that way. OK, cool. So the actor’s always
coming from the side or behind, never in front. So we’re going to
head into the morgue, which is one of the
rooms I mentioned was one of my favorites. [screams] Hi, yes. Not even going to turn around. Yeah. OK. So our sensor’s up above. So as you’re going
through the room, it’s going set the
animatronic off. It’s going to set that off. But the actor’s
going to pop out over here, which is going to
push you around the corner and make you go that way. That’s so cool. I just love the
detail in this room, everything from the latches
on the doors, the light– [screaming] This hallway tripped me
out because you didn’t– I knew something was
going to pop out at me, but I did not know where from. And are they just
waiting for my screams or how do they know
that I’m coming by? So this is– now that there’s
light, you can see it’s two-way glass, that they’re
able to see from the inside. Oh, OK. So they know exactly
where your timing is. Very cool. So we got a pretty
foggy room here, also a very fragrant room. Yeah. It’s like bacon that
I don’t want to eat. It’s bacon, yeah, that’s– so that’s actually burnt flesh
that you’re picking up on. I am never going to smell
breakfast the same again. [coughing] So we added into our fog. So as you’re going through
to the different rooms, you’re getting
different experiences. Yeah. It’s so creepy. Oh. [instrumental music playing] Disgusting. All right, so you got
people moving through. You’ve got like, how many
actors at any given time? Anywhere from 75 to 125. So that and fog
and lights, how do you keep track of everything? We have cameras in our
rooms so our control room’s able to monitor each room. It’s going to be a bird’s
eye view of everything. All righty, control room. Yes. This is where you get
to see where everything kind of comes to life. So each monitor shows
different areas of the three different attractions. You’re able to see
each of the rooms that just went through here. So this is our car prop. So if we press the car– [horn honks] Oh, you can con– oh my god. It actually makes
the car go off. So it sets off the lights
that are on the car. Yeah. It sets off the horn
that goes with the car. By pressing the different
buttons at the right time, we’re able to get
that optimal scare. All righty, so I
survived the experience. Yeah. Can I try it out? Absolutely, yeah. So we’re going to wait for a
few people to come through. You’re going to press the
button and go get ’em. All righty. [laughing] All right, it’s my turn to
scare some unsuspecting people. [laughing] [instrumental music playing] They ran like fools. All righty, Glenn. I had so much fun,
so many good screams. I need to change my T-shirt. [laughs] But I can’t wait to come back. Yeah, we can’t
wait to have you. It was a great time today. [zombie sounds] Can’t get enough
behind the screams? Stay tuned for more videos where
I take you through America’s most terrifying haunts. [laughing] [zombie sounds]

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