India’s Secret Space Travel Mission – Based on Ancient Vimana Technology?

Hey guys, today I am going to explore India’s
recent space travel missions, and how the country’s current space technology is somehow
deeply related to its ancient technology. Let us take a look at this video, this is
from the Indian Space Research Organization known as ISRO and it shows the latest video
of the Mars Orbiter Assembly. And here, look at the shape of this : This
is a lingam which acts as a base to the entire assembly. This is the Payload structure, a very important
part and why is it designed like a lingam? Compare this with the lingam we see in Indian
temples, this is the main structure worshipped in most Hindu temples. It is considered a representation of Shiva,
but nobody knows why this shape has been worshipped for thousands of years in India. So, what does a lingam actually represent? Think about this, we are planning to put a
man on Mars in 2025, just 6 years from now. ISRO will be putting an astronaut inside a
structure like this Lingam, and send it over to Mars. And then, an astronaut would come out of a
lingam on the surface of Mars, right? Here is the shocking part: such carvings are
already portrayed in ancient Hindu temples. Look how this astronaut is clearly coming
out of a lingam. Look at how he is wearing an elongated helmet,
this is a repeating motif and it is definitely not for beauty, this is a protective helmet,
and of course you can see several wires around his body, and his tools and weapons are quite
advanced. Who is this astronaut? It is Lord Shiva. In Hinduism, this motif is called Lingodhbhava,
ancient texts confirm that yes Shiva indeed came to earth from a planet called Shivalokha,
and he comes out of a Lingam, a pod, a space pod very similar to what India has built now. Is this a coincidence? Or is India recreating ancient technology
based on ancient Indian texts? India has thousands of texts locked away,
and the information we find in these texts is just insane. Look at this passage written 1000 years ago
“Inside the circular air frame, place the mercury-engine with its solar mercury boiler
at the aircraft center. By means of the power latent in the heated
mercury which sets the driving whirlwind in motion, a man sitting inside may travel a
great distance in the most marvelous manner.” This is an exact translation from an ancient
text called ‘Samarangana Sutradhara’. Undoubtedly, it is talking about a mercury
vortex engine. Even more interesting, NASA is using mercury
vortex engines, and now ISRO is also said to be developing mercury vortex engines. Is it possible, that the Indian Government
is actually trying to re-create ancient technology mentioned in Hindu texts? In recent years, India is undergoing rapid
development in space research. In other countries, science is considered
an antithesis of religion, but in India, religion shows up all the time in science. This is Nasa’s Apollo, the rocket taking off
from the earth to reach the Moon. Nothing strange, right? But here is India’s latest launch of chandrayaan-2,
to reach the moon. Is this a coincidence or is the entire launch
modeled after Shiva’s Cosmic Dance? If you look at the similarity, this is just
weird, is it a coincidence that this is designed like that? The same figure of Shiva’s Cosmic Dance is
also placed on the site where the “God Particle” was produced. This is in Switzerland, where there is a Large
Hadron Collider, and the God Particle is considered a breakthrough in science, where an elementary
particle is produced by Quantum excitation. Shortly after the God Particle was made, The
idol of Shiva’s Cosmic Dance was placed there. Nobody knows why. What is an Indian God doing in Switzerland? How is this even related to the God Particle? Perhaps we could come to a conclusion if we
see what is going on inside the Large Hadron Collider, this is from the particle accelerator. Look at this picture which shows how the God
Particle is produced because of collisions between protons. This is very similar to the Cosmic Dance of
Shiva. Of course, the Large Hadron Collider itself
may have been designed from ancient technology. In the temple of Ranakpur, there is something
mind-boggling. On the ceiling, there is an identical carving
of this collider, done many centuries ago, even though the Collider itself was only created
very recently. Look at the similarity, this is just insane. Was the Large Hadron Collider, designed based
on ancient knowledge? Are Governments secretly decoding ancient
Indian texts? In 1938, Hitler sent an expedition to examine
ancient texts of India and Tibet. It is clearly established that the team copied
many ancient manuscripts, and took this information back to Germany. During this time, Germany saw an extraordinary
growth in technology, especially flight technology, like the making of the Nazi Bell. This device was a very advanced, it had UFO
like flying technology. Many have openly claimed that this device
was a result of Hitler’s recreation of ancient technology of the Vimanas. The Vimanas are flying aircraft and spacecraft
and their designs and capabilities are mentioned multiple times in Vedic texts. But the question is, after the defeat of Germany
in World War II, did this practice stop? Or, are governments continuously trying to
re-create lost technology mentioned in ancient texts? Is India’s space mission somehow related to
Space and Vimana Technology mentioned in these texts? Or is this all a mere coincidence? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments
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  2. I believe you are onto something very, possible and true,,, too many similarities,,,,Its possible I think, many things have been discovered in the past, and have been kept secret for centuries, maybe its only now, that these secretive scientists are beginning to put things together and are now actually being used,, this is huge !!! Who knows what else they may come to understand ? Thank you ! 😁✌

  3. Mercury vortex are things that actually exist and many ancient megaliths had liquid pools of mercury below the temple. it's probably safe to say they used Mercury vortices.

  4. Mr.Praveen mohan- This is just amazing knowledge. Our govt is definitely trying ro decode the ancient technology of vimanas. And am sure one day we will succeed in this. You have said it buddy.

  5. The only country in the world that has sooo many descriptions of many Gods with the most beautiful relics still available for the world to see and not hidden like those in Egypt, Why are they hidden????.
    A dumb down public is easier to manipulate and Elected politicians are colluding with the Elites, the Church and others. The heavens declare many glorious wonders for many to witness but only a few can believe within themselves, a great day is coming for all eyes to see and we may well be the ones ready, maybe take a ride out as seeds on a new Earth, I am ready, are you??

  6. The Shiva statue was a gift from India to celebrate its association with CERN, which started in the 1960's and remains strong today. In the Hindu religion, Lord Shiva practiced Nataraj dance which symbolises Shakti, or life force. … The Shiva statue is only one of the many statues and art pieces at CERN.

  7. Great work and video. I just was wondering about the Indian engine (design and knowledge) in the rocket and how it manage to handle a mission far more complicated that all previous NASA missions … Also why Israel rush to send one rocket for drop something in the moon.. It is interesting because in September will be aligned visible; Aldebaran star from the moon and possibly it will illuminate the dark side …

  8. Sooner or later other countries will decode our ancient texts and will say tat it's their discovery 😡🇮🇳☹️

  9. I worked for a short time at the CERN library in Geneva. One of the founders of CERN was danish Nobel laureate Niels Bohr. In his book The Tao of Physics, Fritjof Capra explains why Bohr and Heisenberg before him were strongly influenced by Far Eastern philosophy, describing also the dance of Shiva.

  10. Lingam is definitely some sort of propulsion system which ancient gods used.i believe these gods which Indians are worshiping might have come from some other planets with technologies far superior and advance than the earth.

  11. India would do better to look after its people , get some proper infrastructure and traffic lights , how many people starving at the side of streets , bloody tax scam . Keeping up with the jones's .

  12. Cheap conspiracy theory. I inadvertently complimented this nonsense by calling it a "theory".
    This genius exactly knows which nerve of the over exited viewer to tickle. The reality is, he is making you and me fools while making money out of it.

  13. You never cease to amaze me PraveenMohan. I once spoke to a plastic surgeon who informed me that there was ancient Indian Text describing Rhinoplasty surgery 2000 years ago.

  14. are you kidding… a mere coincidence……….??? no, it is said, History repeats itself……. so people are realizing the greatness of Ancient Hindus, their knowledge, culture…… etc…. just remaking history

  15. FALSEHOOD by Nature is bound to PERISH

    Satyam Eva JAYATE
    TRUTH alone triumphs


  16. Hi Praveen, but the Earth is flat and stationary, there is no space and the moon is not a place where anything can land.

  17. Crazy stupid video! I was listening till the time you were talking about the shape of the ISRO equipment and Lingam (which i'm sure is a wonderful figment of your imagination)…… but then a 3D render of the LHC in a 3rd quadrant angle of camera??? Why is a Nataraja statue in CERN???? Really?? Are youtube video watchers so damn ignorant? Coz the Indian Govt gifted it to CERN to commemorate the association between India and CERN. It was installed/inaugurated on 18th June 2004! Higgs Boson aka the god particle was discovered on 4th July 2012 !! What is wrong with you???? Why do you lie in your videos??? Cmon man…………. we get it…. a topical video …..more searches….more clicks….more subscribes…..more ad revenue……… plus mentions about CERN and ancient Indian history in the video…… definitely will be picked up by google ad algos and recommender engines………….. All of this does not permit you to half bake valuable ancient Indian knowledge into your figments of imagination and putting out such half baked stuff while everyone in India is emotionally charged regarding the C-2 to moon…. all of this emotional upheaval while you want to make a huge sum of money posting insensitive and unverified, uninformed pathetic content is appalling

  18. I wish you that you get more info regarding sapce technology…
    Might be some day it will help isro..dont you think ????

  19. For all those who are saying NASA, ISRO etc etc are using ancient indian technology, please try to understand that all the technologies currently in use create a lot of pollution, serious dangerous pollution, our ancestors have always done things in graceful manner with nature. May be they are using that technology for some projects but definitely these technologies aren't our ancient technologies!

  20. praveen i am shock i really dont have words to speak……. your research is very deep and yes i think their is a relation between them ….keep continuing your work ..i have watch your all videos…

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