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Hey I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate. Today we’re in Singapore and we’re at the Old Airport Road Hawker Center. Let’s eat. So we are starting our morning with coffee and toast which is quite a
traditional breakfast in Singapore I have ordered a kopi-o which is coffee,
evaporated milk and condensed milk mmm it’s really strong but it’s got
that really beautiful sweet underlayer from that condensed milk it is super
creamy and super good we’ve got kaya toast here. So it’s basically toast without the crust and it’s filled with a slab of butter and pretty much like
the best spread that exists kaya which is coconut jam mmmm that butter melts in your mouth and that kaya, think of like a lemon curd it’s
that sort of consistency but it’s made with coconut and it’s so tropical and there’s so much depth of flavour, it’s just the best thing to put on your toast. And I’m
starting off with a kopi-c which is just black coffee with a ton of sugar
ohhh that is such a kick that is awesome and some toast we’ve also ordered a Hokkien fried mee
and I’m super excited about this. It’s a mix of yellow noodles, rice noodles, there’s some bean sprouts it’s loaded with prawns and squid and egg and it looks just
like the ultimate comfort food I have got to get into this the noodles have such great texture because there’s those two different types the yellow wheat noodles are really soft and
quite bouncy and then the rice noodles just sort of add to it they’ve picked
up the flavor of the broth that they use or soup to cook it in which is made up of
chicken bones and prawn shells and prawn heads that have just been stewing for
hours and so it’s just infused with that strong hit of seafood flavor
check out how big these prawns are! They look really tender. Mmm they’ve just been flash cooked so still have a lot of crunch. This is just absolutely incredible. Singapore is such
a melting pot of different cultures and that diversity is reflected in
its food centers. So Singapore has over a hundred hawker centers and you’ll find all
sorts of different cuisines from Indian to mainland Chinese, to Hong Kong style
dishes, so next up we’re having Malay in the form of char koay teow. This char koay teow looks absolutely heavenly
so it’s made up of wok tossed flat rice noodles, there’s shrimp in here, there’s squid, some chives, bean sprouts and egg and I’ve asked for chilli oh and also
some lap cheong which is dried Chinese sausage oh I cannot wait to get
into this Mmmm that is absolutely delicious so when people talk about char koay teow they often refer to wok hei which is
the breath of the wok so when you’re eating char koay teow you really want to be able to taste that like charred, smoky flavor that’s come from the wok and infused itself
into the noodles and you can absolutely taste it with this one here it is just
sensational and we really like this stall because it’s cooked by an old uncle
he gets up at 3 a.m. every morning to come and prepare his ingredients and
he cooks each dish to order so it’s super fresh and it’s piping hot when you get it Mmmm, it’s just perfection. I’ve grabbed us an oyster
omelet this is something that we’ve given not enough time to in all of our
years of traveling to Asia because they are incredible but we’ve always been
like they’re just the eggs and oysters we don’t want to use up the tummy space.
We’re so glad that lately we have discovered this dish now I have had this
one before from an amazing stand here from this hawker cener so I know it’s
good but I’m going to dive in I’ve got some chilli on the egg, the egg is just so
soft looking oh the chilli’s really sweet the egg is plump and soft and I mean speaking of plump look at these big juicy oysters ohhh creamy as. That’s amazing. Wow so much flavor out of that really salty, got a great little
sea kick you’ve got these chives on top to break through the flavor and
the joy of these dishes and being in a hawker center like this, in Singapore
which is known for being a very expensive city this stuff is very
affordable we’ve been putting prices on the screen so you’ve seen that, but you can
easily come here and order lots of little dishes like we are, we’re just
ordering one of everything sharing it all and it’s really really affordable
and really fun so there’s lots of dessert hawkers here there’s all sorts of things puddings, bakery goods but we had to go for the
hawker who is selling shaved ice desserts and we basically picked it on the basis
of the most outrageous sounding name so here we have a- what was it called again? Bango, tadpole chacha? Oh yea a tadpole bobo chacha! Like how crazy is that? It sounds like a dance from the forties It’s got shaved ice, what I suspect are the ‘tadpoles’ which are like little coloured balls on top I saw some coconut milk
going in there and I think some taro and papaya, it looks wild hmm coconut milk, that shaved ice is so cold and those ‘tadpoles’ are more like jelly It’s good right? That’s awesome and they
actually look like tadpoles, they’re little balls with little bits, wow they look like sperm I’ll try and do a close up, wow that’s
super cool, the coconut is really nice in there- this is a great dessert. And hawker centers are just so fun, there’s so much choice, it’s all so clean and so tidy
because all this food used to be on the streets. In the seventies? I think so yea. So back in the seventies the government decided to clean it up but rather than get rid of it
like a lot of cities do and just ruin that food culture, in Singapore they
decided to move everyone into hawker centers and there are hundreds of them
well over a hundred we believe in the city and this one that we’re at Old
Airport Road hawker center is one of the biggest it has hundreds of stalls it is a
little bit outside the center but nothing in Singapore is very far away
and it’s so worth the trip you can get the train here so it’s very easy, so much
selection. And we read that this place is especially popular with cab drivers and
wherever the cabbies are eating that’s where you want to be eating too. It’s a good sign. Let’s eat this before it melts. We couldn’t resist grabbing a little pot
of pandan kaya to take away with us Melvin who owns Toast Hut where we had the toast and coffee this morning said it’s a special recipe so I can’t wait to
get this onto our toast tomorrow morning if you are in Singapore you absolutely
have to make the trip out to Old Airport Road Hawker Center, the amount of vendors here and the sheer choice available is just mind-boggling, not
to mention the food which is absolutely spectacula. Thank you so much for
watching if you enjoyed this video we would love you to give it a thumbs up,
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let us know what your favorite Singapore hawker treats are. Thank you so much for
watching we hope we’ve inspired you to eat and explore like a traveler, not a tourist. See you next time. Bye!

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  1. It's definitely one of the best hawker centres in Singapore… always very crowded on the weekends… Always order either oyster omelette (think it's the same stall u've tried) , prawn noodles(the soupy kind) and satay there 😀 Anyway have fun in Malaysia 🙂

  2. Hi guys, we hope you find this video useful when planning a trip to Singapore. We love the hawker centres/food centres in Singapore and Old Airport Road Food Centre is definitely one of our favourites! If you have any recommendations as to which food centres we should visit when we return to Singapore in September we would love to know! And if you're enjoying our food and travel videos we'd love you to subscribe: Thanks for watching! Thomas & Sheena 😄

  3. "…pretty much like the best spread that exists. Kaya." That's mighty high praise indeed. You two sampled quite a bit of food it seems. 😳 Another excellent video. Quirky but I have always enjoyed your close ups and sounds of empty cups and utensils hitting the saucers and bowls. Glad they're back. 😀👍

  4. Hello Sheena & Thomas, I Am Glad To Hear Y'all Love Eating Singapore's Once-upon-a-time Street Foods That Are Orderly Relocated Into Integrated Location For Food Lovers From All Over, At A Very Affordable Price. That Particular Location You'd Blogged, 51 @Old Airport Road ([email protected]) Is A Great Place, There Are Others Like Chinatown Complex Hawker Centre, Golden Mile Hawker Centre (GMHC), Tiong Bahru Hawker Centre (TBHC). I Am Recommending One Outstanding Outlet At [email protected], Roast Paradise #01-121 (Facebook), A Special Brew, KopiMore #B1-49, (Facebook) At GMHC & Teochew Fish Soup #02-73 At TBHC. Regards, Rickee (Facebook – Rickee Ng). Cheers!

  5. this probably has been commented many times, but kopi-o is just black coffee with sugar. kopi-c is coffee with evaporated milk and sugar, and coffee with sweetened condensed milk and sugar is just called kopi. if you want a less sugar variation to either of the 3, just add a "siudai" behind it. and if you want a no sugar variation, add a "kosong" behind it. but you can't have kopi kosong because there's sugar in condensed milk and they can't make kopi without adding condensed milk. 🙂

  6. Hi Sheena… yummy start to the day. Ah, I miss my fav place in the world. BTW, kayaks made with coconut cream, eggs and sugar, pagan leaves – beaten and steamed till it goes caramel colour. I prefer Penang char okay two which is not sprinkled with dark soya sauce so you can taste and see the soft flat noodles.

  7. Sheena, kopi-o is simply black coffee with or without sugar. I guess the 'o' is a simple indicator of no milk to be added and the cost is a little less too.

  8. Last year, I went to the Chinatown Complex in Chinatown and had Claypot Chicken Rice. I had to wait about 20 minutes, but it was fine. I also had some Rojas for the first time while I was waiting. Fantastic!

  9. I see you also like l’opinion and Kaya toast. Have you been to Killiney Kopitiam? Every time I am in Singapore, I try to get to the one in Killiney Road, their original one. Next time you have that you beaut Singapore breakfast, have it with soft boiled egg to which you add soy and pepper. You dip the sweet and buttery toast in the salty savory egg mixture and was it down with the strong, sweet and perhaps also milky coffee! Best way to start the day.

  10. Correction! Kaya is not 'coconut jam'. Certainly, not coconut along but contains pandan leave essence, beaten eggs and other stuff.

  11. Love your travel and food videos. You are very articulate what you say is clear and coherent. The videos contain important and juicy information and are rather quite eye epening. Just watching your videos make one hungry and salivating non stop LOL Your videos of all these wonderful food in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur will make these foodie countries with their street food culutre famous! The tourism authorities in these countries both should pay you, or sponsor your future trips to their countries hahahaha Have food will travel!

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