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We’re Chasing a Plate and today we’re in
Kobe Japan. That can only mean one thing Kobe beef! Let’s go and check it out the meat has arrived and it is the most
beautifully marbled meat I have ever seen it’s just almost white there’s
so much fat it looks beautiful and we have to cook it ourselves we’ve heard
that you cook it medium-rare and then that’s it you whip it off as soon as it’s medium rare. Not sure how we’re gonna gauge that but we’ll give it a go! It’s going on.
Look at that sizzle! All I’ve done is dipped the beef in salt and pepper I’m just
going to go for it like that oh wow it just melts in your mouth
the fat is the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted and the flavor of the beef is smoky. There’s just so much going on. It’s amazing! I’m going to try my first bit just like
Sheena did with nothing but salt and a little bit of pepper let’s see ah No way! Oh my god, the fat bursts out of the meat but not in a thick gluggy way it’s like having the finest quality
butter melting it and just drinking a little bit. If you’re wanting to spend a
bit of money in Japan on a meal then the best thing to do is to eat at lunchtime
because they have amazing lunch sets even in the most fanciest restaurant so
this is what we’ve come to do today we’re having a lunch set at Nishimuraya
in Kobe and we’ve ordered a yakiniku premium set which has both got
short rib and premium Kobe beef it also comes with salad, rice, miso soup, a little
side dish which today is daikon and some stewed beef as well as some tsukemono
or pickles it’s a really affordable way to eat really well. I am going to dive
in and try this premium Kobe beef just with salt and pepper again oh my gosh that short rib the first piece I ate
was like a tough steak compared to this this is the softest meat I have ever eaten
and it that fat just slowly seeps from within it is a flavour sensation Kobe beef has incredible marbling
through the meat and I think that’s why we’re so stressed about overcooking it
because if you leave it on the grill it will literally just dissolve
because the melting point of the fat is a lot lot lower than normal being beef,
there’s all these urban legends to do with how the Kobe beef gets so incredibly fatty I
suppose. There’s all these stories of farmers massaging the cows with sake or
feeding them beer or playing classical music while they’re eating so that
it enhances their appetite I just love hearing all those stories but
unfortunately I found out they’re really are just urban legends so it’s really more
the exception than the rule and a lot of farmers say they wouldn’t dream of
feeding their cows beer but they make for good stories right I’m trying the premium one this time -it
just looks so luscious I’ve got salt and pepper. Simple. oh my god this is just phenomenal oh my
god I remember watching another YouTuber
that we really like David from the First World Traveller and his reaction to
eating Kobe beef when he was in Kobe was really big. And I was thinking wow it’s
pretty over-the-top it must be must be pretty good I totally get his reaction
now because this is just phenomenal and you have to come here here if you’re in Japan you
have to. Sadly that’s all over what a treat I’ll put a little overlay
now of the menu so just pause it if you want to see like the lunch special
prices so it’s all graded so the more you pay the more premium your meat’s going to
be so we went second to top-tier Incredible. And it was about nine slices
of Kobe beef and you get it and you sort of think oh that’s really not much but it is
so rich- it was enough hahah. It was enough I could have done more being a greedy guts
but I feel very full, it is so rich like Sheena said and as Sheena said earlier
lunch time is the time to come and do this because dinner was more than double?
More than double the price or about double but you didn’t get the rice,
you didn’t get the miso you didn’t get the daikon, none of those side dishes
so definitely lunch time, it’s still expensive but it’s not that bad for what
you’re getting yeah and we chose Nishimuraya for our lunch because
they’re actually a butcher so they’re a butcher and then they opened a couple of
restaurants and I think that’s great like they’re handling the beef
they’re going to pick the beef for their butcher shop it just gives it a more
authentic feel and my god their beef was incredible. We’ll pop details below of the
restaurant so you can find it in fact we pretty much always do that so if you’re
watching our videos, always down below if it’s a restaurant and we can
give details we’ll pop it below and while you’re down there if you haven’t
subscribed or you’re new to our channel and you’re enjoying our content make
sure you hit the subscribe button four videos a week coming at ya. We are in
need of a bit of a wander I think, so we’re going to have a wander around
Kobe, explore the town and see what we can find so we did a little bit of googling and
we discovered that the Nada district in Kobe is like a primary sake
producing region in Japan so we’ve come to Nada and we are going to do a bit
of a brewery hop we’re at the Hakutsuru brewery and museum and there are
people over there cutting the grass with scissors- the garden is impeccable
let’s go and find some sake really cool museum- it’s free for starters which
is brilliant so much detail a lot of it’s in
Japanese but there’s plenty in English and a English leaflet. This is the
unpasteurized sake which we now get to try so normally sake- the
whole process is done and then it gets heated to pasteurize it to kill all the
bugs and off it goes to stores. Here at the brewery
you can try unpasteurized because it comes straight from brewery you drink it and
it would go off really quickly otherwise so. So smooth wow that is good it just
slips down your throat with no burn no tingle Very interesting, great-tasting and now
there’s another brewery to find that was Fukuju brewery we got to try
lots and lots of different sake and my favorites were actually the yuzu
sake which was really strong in citrus taste and smell and also the
sparkling sake which was only 6% but it was so refreshing That was a fascinating
experience there’s many more breweries around this part of town. What’s the area
called? Nada. Nada, totally worth exploring we only went to two both were
free both were brilliant, tasting was free as
well but there are breweries all around this area so definitely make this part
of your itinerary if you’re in Kobe. We haven’t mentioned but we’re actually on
a day trip to Kobe we’re staying in Osaka and the train
only takes about half an hour if you get an express train so we thought- we were
going to stay here- but we thought let’s just go for a day and it has been so
easy and so perfect but we don’t want to do more breweries because we’ll waste
the whole day and Kobe has Japan’s second largest Chinatown which to us
sounds pretty interesting because Chinatown normally means food so we’re
going to jump back on a train head back into the centre and check out Chinatown Chinatown wasn’t very exciting, there’s
a lot of Chinese food obviously so Peking duck, dumpling all sorts
but it looks like it’s been sitting out for a while so we’re not going to go
there. We’re going to try and find an ice cream instead. 7-eleven run we got ice
creams- a really good tip here is ice creams from convenience stores and
particularly supermarkets are much cheaper than say buying an ice cream on the
street which is generally soft-serve and a soft-serve ice cream will be anywhere
from 350 to 500 yen yet these are about a hundred yen each more easy to palate
and this one is called Black Chocolate and it is the most amazing ice cream
I’ve ever eaten in my life what do you get? Mine’s like a creaming soda and
I got two for the price of one! Lucky girl! Kobe is really worth a visit the
beef is a must eat. If you come just for the beef alone that is enough reason
more than enough reason and do what we did go have a set lunch like that it was
such a great experience and we won’t be forgetting that in a hurry because that
flavor blew us away and I’m sure one day we’ll be travelling back here
just to have that beef again. Absolutely! thank you so much for watching we’ll see
you next time we we’ve inspired you to eat and explore like a traveller, not a tourist! Sayonara!

17 Replies to “Incredible KOBE BEEF RESTAURANT in Kobe | Food and Travel Channel | Kobe, Japan

  1. Love how excited you guys got over this beef, so contagious 🙂 That Saki tasting looked so fun. Love the ice cream shot! Great video guys, Hayley

  2. Love how excited you guys got over this beef, so contagious 🙂 That Saki tasting looked so fun. Love the ice cream shot! Great video guys, Hayley

  3. Honestly the way you described the taste of Kobe beef I can almost taste it here ha ha ya they have the best beef there. We had it a few times and they were the best ever. Like you said they were pretty affordable.

  4. Hi guys, we hope you enjoy this video of us sampling Kobe beef- it was AMAZING!! 😝 If you're enjoying our food and travel videos we'd love you to subscribe: and if you want more Japan content check out some more videos here: Thanks for watching! Thomas & Sheena 😄

  5. So happy you made it to Kobe and had some beef. It's a fun topic in the U.S. For decades scores of restaurants advertised Kobe – reputable steak houses, hotels, even some Michelin joints. Well, turns out only EIGHT restos in the entire country actually serve certified Kobe. 😂 Chefs quickly changed their menus to correctly list Wagyu and my friends and coworkers who claim to LOVE Kobe beef are rethinking things.

    I'm blown away that Nishimuraya offers such an affordable lunch. Great find. I've pinned it. 👍 I like my prime beef rare so I'm good with just kissing the grill but I too would be nervous about overcooking. Sake tasting would be dangerous for me. 😂 Fun day and great tips!

  6. いろいろな日本を味わっていただきありがとうございました。

  7. OMG!! You two are consistently making us jealous!! BTW those bibs are funny looking. Thanks for the tip to save some money by eating out for lunch and showing the menu 🙂 Also, we cant believe anyone would cut grass with scissors!!

  8. Kobe is where the cow Gods are. Obviously never tried Kobe, but Wagyu only. Makes me moan whenever i eat it. Haha!

  9. Thomas and Sheena, just finished watching your Kobe video. Thank you for sharing it. Can you go further? Can you direct us how to get to that restaurant from the train station? I've been taking notes so I will be ready when Nov. comes along. Can't wait.

  10. Hey guys! We're going there in 2 weeks just because of this video- but wanted to know, did you have to make a reservation or anything or did you just rock up? Also – how much Japanese was necessary for this place :O (Keep up the great videos!)

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