I’m An Inteletravel Travel Agent! Now What?

hi there I am Stephanie Lee your travel
goddess and in today’s video I want to answer a question that I struggled with
when joining until a travel and planet marketing as an independent travel agent
and that question is where do I begin I’ve been an independent travel business
owner with Intelli travel since January so for about four and a half months and
I also partnered with Planet marketing which is the company that sells the
travel agencies and in that four months I have done several things to get my
business moving forward but the first things I did or the first advice I
received from my coach in the business included just completing the online
travel Academy on intellitrace website in teller travels website is the space
that houses all of the training that you will receive to get certified in certain
destinations that you want a book and tell her travel website houses all of
the suppliers that you will use to book travel so it really is like your own
looking engine for baking travel it has all of the information on the suppliers
that you will need to register with in order to begin making travel it has a
calendar of events on all of the trainings or conferences you can attend
in order to increase your knowledge around the travel business so it really
is a one-stop shop for you as an independent travel agent but the very
first thing you want to do is complete that online travel academy which is a
series of videos that you watch and then you take quizzes along the way and after
you complete all of those videos and quizzes you have the basic foundation of
knowledge you need in order to really be able to navigate the website so that is
first and foremost while you are learning and earning at the same time
another piece of advice that I received when I entered the travel business was
create your own email address just for travel so that all of the emails you
receive around your travel business go to that email address when you’re baking
travel for others you’re giving them that email address so everything travel
is for that personalized email that you set up for those purposes you also need
to create your own website which is very easy through Intelli travel and it’s
also free you just simply plug in some important information and until a travel
creates a site for you they review it and within 24 hours you have your own
personalized website that you can then send to people that want to book their
own travel and they just need to use your website or your booking engine and
then you receive the commission or you can provide that website on your
business card which is another important step when entering the travel business
you want to create your own business cards to use
for marketing yourself as a travel business owner you also want to really
get connected on the planet marketing side by attending bi-weekly meetings
that really show you how to market yourself as an independent travel agent
and really how to share the opportunity with others one thing I love about until
a travel and planet marketing is you really don’t have to do a lot of
recruiting your work comes in sharing the opportunity with others sharing your
experience as an independent travel agent and sharing the great journey that
you are going on as an independent travel agent by learning and earning and
traveling all at the same time one more piece of really good feedback I received
when I entered the travel business was start taking some trips you get lots of
perks as an independent travel agent and the more you’re able to take advantage
of those perks and go on trips you can sell those destinations to others and
you can also experience a lot more so you really are traveling more you’re
learning more about the travel business and you’re experiencing warm while
earning a really great commission check so you’re not only earning commission on
the travel you book but you’re also earning commission for sharing the
opportunity with others so those are just a few tips on how to get started
when you sign on to Intelli travel as an independent travel business
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