Iceland Northern Lights And Blue Lagoon | TRAVEL MAN: 48 HOURS IN…

So why have you brought us to Iceland? Well let me tell you now. Firstly for the time poor or readily bored,
Iceland condenses a lot of amazing scenery into a relatively small area. Secondly for those with one or both eyes
on fiscal stricture, it’s much more affordable than it used to
be. One of the many great things
about the financial crash of 2008 is that it made Iceland a cheaper,
if not actually cheap, place to visit. No sign of the Northern Lights yet,
but of course the camera can sometimes see things
that the naked eye doesn’t. So we may be having this experience
but our retina are letting us down. As if planned in advance, the time lapse
I set up was experiencing the spectacle of our behalves. The machines have beaten us once more;
it’s like Terminator all over again. In a sense I feel like
I’ve been cheated by nature. Now we have recorded evidence that
something actually happened, we can go to bed. This is the Blue Lagoon;
a geothermically heated pool and spa. The cloudy water is colored by natural silica
and minerals that have risen from two kilometers beneath the earth. Looks like a bunch of white people drowning
in milk. I can’t wait to get in there. Really? Yeah, I can feel it, I can feel the,
the volcano vibrational… You can’t… I can.
…can’t. It’s very good for skin conditions so I think
there’s probably a lot of people in here with eczema. Yeah and that’s an inviting prospect. Mm. To share a milky pond with a bunch of dead
skin flakes. And we’re going to be part of it. Okay, well you’ve got two minutes to change
and ten minutes to relax and report back. I’m going to get into my sports shorts. Okay. Happy now? Very happy. You’re enjoying this are you? This is the only place this happens in the
world. Yeah. Geothermal sea water coming up healing us
all. I don’t enjoy communal showers,
being confronted with a whole wall of. It’s very difficult to narrow down the richness
of this holiday to a few highlights,
but if you had to, what would they be? This has probably been the highlight. This is it, something that any amateur rugby
team takes for granted every weekend has been your

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