I want to see the world: The North (1 of 2)

April 7, 2014. 10om
The Mackenzie River Delta
Northwest Territories, Canada hey, what’s your name? what’s your name? Iohan where did you come from? Ontario but I’m going to Argentina where?
Argentina on your bike? yeah oh man I love you 6 days ago the plan is to work the summer in British Columbia then cycle from Alaska to Argentina but I had 30 days to spare and what better way to do a warm up ride… than to bike 3000 kilometers from the Arctic Ocean so let me take you along for a ride but not the kind you would see at the movies, on TV or on the cover of National Geographic there is no pack-list, rationed food or a breakdown of where I’ll sleep every night the set is the vast Canadian north-west the director, the unpredictable weather the stars, people I meet on the way and the script, the open road and whatever it throws at me I want to see the world
the north I could only afford the flight to Whitehorse from there, I will have to hitchhike the last 1500 kilometers to the Arctic Ocean big wolves up there, big fucking claws on them no game out there buddy good luck, unless you are packing a gun and you can shoot the pricks you better have a lot of bullets yeah you sleep with an eye open it’s been about 3 hours and there has only been 1 car, going on The Dempster it’s the morning of April 4th… or 5th, i don’t remember and I just biked out to Tombstone Mountain Park and I’ll see if I can get a lift to Inuvik the scenery here is awesome I guess it’s a good waiting spot,
I have my stuff all on the ground and let’s see what happens I waited 2 days for a ride at The Dempster highway it’s customary for travelers to dip their wheels in the ocean but I can’t do that and that is a good thing because I will be sleeping on it with a population of just under 1000 Tuktoyaktuk sits on the shore of the Arctic Ocean I cycled to the end of town to get a license plate for my bike and then, like any tourist
visited the local grocery store to take pictures nothing’s in there ooo, beautiful hey, those are mine what are you going to do now? that’s my glove, give it back! now you’re gonna eat my shoes? now you’re gonna eat the camera Chapter 1
The Ice Road so this is it, the ice road the forecast was light snowfall and wind but I didn’t come all this way to hide from the weather there is snow here 9 months of the year and I wanted to see the North as it truly was you’re riding your bike to where? British Columbia I have a motorcycle and there is no fucking way I’ll bring it out here a little bit too cold on the face I’ve reached the Mackenzie Delta,
I just had my first fall on the ice it was this crack right here
big sucker I really hope the road gets better from here because I still have a long way to go the forecast was wrong this was a storm complete whiteout it was unreal I was lost somewhere on another world a world of blue ice and white sky a world, where the only things that mattered were staying warm and moving forward I wasn’t doing either of those very well there are lots of cracks on the ice road you get your wheel into one of these
and you come to a complete stop…
like this one everything was strange, even the snowplows werent on the road so I’m pretty much wearing everything I have where?
Argentina on your bike? yeah o man I love you that’s beautiful! you sure you’re okay? kind of, you got any water? yeah is that what you’re doing? you’re kidding me are you serious?
yup this is the guy, famous guy… he’s driving to Argentina …from Tuktoyaktuk
I’ve just seen him in this blizzard I don’t know if you guys can see what’s going on out there haha, anyways he is going as far as Reindeer Station
he’s going to camp at one of the cabins there at night this guy sleeps on the road if he has to he’s pedaling his bike to Argentina “this guy on a bike… I almost ran into him all of a sudden”
-cause there is a whiteout in his truck he says:
“I almost ran into him… so you better look out Jerry, on your way down” was that the guy with the oil tanker?
yeah ok, what happened was
I see the guy, I’m like okay I’m gonna take a nice picture I take out my camera and then I fall ya, he said “he fell over on his bike” he says “I slow down and I…” he said “and I slow right down and all of a sudden I look in my rearview mirror and he’s on his bike pedaling again” yeah I saw him stop and then I was like
I don’t have enough time… you know what congratulations how could I forget this the calming view of the moon as the storm settled
(Reindeer Station, 12:30am) and making out the silhouette of Reindeer Station as the trucker suggested, one of the cabins was left open and there was a wood stove (Road Radio Channel)
…Good enough, the weather is turning half decent… I guess he’d be okay so where was he headed to now? earlier that day… I was headed to Aklavik this is some special kind of ice
it’s so slippery that when you fall, you can’t even get up somebody got blown off the road
during that storm few days ago it took me 18 frigid hours to cycle 160 kilometers and now it was time for some well earned rest and then I got a chance to pet some dogs watch the snowmobile race and best of all, ride a skidoo myself but this isn’t me neither is this that’s me, moments before I got stuck on the powder snow how long did it take you to come from Tuk? I took… 1… 2… 2 days to Aklavik then I waited one day because the road was snowed in and then one more day to here where do you sleep? I sleep in churches, wherever I can find… on the Arctic Ocean or on the side of the road just for the fun of it? the north is a cold and unforgiving place but the hearts of the people are warm aside from my first night on the Arctic Ocean
I didn’t have to sleep outside thanks to sister Fay the Macloud family and Paul but that was about to change,
the next town is 700 kilometers away chapter 2
The Dempster Highway

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    THIS EXPEDITION IS REALLY EPIC BRO" ! You have my respect!

  2. @12:40 Anything for the shot! good job man. this is some inspiring stuff. good job being original it is very rare where i come from: America

  3. I imagine him putting the camera in place, getting the good shot, and then having to go back and pick it up

  4. I was hoping for some First people's culture, I wish you could have experienced it. I hope to either hike or bike back home, Aleutians. I hear part of my home is being timbered. Gotta see it one last time before it's destroyed. Stay safe, will try and find you on patreon.

  5. You sir are ice-proofed! Canada and specially the people there are amazing. We rowed with a canoe from Whitehorse to Dawson. It was dangerous but beautiful

  6. i just watching this, august 2019. Saluuut! Greeting from Indonesia…. I never cant imagine how hard your trip

  7. I like the premise of this a lot, long distance touring is incredible. But can someone tell me if it's going to be this dramatic and pretentious the whole time?

  8. On these trips you always carry a fishing pole and a bow and a military fold up shovel and zip lock bays for smoking meat plenty of food out there and don't for get your spices you will need it for cooking and it's nice to have a toe along wagon to keep tent and things cover under a big tarp and a spool of butcher's twine a very large spool and a machete is all you need and a fresh water kit that lets you drink water from any lake and stream.

  9. Wow, I’m thinking I’ve just lucked into an awesome series.. only 3 minutes in and some guy is talking about killer wolves and also saw a dog driving a van.

  10. I'm a guy living in thane, mumbai and I want to do something like this. But I know its fking difficult and I've got my engineering degree to complete

  11. Hahahahaja had to improvise left winter gear behind in the middle of a snowstorm! Damn foreigners! EASTSIDE GANG!

  12. If I'm riding the cycle my first question since highschool is I hope it doesn't get punctured , how come his tyres never lose air?

  13. You're Bulgarian 0_o? I'm too. And I'm so happy and glad to see that my people can do something like this,indeed!

  14. Bro we enjoy this so much but please list the music in the description from now on! This is awesome and I wish you the best on your journey

  15. Nice to see truckers out there risking their lives just to deliver products but still they have time to take care of one another and people who need help

  16. this looks fun to do I should try it

    oops climate change we need to change for the future to experience what nature feels like

  17. @13:14 is when I realized the incredible determination Iohan posses. To ride up that mountain just to place a camera and have to ride back down just to ride back up again all for getting some good video footage. He is an incredible human.

  18. seems crazy to me bicycling in the snow….and im canadian even….well i used to drive dirt motorbikes in the deep snow all the time….wow expensive food prices up north i see from your video if the store….id be very interested to see food stores EVERYWHERE on your travels….

  19. I admire your strength will power mental power

    But for me it will be too depressing can't stand the cold don't mind the isolation. I say they'll be a better bike ride to somewhere in South America or south of the Equator but then again you lose the challenge good video overall

  20. Here is what I'm wondering. Who is holding the camera when he is shown riding up the roads? Does he set the camera on the ground, ride a ways then turn around pick up the camera. Then edit his picking up the camera out?

  21. Just found your channel and subscribed and am planning to follow your trip!   Thanks for posting!!            S. Carolina

  22. I really appreciate the effort it took to make this. I can't imagine doubling back to place cameras for a shot, then riding back to pick them up. Good luck on future journeys good sir!

  23. Vielen Dank für dein Video! Du hast mich ermutigt, meinen Wunsch zu verwirklichen . Ich bewundere dich , ein großen Respekt an dich !
    Schön das du auch die Strapazen gezeigt hast !

    Mach weiter so,denn du bist eine Inspiration für viele Menschen. Ich wünsche dir vom ganzem Herzen alles gute und möge dein Schutzengel immer bri dir sein und acht auf dich geben.

  24. Watching this again the second time … gonna watch again the whole series .. down all the way to episode #33. Never tired of it!
    You are awesome @Iohan Gueorguiev. Keep on pedaling man and may God bless you.
    Greetings from Indonesia.

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