How You Can Become a Home Based Travel Agent With Inteletravel

How You Can Become a Home Based Travel Agent what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
back with majestic travel and in today’s video I want to talk about how you can
become a home-based travel agent and easy easy steps okay so you do not want
to miss this we’ll be right back I have a better welcome back welcome
back so if you are looking for a way to become a home-based travel agent I’m
gonna share with you a couple of options here that you can do to become a travel
agent today okay because one thing that you don’t
want to do is waste time trying to do everything on your own okay I’m gonna
put you guys in the right direction and partner you with a host travel agency
okay now here’s the host travel agency I recommend I recommend Inteletravel
okay now bear with me make sure you stay
tuned in this video I’m going to show you how to go through the process of how
you can register to being a online How You Can Become a Home Based Travel Agent travel agent in under five minutes okay
so it doesn’t take long sometimes you’re in a role you’ll be able to book travel
right away and but trips all that good stuff okay so first thing I want to talk
about why a partner with a host agency okay one of the main reasons why you
want to partner with the host agency is because it would save you tons of time
and money trying to do research trying to figure out the pieces of the puzzle
trying to see how do I get certified where do I get the training from how do
I contact the suppliers how do I get registered with suppliers and all this
stuff it can be a bit overwhelming trying to run your own travel agency on
your own starting out I recommend partnering with a host agency because
they have done all the legwork and the headache part for you all you have to do
is plug and play and run your home-based travel business from home okay so that’s
one of the best reasons why I say partner with a host agency and another
thing you’re gonna need certain credentials and some of those
credentials can cost you thousands of dollars if you try to do it on your own
independently but if you partner with a host agency you can become a home-based
travel agency and have your own business because you upon the umbrella
of the host agency so they do other legwork
they do all the headache part you just built travel and make money okay so
first thing you need to do is go to Inteletravel now this is you can
read up on tell travel this is a good How You Can Become a Home Based Travel Agent site for you to read apart internal
travel learn more about the opportunity I also left a link below in the video
description so you can learn more information as a video or you can watch
how you can partner with Intel a travel and some of the benefits that they offer
by becoming the agent with themselves forever and how to become a agent okay
in the process so if you notice here there’s a lot of people to come to this
site they want to become agents okay so if you come to intelligible he try to
register now is the agent okay your notice this message here okay you’ll
notice that they’re not taking any more agents directly through their site now
the reason is for this because they have now merged and partnered with plannet marketing
that marketing okay the best way to partner with in Inteletravel with the
only way to partner with and telling travel is you must go through a plain
air marketing rep plan and marketing reps offer the tailor travel agency
business as the product okay so here’s my planet marketing site so I’m gonna
show you this process right quick it’s very step-by-step if you just follow
through these tips you can be running your own home-based travel agency
business in minutes okay so this is the product this is what you will be working
upon and you’ll be partnering with intelligible but you must go through a
planning marketing rep such as myself or you Meeka to get the agency product okay
now let’s talk about little bit more to benefits later on but here’s the process
right now so if you go here to play their marketing okay
I left a link in the description you can click on the link click on learn more okay you can read
more about that until travel partnering experience and click purchase now okay
now here’s the breakdown of what it cost to become a independent travel agent
within telling trouble okay like I said they have partner with Planet marketing
so you must go through and find their marketing rep on their site in order to
get the Intel attract a package okay so it’s a low startup cost of 179 okay
that’s the only one-time cost you are your own independent travel agent you
have your own until a trial for ITA personalized website your monthly
administration fee is $39.95 you are travel Commission’s guaranteed best
prices if VIP travel benefits 30-day money-back guarantee okay let me show
you how your site will look it’s a little video idea how your booking
engine will look let’s see here okay see how to get to my website there we go so
this is my internal website so this hi girls will look you can
customize your name logo whatever all this information customize it to your
needs and people come here and they can look up Hotel cruises flights cars
whatever they need and come through here in addition to this you also have access
to a huge database of other major suppliers like coops all the cruel ads
all the major airlines other all inclusive vacation vendors you have
access to these vendors as well in addition to your own booking engine so
you will never have limited options you have a huge database or suppliers where
you can offer your clients the best deal okay so so once you now we back on
content marketing site so you just click purchase now all you have to do is fill
out this information here it hits um now if you did go through the link below
you would have to put in a sponsor username so it would say sponsor and
username is required meaning you must go through a plan and marketing sponsor or
a rep in order to purchase the ITA package because if you don’t go through
a rep you can’t have access to internal travel they have partner will plan their
marketing so my sponsor user name is Larry Porter for those who don’t know
and you can leave all lowercase if you want to do it that way or you make your
evidence either way so if you ever need a sponsor username just remember Larry
Porter or your maker Evans and it should go through properly if you able to land
on plan that mark on the side and Ashley for a sponsor username but if you ever
click the link below either one of our videos
it should lead you directly to the site we’re doing I ask you for the sponsor
username it already comes populated okay so on three other dudes fill out your
name all this pre-registration stuff it submit and once you go in the next page
fill out the other information your credit card information read all the
terms and conditions and click enroll and you become a agent instantly okay
now you once you go through the enrollment process you have your
back-office you can come in here and return at the back office you can come
in here and they got training okay since you cut my people to education and tell
us how the university that’s why I say start it okay they have a lot of
training videos for you take these courses skinny educate you on the
intelligent business how to run your business how to market your business
need a lot of ideas which is what you what to expect as running a travel agent
business from home okay so there you have it guys just show you how easy it
is to be coming home base travel agent with Intel a travel and like I said you
must go through a planning marketing representative in order to purchase the
ad today package okay so if you got questions feel please feel free to text
us at the number below or leave a comment below this video
always remember if you found value give us a thumbs up make sure you like this
video subscribe to our YouTube channel and we’re gonna keep making more videos
regarding travel okay whew anybody you know is looking to become a travel age
hey you remember to Texas at the number below or click the link to watch the
free presentation we can learn more about the travel agency business from
home opportunity alright i’m larry porter signing off with majestic
traveler and happy traveling bye-bye

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