How We Market Our Inteletravel Business | Our Lead Generation Tips

Inteletravel what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
back with majestic travel and in today’s video I’m gonna share with you a quick
tip on how we market our Inteletravel business how we get new agents in from
how we get new agents into our and Inteletravel business all from YouTube
okay YouTube is our primary marketing strategy and in addition to others that
we are now opening up far as Facebook messaging marketing and things of that
nature being away just want to share this with you right quick so you do not
want to miss this we’ll be right back alright guys welcome back welcome back
so today I’m gonna share with you a couple marketing tips that we do with
our YouTube channel how we market on television so I mean strategy is video
marketing we provide valuable content through in the form of videos on YouTube
ok the next thing we do is we find out what people are searching for in YouTube
ok how popular is that keyword and what we
do is we create videos around their keyword okay so for example this video
is flight ticket date change okay why I’ve already know refundable airline
tickets so just a video I did not too long ago I had made a mistake on some
airline tickets for a client and I put this video out
I know it’s valuable and helpful because I don’t want future travel agents to
make the same mistake good idea so I said let me try the video educating
people on what to do in the do’s and don’ts so anyway this is catered to the
traffic niche so I gave value in this video okay and I also provided a call to
action at the end the video okay if you tell people to you know if you give
value to people and you provide valuable content and engaging in content and if
they you know a lot of people that come to your video or want to start their own
travel business so simply what we do we leave a call to action tell people to
click the link to learn more information and what this link does is it goes to
our plan that marketing site now you can send this link anywhere you want to for
right now we to do some testing we sitting on all of our traffic to our
planning marketing site where people can learn more about how to become travel
agents or if they want to become a plannet marketing rep or they want to do
both businesses however people want information people want to learn more
about the business so every single one of our videos we leave a link right here
and tell people to click on it and if you notice up here we also got YouTube
cards okay it’s a video showing people how to send us a message on Facebook
mister video learning more about the Inteletravel
opportunity it’s another video showing people how to enroll how the process
work how to even actually sign up provide value and leave calls to action
all around your video leave it in your description and leave it up here you can
do YouTube cards okay so let’s just want to give you an insight on what we do how
we market our Inteletravel business and as a result of this when people click on these links
after so many people click on it the right person clicks on and they want to
become on a tribe agent so guess what they already on our site all they do is
go down here and click purchase night and they enroll themselves as and as a
result of that you can get automated signups ok she’s trying to build a team
or trying to get clients people fill out for example we forgot forms in our
description for people to get a quote okay you can build a quote if you go to
wu phu kham you can build a customer information form and people can come in
here and type in their information ok and figure out ok what destination you
want to go to what type of room preference your vacation budget basic
travel do you need flight and you need rent on the above whatever you can get
all this information online guys and when you wake up in the morning you have
some quotes already set out for you all you have to do is just look them up and
get back with your client so guys that’s a ton of ways to generate leads so i
just want to share it with you we this is how we market I tell child business
ok and we do YouTube market as I primary marketing strategy
now we’re also been testing out facebook Messenger marketing where we run
Facebook ads ok and generate leads for any supply of leads that people want to
know more information about the travel industry and we send them more
information through facebook messenger okay this is an automated marketing
strategy you don’t have to do anything but just run the ad set up set it up and
the system will take care itself but we have training for example like our team
we teach that team how to do all this stuff how to do social media marketing
we have courses setup that we put together how to do facebook messaging
marketing how to do YouTube marketing how to open Facebook groups and post
your deals and get clients that way so guys we have a lot of lot of information
that you may not be familiar with you may be new to or you may already be
familiar with it however the case what we said well we provide here support and
we learned together as we grow so if something is you looking to get into in
the travel industry but you just don’t know how to get leads and clients and
wanna know more about marketing this is how we market and we teach our team
through the same thing so guys it’s something that you found value in please
leave a thumbs up please like this video also be sure to subscribe to our You
Tube channel man if you got any questions feel free to leave a comment
below if you’re ready to get started as a travel agent and drawing on team click
the link below learn more information about how to get started and I will see
you on the other side alright larry porter signing golf and happy

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