How VidAngel $1 Movies Work in 15 Seconds

In 15 Seconds, here’s how VidAngel lets you watch movies for $1 You buy a movie for $20. Don’t worry, it ends up being $1. Since you own the movie, you can legally set your filters. Now, watch your movie. Then with a quick of a button, Sell it back to us for $19 of credit. That means each movie is only $1. It’s that simple. Buy for $20, set filters, watch it, sell it back for $19. So click here or visit to watch your favorite movies for $1. VidAngel Watch however the BLEEP you want.

17 Replies to “How VidAngel $1 Movies Work in 15 Seconds

  1. so help me to understand what will happen after your first movie. If you sell it back & have a $19 dollar credit, could you then buy another movie for an additional $1 + the $19 dollar credit? It seems like $19 will always be stuck in the system. Is that correct?

  2. Why would you do this? Technically at minimum, you have to spend $20 unless they give the money in your account back. If this is just a one time thing, I just wasted 19 dollars

  3. It's not that simple – So far I've paid 23.00 to watch 3 movies and sold them back with no refund and no response from your customer service.  I had to file a dispute with Roku through Paypal – and they kindly refunded me. NO WORD from you company. Bye-Bye!!

  4. I just tried vidangel this last weekend to rent two movies. It worked well with the only hiccup being that when I sold the first video back, I thought I was going to have $19 sent to my bank directly instead of having to cash out or spend the "in-store credit" my account earned. Being about to edit out profanity/nudity has greatly expanded how many movies my house will be watching as a family. Bottom line: I plan on being a repeat customer many times over.

  5. Your service is AWESOME!! My family just signed up and watched a few movies. We will NEVER go back to watching "regular" movies!

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