We’re in my bedroom, and that’s because our central European winter trip on train, is finished on train. Today, we’re going to share with you guys some tips and advice to how to make the most for how to make the most Beep Hello Everyone, we’re back in my bedroom in California, and that means one thing: we finished our central European rail trip, and today we’re going to share with you some tips and our advice on how to make the most of your Eurail pass or Interail pass if you’re European. That too. First off, we worked with Eurail this winter. They hooked us up with two First Class global passes, which have a bunch of different options, depending on how long you are travelling. We chose to do 15 travel days in two months, which cost 583 E which is $630 for a second class pass or 894 E which is $960 for a First Class pass. But, if you’re over 26, like us, yes, we’re over 26, you can only get the First Class pass. Now, some people complain that the Eurail pass doesn’t save them money, but usually this is because they didn’t get the right pass or they didn’t know how to take advantage of it, which is why we are taking your questions for this video today. First question is from Instagram. Erica. What are the advantages to buying a Eurail pass? Is it best when traveling to multiple countries or within one or two countries? I think the key is long distances. The advantages kick in when you travel long distances. We went 5000 km in 14 days of travel. For us, it would have been much more expensive to buy each individual ticket, but if you only went on short distances like Brussels to Amsterdam, that still counts as one day. If all your 15 days are like that, it might be cheaper to get individual tickets. You have to think how you’re going to travel. If you buy a pass like that, make it a trip that goes as far as you can. jamaral 17 on Instagram asks: What countries does it connect to? The global pass is going to let you go to 28 different countries, which is pretty much all of the European union, including the Nordic countries, Ireland, and Turkey but excluding the U.K. and Albania. Those are strange bedfellows. Sorry, guys. It’s pretty cool. It’s pretty much all of Europe minus a couple countries. I’m going to go ahead to the next question which is from Domenique Lee Rose Top 5 countries to see with the pass Well, we’re bias. We love Spain. We love the Basque country. You can use it there. I really enjoyed Austria and Switzerland. Alps by rail is incredible. You’ve got a lot of things to see out the window It’s definitely a cool place. Next question is this: princessdone says: Do you prefer traveling by train compared to other means of transportation? I’ll let you take that one, Mark. Trains are seriously the most comfortable way of traveling, especially in Europe because it was a continent that was designed for train travel. All the train stations are in the center of town. People always say it’s faster by airplane, but it’s not really true. Even a one hour flight is going to be 4 hours by the time you get to the airport. Two hours early at the airport. Four or five hours. The cheap tickets often go away when you have to check your baggage. Train travel baggage is free. They don’t charge anything for that. susuiepooooo Would you consider the train the easiest way to get around continental Europe? I’m going to answer this is one word: yes. I’m going to answer this in one word. That’s more than one word. Pendantic Yes, it’s the easiest way and definitely the most comfortable. Sorry for speaking like this, but this is the way I speak for the next two to three weeks. Yah Next question: Topher18 says: Are there any additional fees that don’t come with the actual ticket? Such as seat reservation fees? There are, but you can avoid them. We actually paid them once. That was from going from Paris to Berlin. Overnight trains costs money, but you get a bed. And high speed trains also require reservations, but you can avoid those by taking regional trains, which are slower and stop in more places but they can also be a good way to see the countryside. If you’re not in a rush, taking the slow train is preferable. Next question: Miss Nicole Joy Is changing destinations easy? Ok. One minute to get the train. Let’s go. It’s definitely easy. You have pretty much freedom. You can choose where you want to go You can just hop on the train. Fill it in, and you can go almost anywhere. All right. Matt Fish says: Any tips on making reservations or getting off the beaten path? We’ve talked a little bit about the both of those. The real big key I can give you is the Eurail App There’s an app that has all the timetables of all the trains in Europe You just put in your destination; where you are now, when you want to go, and it will show you how to get there. That’s a really good way to know when you need to make a reservation, or if you just feel like being spontaneous, doing that, too. It lets you get off in small towns, which is the key to doing it because you know, our parents actually met traveling on Eurail passes back in 1980!!! I’ve got to say, if my dad hadn’t been able to get off the train with my mom in some small village, the Vagabrothers might not have existed. So we pretty much owe everything to the flexibility of the Eurail pass. Getting off the beaten path. Thank you Kate Marie Obrien asks: best time of year to go? well, we just did winter, and it was the first time traveling prolonged like that in winter. It was awesome But, if you want a little warmer weather , which is understandable, try doing late spring or early fall. But if you travel in Europe in the summer, it’s going to be number one: a lot more crowded number two: more expensive. That can be a problem when you’re trying to go on trains that need reservations because summer can get booked up really fast. Generally, you should book a week ahead of your reservation. But in summer, it can be even crazier. Califlor asks, Any advice to not spend a lot of money while traveling. Is it Califlor, or is it Cauliflower? It’s actually written like hacker-speak with a 0 for the ‘o’ I think it’s cauliflower. Anyways, what was your question, Cauliflower? Any advice to not spend a lot of money while you are traveling? Definitely. All right, guys. Check it out. You’re going to go on a train. You have all day on a train. Buy your food in a super market. Get supplies, like sandwich stuff, bottle of wine, whatever you want. Get all that and bring it on. You’re going to save a lot of money because as nice as it is to go inside the little dining car, get a beer, you can definitely rack up a bill pretty quickly. All right guys, that was our Q&A about how to make the most of your Eurail pass. Big thanks to Eurail for sponsoring our passes this past winter. If you have any questions, check out their website. There’s a link in the info box, or ask more questions in the comment box and we’ll try to answer them. Also guys, we’ll be doing a question and answer video. We’ve been making videos on youtube for two years, and we’ve never done one. So use the hashtag #askvagabros. Hit us up on twitter, instagram facebook, and of course in the comment section of this video. If you enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs-up, share it with your friends, and subscribe for new travel videos every Tuesday. In the meantime, stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you on the road. or in Mark’s bedroom. For the meantime, but we’ll be back on the road soon. Peace.

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  2. My husband and I just spent close to $2000 AUD on these tickets and now are having trouble making reservations. If I had my time again we would not use the EU rail system and just book the trains from point to point. I have probably had the worst customer service experience that I have ever had. Don't bother.

  3. Personally I'd say that te cheapest way to travel through Europe is by bus ! Especially with Megabus for under 10 euros sometimes. Not the most comfortable one but you definitely feel like a vagabond, see the sun rise on beautiful landscapes, save a ton of money and meet people!

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  9. +vagabrothers Very informative. Want to use EuRail to save on Hotel expenses by using Overnight trains exclusively. Speed is not important. But will want to avoid Train changes at midnight.

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  15. Everywhere on earth is terrible in the summer because cheap air travel and increasing middle classes means tons of tourists everywhere.

  16. What most people don't realize, is that if you buy a regular unrestricted fare from say Warsaw to Lisbon, you can stop anywhere en route, and spread the travel out across several weeks — amazing how much you can see on just one ticket…

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  26. Nice Video
    Travelling by train is the best way to see the wonders of Europe, and with Rail Europe, you can see 28 countries and 15,000 cities and towns in Europe with the widest selection of train tickets and rail passes.

  27. We also went backpacking to 22 cities in Europe, but we didn't use the Eurail pass though. I uploaded the video on my channel as well. 22 cities, 11 countries, in 22 days!!! Definitely wanted to stay longer. If given a chance, we'd definitely go back and explore more.

  28. Wayyy to expensive. I've done it by combination of bus and trains and it cost much less that even my european friends and cousins who stay in europe are suggest to not using the pass

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