Philippines is one of the most beautiful country
of the World and it consists of more than 7,000 paradise islands. It is a kind of country where everyone should
see at least once in a lifetime. However, planning your holiday in Philippines
would be a difficult task. If you don’t know much about the popular destinations
and the best transportation methods, you would be spending more time and more money during
your holiday. That is the reason why i am here for you. I am going to tell you my latest trip in Philippines
and also i will be giving you some tips. There are different flight and airport options
depends on your travel route. You can arrive to Manila, Cebu or Clark (Angeles
City) airport with international flights. I arrived to Manila first and after spending
a night decided to go to Angeles City by bus. In Manila, Ninoy Aquino International Airport,
there are yellow taxi stops and white taxi stops. Yellow taxi rates are a little bit higher
than white ones, slightly more comfortable then white ones and drivers tends to be better. They both use taximeters but only God knows
if they measure correct. Instead of taxi you may go with the grab app
and drivers. By using grab app, you will see exact price
and route of the driver and you can pay with cash or credit card. Other transport options are jeepneys and tricycles. Jeepneys are the cheapeast transportation. Tricycle is more expensive than jeepneys,
less expensive than taxi but more comfortable. For short distance tricycle is the best choice,
faster and cheaper. For longer distance grab is the best in my
opinion. Because they can not play with taxi fare. Manila has an unbelievable traffic with a
chaotic atmosphere. Makati is 10 km away from Ninoy Aquino International
Airport but it takes at least 30 minutes by taxi due to heavy traffic. Because of this reason, i recommend you to
arrange a hotel between centrum and airport. To be honest, i didn’t want to spend much
time in Manila considering there are better areas in Philippines. TRAVELLING TO ANGELES CITY:
Angeles City is not popular because of it’s touristic attractions but it’s popular because
of night life, girly bars, night clubs. Most of the visitors of Angeles city Americans,
Aussies and Korean guys. If you main destination is Angeles City, i
recommend you to take your flight ticket directly to Clark Airport. It is the fastest and safest option. It takes about 15 minutes from Clark Airport
to Angeles city center or fields avenue. If you are already in Manila, you can choose
bus or taxi options. Honestly there is not much travel time difference
between bus and taxi but there is a pretty big difference about the payment. It takes 3-4 hours by bus from Manila to Angeles
City while it takes 2-3 hours by taxi. Bus price is around 150-200 pesos and taxi
prices around 3000 pesos. Since Manila has always hectic traffic, you
will spend at least 1.5 hours to getting away from Manila Centrum whether it is bus or taxi. As a summary flight is the best option, but
if you need to arrive Angeles City from Manila, travelling by Bus is a better choice in my
opinion. You can find domestic buses in Pasay and Victory
Liner bus company is a good one. Take a grab or tricycle from anywhere in Manila
and go to Pasay bus terminal, then buy a ticket from Victory Liner bus Company. You don’t need to buy your bus ticket in advance,
you can buy there because buses departure frequently. When you arrive to Angeles City bus station,
take a tricycle quickly and go to your hotel. Be careful around bus station area since pickpocketing
Coron is one of the most popular island especially for divers. Most people goes there for diving or exploring
the incredible lagoons, wrecks,beaches and reefs. You can join island hopping tours and see
the famous Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, Coral Garden and many more. All you have to do is going to Coron and join
Island Hopping Tours. Easiest way of arriving Coron is taking a
Philippine Airlines flight from Clark Airport of Angeles City. It takes 1 hour to arrive Busuanga Airport. Around exit gate of the airport you will see
many tourism agency staff and they will give you plenty of flyers about island hopping
tours. The important point is, airport is a bit out
of town center and there are limited van and bus out of the airport. Drivers usually have a list for guest with
limited seats, so before arriving there, you should have book your van reservation from
airport to Coron. If you book a hotel in Coron Town center,
they can arrange a seat for you. Van price is around 150 pesos and it takes
about 40 minutes. In Coron center, actually there is not many
thing to do. Some restaurant and a few bars. I recommend you to visit small cosy Hangover
Bar. Island hopping tours takes your all day but
you will see amazing places. If you are familiar with diving, you are in
the right place. Coron is a well known place by divers all
around the World. Even if you don’t have passion for diving
you will still enjoy the extraordinary lagoons, crystal clear sea and paradise islands. If you are looking for nightlife, i am sorry
To me El Nido has much fun then Coron. El Nido has both island hopping tours and
nightlife and also good restaurants and the best beaches. Peaceful streets on daytime, a small town
not totally touristic but there are many good restaurants, bars, beach road. During the day you may visit beautiful beaches
around El Nido such as Las Cabanas Beach. Also you may join island hopping tours again
and you may see incredible islands, beaches, lagoons. I had stayed in Amakan Bed Bunk Breakfast,
it was really comfortable and also i bought my island hopping tour from them. If you book your tour fhru them, they pick
you from hotel with tricycle which is included to the price and return at the end of the
day. They have organized tours and their names
are A, B, C and D. If you book Tour A like me, you will see Small
Lagoon, Big Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, Shimizu Island and 7 Commando Beach. All those places were awesome but my top favorites
are Secret Lagoon and Shimizu Island. From Coron to El Nido there is a ferry run
by Montenegro Lines in both way. It takes 3-4 hours by fast ferry which costs
about 30 dollars. If you are in El Nido already, you can go
to Coron with the ferry also. Ferry departures once a day so buy your ferry
ticket online in advance. However keep in mind that even if you book
your ferry ticket online. before get in, you must go to Montenegro Office
and get stamp. Then you can go to the ferry station. Ferry has air condition there is not a cafe
or kiosk inside, so if you think you can get hungry, buy something in the station before
get in the ferry. When you arrive to El Nido, you will see dozens
of Tricycle outside. If your hotel in the town center, and if you
don t have many bag, you can just walk like me. I had arrived to my hotel Amakan Bed Bunk
Breakfast in 10 minutes by walking. And my last tip about El Nido is, internet
connection is not good in El Nido, get ready to living for a while with weak internet connection. TRAVELLING FROM EL NIDO TO PUERTO PRINCESA
You need to take a tricycle and go to bus station of El Nido. You don’t need to book your van ticket in
advance, you can just go to the station and buy there. Distance is 230 km from El Nido to Puerto
Princesa and it takes around 4-5 hours. Honestly only reason i visit Puerto Princesa
was to see the World famous Underground River. Cave sistem goes for 24 km under St.Paul Mountains. River section lasts for 8.2 km but with tourist
permit you can see only 2-3 km of that. Only with special permit, some researchers
can see about 4-5 km. Inside Underground river you travel by boats
and a tour guide. You are also given Audio guides and helmets. They tell you that you should not open your
mouth when you look up in the cave because there many bats and spiders and they can go
in your mouth. If you stay in the center of Puerto Princesa,
and if you already booked your Underground River tour, they pick you up from your hotel. Then you arrive to Sabang in 2-3 hours. Then you guide takes your tourist permits
and then you can take boats to arrive underground river entrance point. Boat travel takes about 15-20 minutes. Underground river tour takes about 1.5 hours
itself. After the tour you will go back to the boats
and return to Sabang, have a lunch in the restaurant and then again 3-4 hours van travel
to the Puerto Princesa Center. To be honest i found the Underground River
tour a bit tourist trap. Too much effort, too much time on the roads
and then you see underground river in a bot with guide who makes silly jokes about the
structure and shapes of the underground river. If you have long time, of course there are
other things in Puerto Princesa but if you have only 1 day this is the only important
thing you can do in Puerto Princesa. TRAVELLING FROM PUERTO PRINCESA TO CEBU CITY. You can fly to Cebu City with Philippines
Airlines or Cebu Pacific Airlines. It takes 1.5 hour. As usual, you will take a tricycle to the
airport if you don’t have a transportation from your hotel. When you arrive to Mactan Cebu International
Airport, there are 3 choices to arrive city center. Bus, taxi or Grab. It takes around 1 hour by bus, 30 minutes
by taxi or grab. Actually it is only 10 minutes way but like
Manila, there is a strong traffic in Cebu City. For hotel recommendation watch my Guest friendly
Hotels in Philippines video and check my experience. Some of the attractions in Cebu City are visiting
Taoist Temple, Fort San Pedro, Basilica Minore del Santo Niño. Magellan was killed in Mactan island near
Cebu, so Magellan’s Cross and next to the Cross, Basilica Minore Del Santo Nino are
the places you must see. For Nightwalkers i can recommend Mango Square
and Mango Avenue. There you can find girly bars and sport bars. If you want some fun during day time i recommend
you to visit Ayala Mall. If you have time also you can visit SM Mall
which is one of the biggest mall of Asia. And also if you are an adventurer you can
join white sharks tour or kayaking tours. TRAVELLING FROM CEBU CITY to TAGBILARAN,BOHOL
and PANGLAO, ALONA BEACH Best way to Arrive Tagbilaran and Bohol is
using Ocean Jet Ferries. It takes 2 hours from Cebu City to Tagbilaran
City with comfortable Ocean Jet Ferries. One way price is around 500-1000 pesos but
it has air condition and pretty comfortable. Just keep in mind that sometimes in bad weather
they cancel or delay the ferries. You need to arrive pier 1 Ocean Jet Ferry
station in Cebu City. No need to ticket in advance, you can just
go there and buy your ticket. Almost every hours they departure. Be careful around dock because crowded ferry
station is a comfortable area for pickpocketing. When you arrive to Tagbilaran City dock, you
will see dozen of tricycle driver again. You have to get in a tricycle to arrive Alona
Beach. Of course tricycle drivers will ask more money
because you are foreigner probably. Try to bargain on the best price you can do
and take a tricycle to Alona Beach. Alona Beach is the only action area of Bohol
and Panglao Islands. Beautiful beach side, great bars and restaurants
are what you can find in Alona Beach at least. During day time, you can join diving tours,
visit Bohol Chocolate Hills, Men made forest or Famous Tarsier Observation Park. Tarsier is a unique animal and Bohol is one
of a few places you can see this cute animal. Also you can visit Xzootic Animal Park and
see wild animals in their peaceful environment. That’s it for now. Have a great trip in Philippines and see you
on the next video!


  1. Excellent video with good tips to get from place to place. Biggest malls in malls in Philippines are either SM City North EDSA in Quezon City or SM Megamall in Metro Manila.

  2. That was pretty darn cool.  Really enjoyed the total video.  Looking forward to our Mystery Trip that I’m taking the family on and this is one of the Pit Stops along the way that we will stop and enjoy.  Thanks for sharing the video. You gave me some cool ideas for the clues I will post at the Mystery Trip channel. Just Love it. Mike

  3. so helpful at first i also tougt that cave tour would be great but after this video i found much more interesting places to visit. Thanks 😉

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