16 Replies to “How To Travel Like A Minimalist: Look Good And Live Well While Packing Less

  1. Oh hay there internet fwends. What's poppin?
    So quick rundown – I'm a full time traveler, I live months on end with these items I talk about in the video only. I just weighed my bag at the airport and my 'big' bag is 10kgs.
    But I also don't compromise on style. I don't want to look bad so I've organised my possessions very specifically to ensure I look like a Queen always. Because why not ey? ENJOYYY!
    PS. Would you want to travel this way? Or do you need more?

  2. me: omg i dont think i could fit all of that in my backpack
    my backpack: is bigger than sorelle's
    me: OKAY NVM i can make it work

  3. I know that you don't like to promote commercialism but what if you made merch (doesn't have to be anything too out there with your brand) but very good quality that people could wear for years?

  4. Paid cloud storage as an option to the hard drives? Enterprise google photos, Dropbox, AWS… or even buying your own mini data centre.

  5. Girl, I'm just stumbling on this video getting ready to travel in Colorado, and I just need you to know that your personality SHINES. Like, wowowowow. I'm captivated by your personhood because you just seem so unapologetically yourself and it's really beautiful to see. Thank you!

  6. And what makes you think that a homeless person like to look as they do? I came here to watch the video but left after such vanity and superficialism.

  7. I found your channel a few days ago.. at first I thought "Ugh, some travel hippy who puts on a character and lives like a tramp while pretending like they like it"

    Going through a few of your videos though I feel you're supremely positive, actually have useful information to share, you're not all "anti materialistic" as some I have seen and you actually have an extravagant character… It's actually really good to watch (As you probably know with 800k subs).

    I know this is like a backhanded compliment but I meant good by it lol

  8. Thank you for your tips! How many liter does your packpack have? And how do you manage when traveling first in a cold country or in winter and then coming in a very warm country?

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