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Hello and welcome to Lazydays, the RV Authority. Today we’re going to talk about just how easy it is to set up a TrailManor camper. We’ll start by going to each clip and unlatching the four around the TrailManor. Next, we’re going to undo the two torsion locks. Now that the two torsion locks are undone, we can go right to the front, lift, and pull foward. You’ll see how easy that is. Now that you’ve pulled the front forward, just simply pull the two cap locks up in a locked position. Now that we’ve completed the front half of the TrailManor, we do the same thing for the rear. And we go to the torsion locks. The two torsion locks on the side again. And now it’s time to assemble the door. Once we’re inside, now we can simply slide the furnishing into place. Now we can lift the cabinet and put it in its place. Now that we’ve got the cabinet in place, we can move over and begin assembly on the bathroom area. First comes this piece, lifting up. Slide into place. Now we can grab the rear half of the bathroom assembly by simply lifting up. And swinging out. And again, clipping the latch to secure it into place. Thank you for looking at the TrailManor and seeing just how easy it is to assemble.

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  1. Soo lookin forward to the day when I can get my TM and hit the road.😉👍 Love the proven durability, quality and uniqueness of these trailers.👏👏👏

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