How to Register Outside Bookings With Inteletravel – Agent Training

Inteletravel all right everybody Larry Porter here
and i’m back with majestic travel and today’s video we’re gonna show you how
to register outside bookings within Inteletravel so if you are an
Inteletravel agent or a future until a travel travel agent you do not
want to miss this we’ll be right back herded by the welcome back welcome back
so in today’s video let’s talk about how to register your outside bookings okay
now if you if you were Intel a travel travel agent or if your future and tell
the travel travel agent this this information will be helpful to you okay
so whether you involve now or you’re looking to get started this information
will be helpful so it’s very important that you register your outside bookings
no any bookings made through an Inteletravel such as hotels flights and
cars okay and most cruises you don’t have to register okay I do recommend
registering your cruises because sometimes when you register your cruiser
you you book cruises through your until travel cruise booking engine they would
still generate another booking number on carnival or any other outside cruise
vendors so I do recommend registering those is where an addition to other
all-inclusive packages but anything related to hotels flights cars that’s
made directly to your intelligence on website you do not have to register
those okay now the walls that you do need to register are the ones that are
outside vendors okay you have a huge database of suppliers and vendors that
you can use if you can’t find the best deal on internet or the website and you
still get the Commission but to ensure you get the Commission you need to
register so first thing you do is go up here to book travel okay and you scroll
all the way down to register outside bookings okay now here’s the page where
you register your booking okay every time you completely booking a
reservation you will get a booking slash confirmation number need to enter this
number here so let’s make up well I’m just gonna make up one for the purpose
of this video t let’s see and oh and and four or five let’s just
make this make it one so this is our booking number I just
made that one okay then you select the booking type so let’s say it’s a cruise
a hotel resort let’s just say it was a hotel resort you put in the person name
I just put mine my name in for the sake of this video that reporter departure City Memphis
just saved Memphis Tennessee destination city let’s just say should
make sorry I can’t spell number of travelers just put two so whatever
information is that you did for your clients enter the information here so
and Inteletravel can track your booking down and make sure you get a
timely Commission now if you don’t register your bookings it may delay your
Commission’s or you may not even get a commission at all so it’s very very
important that you register your outside bookings from third-party suppliers you
put it in the supplier name just say our supplier was fun jacked vacations and
you put in the street address of the supplier the travel start date that the
that the reservation was made for for example let’s say I going to Jamaica and
see June but this say July July first maybe for four nights let’s say the
field so you put all your information and details in right here for your
booking okay now after you do all that put down the total charges for the
booking so let’s say it was $1,000 well let’s say mm I say $2,000 don’t
worry about total Commission you don’t have to put that in they will
automatically populate that for you they would get that information for you but
you do need to put in the total charges and this is what you need to upload your
documentation your booking documents okay
so whenever you make a reservation through a third-party supplier that we
may you your booking number / confirmation number would be a document
with every other details and you need to save it as a PDF and uploaded here
inside your and telling show the back office okay so for example I’m gonna
blow one up for a purpose of this video let’s see here so we’ll load this up you just load up
your you see it as a booking number here things of that nature and just load up
the information okay so that’s pretty much all you do and once you load that
information up and submit looking and that’s it and you’re done okay so I hope
you found this video valuable make sure like I said you register your outside
bookings if you are me he’ll put there please leave a comment below if you
found value from this video I would love to know your feedback leave a comment
below now if you are you or anybody you know this looking to become a travel
agent you too can do the same thing and get started about watching a free
presentation below there’s a link in the description as well as a link within
this video click those links learn more about how you can become a travel agent
as well and partner with us okay so guys hope you found value and we’ll see you
on the next one happy traveling Inteletravel

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  1. how long does it take for you to get the commission or to get a response? just registered my outside booking today!

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