How to Make Money by Traveling

It’s 6:47 a.m. right now and after the usual
airport routine Protip if it’s possible don’t check any luggage in Look at that line ♪ Get your internet. Now I’m here it gets cut off there because from security till now apparently I’m not allowed to take any kind of footage I don’t really know how Casey Neistat does it, But I guess he just does it and tries not to get caught Gear is important I am not denying that why else would I flying to Hong Kong for one day To sell these bad boys and buy a GH5 over there The simple answer is because it’s way way way cheaper to do that in Hong Kong. Yes Including the price of the ticket than it is to sell and buy camera gear in Korea Which is nuts it really is nuts anyways back to gear sunnydahye good morning everyone Joan Kim Good afternoon everyone itsjinakim All use Cannon Vixia or Vixia mini they also use G7XS of Cannon. Xander and I use Sony A7S2, but we’re going to be swapping one out for
a Panasonic GH5 which is why going on this trip What if you don’t have the budget for an extra camera nowadays everybody has A smartphone So today’s mission for me It’s a personal mission really is a challenge is to see if I can make an interesting vlog something That’s worth watching just with a smartphone, well okay, I lied it’s not just with a smartphone I have a videomic me plugged into my Galaxy S7 Edge Not sponsored why would Samsung sponsor this and a joba? Jovi’s? Joby Gorillapod The smaller version of what Casey Neistat uses all the pieces of equipment that I mentioned Will be written in the description box below We’ll see if this set up is good enough Or if I’m good enough to make an interesting vlog out of this day trip to Hong Kong See you guys on the other side ♪ Hello from the other side ♪ This side meaning Hong Kong. I’m not really sure why they bother banning nail clippers Or like little nose hair scissors if they’re going to give you full on metal knives Like everybody had a little metal knife to eat with. Always choose the omelet unless you’re a risk-taker Let’s you’re a gambler because you can’t fuck an omelet up that badly anyway being sidetracked. I’m finally here It is now 11 o’clock like exactly 11 o’clock plane left late I have to be back here by 4 o’clock if I’m being a risk taker, and I believe if I take a taxi It’ll take me about half an hour to get back here. I have to leave Mong kok at 3:30 to be safe again, not a risk taker! It’ll give me three and a half hours because it will take me until 11:30ish-11:40ish To get to Mong kok from the airport So we’ll see if I can do it. This is a Three hour amazing race to get to Hong Kong sell the Sony get a GH5 and lens Oh, I have to take everything off now to get to security or something Welcome to America. One of the biggest reasons why I came to Hong Kong and why Xander’s not doing this little challenge It’s because I’m a Hong Kong permanent resident if you guys didn’t know from our Hong Kong videos Which means I went straight through immigration So that’s saved on a lot of time a lot of waiting time, and now I’m going to do something that I’ve never done before I’m going to exchange money at the airport Never exchange money at the airport. I mean No matter what you have to because for example,
taxis here Don’t take credit card unless you call them Uber which is illegal in Hong Kong You’re going to have to have a little bit of cash just to get into the city before you Go to one of the currency exchanges, but this
time around since I’m not really doing anything. I’m only here for three hours I just need enough money To taxi into the city to Mong kok it’s save time it only takes about 30 minutes to get there by taxi and enough money for taxi back and maybe like one meal, because the rest of it is just going to be me selling a Sony and using the money to Get the GH5. Yo.. Hit us up tourism board Hit us up. Okay, so you can see there that they’re buying US for seven point three so for every US dollar It seven point three Hong Kong dollars Outside its bargain enough you can drop it down to like a 2% difference whereas here They’re giving it to you for a 6% difference Which is why you never change your money at the airport, but we got to do it this time Because of the rate I’m getting $731 Money! ♪ Always get into a red taxi Cool thing about Hong Kong is when you go to the taxi area the airport the attendants there Will ask you where you need to go And then they’ll give you this little slip.
This little slip will give you an estimated fare So that you know whether or not the taxi driver is cheating you. Will see how close to the Two hundred sixty-five to Two hundred seventy Hong Kong Dollars takes to get where we need to go ♫ I’m here in Mong kok I’m making my way to Sim City now the meter read $253.50 Hong Kong it is a little bit of mumbling and it came up with 280 Hong Kong dollars I was like what!?! And then he said it was the bridge fee I guess I can also include just a six dollar charge for putting my bag in the back if your hand carry bag Place in front with you it’s free of charge So don’t be a sucker like me make sure you carry your carry-on into the car with you otherwise It’s six dollars apiece baggage it is now 12 o’clock. I left the airport at 11:23 According to the little ticket 37 minutes to get here 4 minutes over what I’ve estimated But we’ve got four minutes to spare right ladies and gentlemen Let’s just hope that somebody at Sim City wants to buy the Sony camera And then it’s time to hunt for a secondhand GH5 and if no one has that then I’m going to have To look at and list the stores that Xander searched up that shows the stores in Mong kok That sell the GH5 for the lowest prices, but that’s going to be a bitch though because they’re all over Mong kok It’s not just concentrated in one building like Sim City
for those of you Don’t know Sim City is like a plaza for its used camera used electronics in general actually it’s in Mong kok on Sai Yeung Choi Street and Shan Tung Street that little intersection This road up here is Sai Yeung Choi street that road over there is Shan Tung street. I don’t know if you could see it Like there, I means Turn left when you see that. I believe this little entrance right there that little black – that little black Cove right there, so this is wellcome downstairs Which is like a supermarket, and this is Sim City Great success guys come to this place
right here digital place It’s literally right up the stairs when you come into Sim City if you want to sell your cameras or anything like that They gave me a great price even though my lens. I was missing the hood. I was missing lens cap I know, it’s like not that expensive, but it is extra time and extra money for them to You know recover the originals to be able to sell it as like an original Secondhand item but ya, no they checkout
everything was real fast and then you know I I told them what kind of price up I was expecting which was way over the Korean What the Korean’s were are willing to offer, and then he gave me a price that I was very happy with. It was like Seventy percent of retail ♫ So I just stopped off at it just a random currency exchange right here So they’re buying the US dollar each US dollar for seven point six Which is exactly what I said before one US dollars at a one point five percent profit Means that there they should be buying it for seven dollars and sixty-eight cents Hong Kong So, I wasn’t far off the mark. Do not ever trade lots of money At the airport only enough to get you where you need to go and then find Any random currency exchange and you’ll be able to get a much much much better rate Could’ve I got a better price? Maybe if I bargained enough Maybe if I was so desperate if I didn’t have a time constraint right, but considering I reached my LAS the least acceptable settlement of 70% of retail price I was very happy so this Kind of how you have to negotiate right? Everybody has a least acceptable settlement The max or the lowest they’re willing to give up something for. They gave me a number It was their first number remember that they were willing to give me that they pretended like That’s lowest that the most that they could give me, but it was within the range that I was happy with so, I took it I don’t bargain for pride. I don’t bargain to feel like I got a deal I bargain to get what I need as quickly as I can get it and If sometimes that means that I lose a little bit of money then lose a little bit of money, But I’m happy their happy everybody is happy It’s good deal. The person was nice enough to say that most of the stores actually closed until 1:30 So he told me to go grab something to eat And then come back now stores are open to be able to find a good deal on a GH5 so here I am with my Hong Kong milk tea and I ordered a beef brisket noodle. Which I’ll show you right now Tender beef brisket See if I can do this. Oh, that’s fat glistening look at that mmMmm, and of course the noodles These are egg noodles, and the super bouncy and pretty much always al dente you can leave them in the bowl for like 10 minutes I don’t know what they do I don’t know how they make it here in Hong Kong. Outside of Hong Kong Even in Canada right in these kind of noodle places you leave the noodles in there for like Five minutes and they’re already super soft, but in
Hong Kong, they stay chewy they stay bouncy, And this is something that’s crazy to me. If this was in Korea all day every day Hong Kong pride. They have condiments on the side you know salt pepper and also Chili oil. I like to think there’s a tiny tiny tiny bit of chili oil into my noodles to give it like a little Bit of heat not too much guys some of you love heat, but I like it a little bit of heat it lifts the whole dish That’s the stuff that’s the stuff a little bit of a secret. You know I’m not actually here to sell or buy cameras I’m here to eat the Hong Kong food I really missed this I mean I love Korean food, but Hong Kong food is something else Finished in five minutes speaking of time it is now 1:03 But that means I have another half hour That I can be sitting here cause I don’t want to go back out there super hot like I’m super sticky everything is just sweat I don’t like that it’s not a good feel so, I ordered another milk tea just so I can chill here for a little bit not awkward and taking up someone seat. It’s super empty in here Like—-Like—–Like Like there’s nobody so I don’t feel bad taking up like a customer spot I guess plus pay for another milk tea in my 30 minutes time my sitting time Hong Kong milk tea though Ohh I could drink this all day and get fat off it Embrace the fat life You wanna see a magic trick OK back on track on the mission the success of this mission relies completely on how cheap I can get the GH5 compared to what I can get it for in Korea If the cheapest I can get is what Xander has found for us then that’s already amazing. I did the calculations We’ve already come out four hundred and sixty dollars on top that’s including the cost of all the food that I ate the the taxi Transportation and the plane ticket, I’m trying to find secondhand one So hopefully we can find it for even cheaper than what he found Bad News Maybe four or five stores in Sim City all said that there’s no almost No way that the GH5 will be Available secondhand because it is so new that’s saying the same for the Mark 2 as well for the 12-35 Panasonic So I have no other option but to go to the stores that Xander found because the prices Here at Sim City were all higher than that, so to Argyle Street First stop seems to be in this giant secondhand electronics plaza. G102 it’s on this floor G is like the ground floor This G98 G101 oh that’s G102 okay Let’s see if I can talk some sense into anything First location is a bust they have no stock and they said that is it’s based on reservations Like you’re going to order it in ahead of time And then I also asked about the GH5 and they say they only have it after six and obviously I have to get back To the airport you know how to leave Mong kok by 3:30 so so yeah That’s a bust when you have to negotiate something and you’re happy with it It’s different from when you’re expecting the places that have something on offer a price that they’ve made public and then they don’t have it So frustrating at this point Frustrating! This is a second location the presidents of Commerce- president commercial building? I don’t know what it is It’s on 608 Nathan Road first floor if this is a bust I’m just going to go back to Sim City and get it at their price cause their price basically only As the lowest that can get based on Xander finds it could be like 46 US dollar difference Basically what we’re doing is we’re trying to get a free battery. That’s that’s price difference It’s a bust.. It didn’t work out So I’m just going to stop up one more time one of the big retailers to see what the price difference is And then go ahead back to Sim City if the price if it’s too great, but we’ll see. Broadway the big store sells it for 15,300 that is way over what we were expecting Now I don’t know if we came out on top or not I’ll have to do some math let’s just hope Sim City gives it to us for a really really good price. Great success Sim City is where you need to come. I literally comb through every store going is there a GH5 body? Do you have a GH5 body? Do you have a GH5 body? and finally someone said yes At 12,180 Hong Kong dollars which is amazing because that means that including the lens and about two extra like Off-Brand batteries it came out to eighteen thousand and fifty Hong Kong dollars which comes out to about two point six three million Korean won which is six hundred thousand Korean won cheaper that we could get in Korea and For the A7S And Sony Lens I was able to get it for twenty-two thousand which means I came out hella on top compared to what I could of gotten in Korea. I’ll do a little bit of math Maybe when I’m on the plane Or at the airport to see if this was really as successful as I think it is in my head or if I’m full of Shit And and this was just like a little like What is it called a goose chase? a rabbit hunt? I don’t know what it’s called my English Deteriorated since living in Korea for so damn long. I could have given up. I could have been like, it’s never gonna happen I’m never gonna find it, but then no I don’t want to waste no money I don’t want to make my time I would’ve felt so bad if I had to pay those ridiculous prices and then found out That Oh there’s a store that actually sold it for exactly the price that we wanted, but I – where’s the lemon tea? Anyways -yes? Oh, no, okay? Sorry OK well as you saw I wasn’t allowed to film in there, but when I went to the lemon tea section They were all just like on the shelf none of them were in there like the cool section, so I walk back out I’m just going to find a Vita lemon tea which is Something else that’s pretty much only found in either a Chinese market abroad or Hong Kong So yeah once I get that I’ll find The airport bus and then head back to the airport and wait there for hours to get on my flight back home! I’m coming home ♪ Of course, before leaving to the airport I went to a money exchange to turn back my Hong Kong dollars into American because I think you lose a lot more to go to Korean Koreans or less used for a less exchange for Currency and with no bargaining whatsoever I switched over about 4,000 Hong Kong dollars and I got five hundred and five American Dollars back if you go by the XE rate, I would have gone five hundred and Eleven dollars back It was only a six dollar difference, which is a 1.1 percent profit Margin off them And I’m completely happy with that kind of rate. Here grab an A21 Outside of Mong kok Station E2 exit E2 33 Hong Kong Dollars versus 280 Hong Kong Dollars and a taxi and 90 Hong Dollars for the airport Express Living it cheap Here it is A21 33 Airport buses are also Double Decker buses. I’ll try to go upstairs. Its very steep though Oh, but there is a lot more room That was an ordeal. I don’t know how easy it was for you guys to watch must have been a crazy shaky cam sequence. I’m going to reward myself with some Vita lemon tea not sponsored by the way That’s the stuff ♫ The story come full circle. I am back in an airport ready to come back to Seoul and the mission was a success I did the math in the bus we came out 294,000 Korean won on top including taxi to Mong kok the food I ate, drinks I drank, and also the bus back That’s insane I can go to another country come back and still save money so, for anybody that has the time in Korea Don’t buy any electronics in Korea Buy them outside of Korea Go to Hong Kong go to Singapore, go to anywhere go home somewhere Taiwan China somewhere just not in Korea What do you guys think this is the first time? I’ve done a vlog on a phone. Does the quality distract?
Or is it worth watching? I don’t know. If it is worth watching that’s encouragement for a lot of you that are like well How do I start YouTube? I don’t have a camera I don’t have any money Well you have a phone the mic costs like 60 bucks Gorillapod thing cost like 80 bucks with the head with there head you can buy cheaper head, so for maybe like 160 bucks extra, you can start doing your own vlogs if you think that you have an interesting story to tell. And that’s another Haeppy ending! ♫ So I had the choice between the Bibimbap or the seafood fried noodle and this time I went for the seafood fried noodles just because I hate I hate Bibimbap Also this time I got pineapple juice and a whole can of beer Although the did Bibimbap come with Mi Yeok Gook, So pretty sad about that cause I like hot soup

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