How To Light Camper Water Heater

Hey It’s The Average Dan and today I’m
going to show you How to Light a Camper Water Heater. Let’s get started! Alright,
so your water heater compartment is going to look something like this. This
is a 1984 Fleetwood Wilderness Camper and this is located on the right side,
all the way on the back. (It) has a little pull here that you just twist sideways
and that’s going to open it up and give you access to the lighter. Alright so
this is your pilot light control and your pilot light is actually located in
here so what we are going to do, and again I have a lighter to take care of
all this so, first thing you’re going to do is turn this “ON” and then as you can
see past “ON” there’s “PILOT” so what we’re going to do and it’s actually
spring loaded so you turn it to “PILOT” and then you’re going to pull and hold
it past that and that’s going to allow you to start it so through your flame
going pull that down near the pilot and then turn this to get that pilot lit sometimes be a challenge Alright so as you can see the pilot
light is lit. Now if you’ve never done this before it can be a little scary for
you because basically what’s going to happen now that this is on… when you turn this dial back on that thing’s going to take off kind of like a jet engine. It
can be a little intimidating if you’re not expecting it. So that’s all there is
to it. That is going to heat up the tank in here that’s hopefully filled with
water and allow you to have hot water in your camper. If you found this video
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thing. That’s all the time we have for today. I appreciate you checking out the
video. If you happen to have any questions please leave them in the
comments below. Until next time, this is The Average Dan, thanks!

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  1. Dan question for you. My boss has that same camping trailer. I can get the pilot to light and stay on. but I the flame that heats the hot water does not light. Any suggestions?

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