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[music playing] Oh, Berkeley, San
Francisco’s quirky, collegiate little sister. But this beautiful city can
still be really expensive. So today, I’m going to
show you all the things you can do here on the cheap. When in Berkeley, you must make
a stop in the Berkeley Hills. A short climb up Indian Rock
will give you expansive views of the whole Bay Area. I am so glad there are
steps because I did not come with the right footwear. Mama, I made it. This vista offers a spectacular
view that encompasses sights from downtown Oakland, San
Francisco Bay, and all three of the Bay’s largest bridges. The best thing is, is that
this is completely free. [playing piano] If thrifting’s your thing, boy,
have I got a place for you. This place has everything
but the kitchen sink. Actually, they’ve
got those, too. Come on, let’s go in. Urban Ore has mission, which
is to end the age of waste. It’s also one of the
most incredible places to walk around. So we met up with Max, the
Assistant Operations Manager, to tell us more. What can you tell
us about Urban Ore? And why is it so fabulous? Urban Ore is a reuse retail
and recycling eco park. We are the place for
the most inexpensive, mostly used materials. We’ve got everything
from vinyl, to tubs, to cloths, to furniture. And we prevent about
8,000 tons of material from going in the
landfill every year. Awesome. Our mission is to
end the age of waste. Fabulous. So it’s cheap and eco-friendly. I love it already. Let’s go explore. All right. Clothing, jewelry. So we have books here. Books. So if you like to read. Vinyl. This is arts and media. ONEIKA: Nice. MAX: Electronics. You might enjoy
our VHS collection. The best, may I say, collection
of VHS in the Bay Area. Stereo equipment. Nice. Now we’re getting
into furniture. Lighting. We’ve got doors. We’ve got doors for days. Doors are bread and butter. Three aisles just like this. So Max, tell me. Where or how have you
acquired all of these things? Do people bring them in? Do you go and scout them out? Yeah, that’s a great question. So most of our material is
just donated by the public. Nice. They come and drop
things off here. Maybe 20% of our
material, we actually salvage from the landfill. OK. From the transfer
station, which is the stage before the landfill. So we have a crew there
rescuing on an average of three tons every day. Amazing. Claw foot tubs. It’s a constantly
evolving, highly-adaptive, and interactive exhibit. What he said. Behold, a kitchen sink. Told ya. Max, can’t thank you enough
for showing me around. This place is amazing. I will definitely
be back because I could spend the whole day here. Awesome Thank you
so much for coming. Come back soon. ONEIKA: Berkeley may be
known for its food scene, but let me tell you,
it comes at a price. But I’ll let you in on a secret. La Marcha is a Spanish
restaurant that has not just one, but two happy hours. And for every drink you buy,
you get a tapa for free. This girl is hungry, so
I’m going to go inside and get me some cheap eats. This is not your
average bar snack. This is next level. La Marcha’s menu of
tapas and paellas, coupled with a
community atmosphere, reflects the chef’s
desire to transport the lively tapas bar
culture they experienced in Spain to Berkeley. You know what? I’m declaring this place the
best happy hour in Berkeley. So now that I’ve
filled my stomach, I am ready for some laughs. And as it just so
happens, this place has a free comedy show taking
place in a mattress shop. What? Feeling tired from a
long day of exploring? Well, even if you feel
like going to bed, you can squeeze in one more stop
at Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom, you can check out Chillarious,
a stand-up comedy show that offers some lie-down comfort. Chillarious is the
only comedy showcase where you can enjoy the Bay
Area’s best comedic talent while lounging luxuriously on
Berkeley’s most comfortable organic mattresses and pillows. While admission is free and
drinks will be provided, you can also BYOB. Just make sure that
you don’t bring any red wine or dark beer. It is a mattress
store, after all. Some of the names of the
other kids in my son’s class are getting entirely
out of hand, though. A Berkeley School
is the only place you’ll hear an announcement that
goes, Namaste, please report to the principal’s office. Namaste. Resist, your mother’s
here to get you. Resist, your mom’s here. [music playing]

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