How to Eat Papaya

chef buck here and today we’re in Mexico
to unearth the mystery which is our way of saying that we bought up a pie so
this is epic pie we have some papaya and some some Greger pie and some fruit
mixes we had at restaurants we’ve been seeing these in the farmers markets and
there’s lots of vendors here as well that are selling just gorgeous fruit in
fact they have some interesting mixtures with watermelon and papaya and jicama
well this is the papaya kam to pick a ripe papaya you’re looking for uniform
yellow to orange coloring now this one yeah you’ve got little bits of green
it’s forgiving we could leave this one for another day or two
not long there’s not a lot of green on this one which is exactly how we wanted
it so you might uniform color like with any produce you don’t want a lot of a
lot of shark mouth we did this ourselves so it’s not we pick something with a lot
of blemishes on it you want it to give just a little bit and around the stem
end it’s okay that it’s a little less soft than let’s say here this is a
nutritional powerhouse vitamins A C folate potassium magnesium and that’s
the whole alphabet of course it has some fiber as well but the other thing it has
it has an enzyme in it that is good for you and then it helps you to digest
proteins but in the same way once you cut it those so those same enzymes help
to soften the fruit quicker so again you want once you cut it you want to use it
so I’m just gonna cut off the stem end and what’s nice now look at that look at
how beautiful that color is it looks like a it looks like a circus peanut
color when I was a kid that’s a very exciting color if you’re a child
this variety of papaya comes very large but it’s very easy to
I’m gonna cut it long way so that we can get those seeds out of there because
they have a different taste profile that if you’re interested in just the papaya
you may not want man and I went through they’re like butter like butter it does
have a musky smell boy oh yeah but don’t let that turn you off before you give it
a try now how would you describe this smell would you say it was kind of like
an old sock drawer no he’s not that bad it depends on how sensitive your smeller
is don’t let it push you away into you until you’ve given it a try so these
seeds they have a gooey jelly or gelatinous covering over them
some people they eat them they plop a few in a smoothie that they have some
people dry them out and use them like peppercorns so show you so you can eat
these seeds just like this here would you could you with a horse
let me see would you take a spoonful this you didn’t even I’m not getting
that spoonful okay yeah is it a hard you said it’s still Linus but it doesn’t
have can you if you bite through it or is it like I’ve seen oh no no no you can
bite through it and it does it has like a peppery taste in fact some people they
dry them out but dehydrate them and they use them as peppercorns but again more
nutrition if you want it got a ready-made ball if you don’t want to do
anything else you can just scoop it out with your spoon mmm it really does have
a great refreshing taste lots of water I mean I like papaya but I like to mix it
up I like to have it in a mixture of fruit salad
now before you even go there another thing you can try if you want to keep it
really simple papaya and citrus works really well together now we have a
couple of grape fruit that we’re going to mix it to make a fruit salad for
tonight but if you just take a little bit of lime or lemon and you just I’m
just going to squeeze it on a little piece these two flavors oh are so good
together just add a little bit of line you think it’s gonna
for power oh my god those two flavors complement each other so well so I will
try a claim gene slice scoop scoop would you okay I like buying a fruit salad
more than I like it all on its lonesome alright so now I’m gonna try it with the
lime juice if the lime in the coconut rum one and
that it’s much better it’s really good didn’t it I can eat papaya with lon I
tell you what man everything in Mexico they have with limes and but you haven’t
generally been a lime I’m not sayin I’m turning into a lot of person because you
have to it’s lime lime on I don’t know why they call the place Mexico they
should just call it lime cuz it’s all lime all the time alrighty I’ll try some
of these seeds on there lonesome oh Allah get rid of those parasites yes
that’s a lot it does taste like bathroom yeah it’s got a little bit of a peppery
flavor or I actually like the combination of the seeds and the flesh
because it gives it a you know gives a better texture I think why do they even
have the flesh in here should be all seeds but so what do you think um you
know I think this is the most I’ve ever enjoyed papaya by itself
I really like the Steve’s and I really like it to go on yeah it’s pretty
amazing so it can be pretty simple and in our blog we’ll put some other ways
that you can definitely use a ripe papaya again the only caution is once
you cut it especially go ahead and use it within a couple of days so this is a
really large papaya even for us so this is a bit much for us
to just scoop and eat the whole thing and be finished with it so we’re just
going to cut it and put some line with it so that we
can’t eat it over a couple of days so I’m just going to cut it into some
thinner slices then you’re just going to cut the skin away but we are since fuck
and the seeds have become friends we aren’t going to leave the seeds in he’s
right it adds some texture here’s the other thing you can eat everything
including this game it’s not my favorite part of the papaya so this is a large
papaya so we are using a pretty large lime I’m gonna use all of the dude juice
again this combo is dynamite look how much Ohio we have to snack on in the
next couple of days that is something to look forward to one of my favorite ways
to eat freshly cut through is with yogurt and if you’ve never tried prune
yogurt you know things are no person says you know there’s a there’s a
certain point in your life where everything with the word pruning is like
it’s like magic yogurt with fruit and nuts it’s like ice cream for old people
I can’t believe we haven’t always been eating papaya seeds boom papaya you know
if you if you’ve seen it before and didn’t know what to do with it there’s
hardly anything to do with it you just you just cut it and then they eat
everything the seeds the skin you need the whole shebang you know go over to and you can check out all our food of videos and recipes and
whatnot over there and now we’ll see in the future

32 Replies to “How to Eat Papaya

  1. Love papaya, and had no idea that you could eat the seeds,, I'm going to try it out, thanks for sharing this,

  2. Great video! My neighbor here in Florida is growing Papaya and they are HUGE! I’m hoping a couple fall in my side of the fence now that I know what to do with them lol
    Thank you for this!💖

  3. I studied in Mexico and I would eat papaya for breakfast. It tasted like stank breath but It’s very good for you! Eventually I got used to the taste.

  4. I've been waiting to try a papaya but didn't know how to pick one. I know they have great benefits and I love all kinds of fruit. Thanks for the tips, love you guys😁

  5. Ok I'm in! A fresh papaya today in gloomy ohio would add some tropical UMPF to life right about now. Thanks for the info and its good to see you enjoying Mexico…. or Lime-ico?

  6. What's the texture like? Is it sweet like melon or more like squash? Do the seeds have a little spice like pepper? Guess I just need to go get one huh, lol.

  7. Do you eat the seeds? I really like the seeds…and they do taste a lot like black pepper…adds a nice texture to the fruit, I think. Add some lime juice, too! We generally pay between $1-$3 USD for a papaya here in Mexico depending on the size, I can't remember what we've paid for them in the US because we rarely ever bought them…which makes me think that they're probably pricey.

  8. I've only had papaya once and I didn't eat the seeds. I was disappointed, but I ate it by itself. I'm going to try it again with some lime and chilli maybe? Or in a fruit salad like you said.

  9. I remember folks using green papaya to tenderize meat but I have never done it. I like papaya and they grow here like weeds but we have a wasp that lays eggs in them so they are hard to raise and be edible. The seeds are supposed to be good for digestion.

  10. Miss you guys cooking stuff.
    Love this channel as well as the cooking one.
    Merry CHRISTmas.

  11. Hi chef papa is very good for you I am living in Florida and I plant it in my backyard the other I have one tree that had on 53 I have some on my kitchen counter riping now it is also good for people with diabetes. Try it in smoothies add banana strawberry and almond milk, you can also a spoonful of honey.

  12. My mouth was watering the whole time during the video. I love papayas!! The cluster of seeds creeps me out though. I have never eaten them.

  13. Love camera girl! I gotta try the seeds! Normally I toss them. When I first cut a papaya I expect the seeds to take off running because they look like little critters, but I will try them! Thanks guys!!

  14. Eating the seeds is used to rid the body of worm-type parasites. I found this out the hard way – I gave it to my compost worms and they all died. I puree the raw skin and freeze in cubes. A melted cube or two is great to use with beef rubs for tough beefs. It's a natural tenderizer but using too much will dry out the meat. Enjoyed your vid.

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