How to book cheap Tours in Phuket Thailand – Where to book tours in phuket #livelovethailand

Visiting Phuket island would not be complete
without enjoying the tours that this main island offers from its safari to the surrounding
famous islands in the Andaman sea. But the question is how and from where to
book these tours in order to pay the less and to get the best of them. 1st we will advise you about some booking
ways to avoid, and 2nd we will recommend you from where and how too book to make the best
of your trip. We do not recommend booking the tours online
since they have always extra charges and sites commissions, so avoid these option even if
you find the prices discounted on the site trust me you will find much cheaper deals
once you reach Phuket. Once you arrive Phuket and claim your baggage
and check out, you will find on the main exit passage many tour offices with almost the
same tour prices which is also high comparing to the bookings that you can make from outside,
so our advice don’t rush by booking them just take a deep breath and take your taxi
or minivan to your booked hotel The taxi or the minivan that will take you
to your hotel, will stop at one of the tour shops and ask you to go inside and fill some
papers like it is a necessary process before he continues your ride to your hotel. Once you go inside these tour offices, you
will be asked if it your 1st time to Phuket and they will recommend you to buy some tours
telling that they are the best prices, avoid them and tell them you already booked and
go back to your minivan or taxi. Now the last place to avoid booking your tours
is the hotel you stay in. Inside most of the hotels you have also tour
desks which sells the same tours in our opinion you can find cheaper avoid them. Now that you have avoided all the previous
mention spots, you will be wondering from where to book your tours!!!! Well relax we are almost there, put your bags
in your hotel wear a comfortable short put on your flip flops and follow me. As you see now Outside your hotel and at the
main roads of the island you will find many tour desks next to next all those tour desks
open from early morning till late night, so pass by some of them and ask for the tours
you wanna book and compare the prices surely each tour desk will give you a price depending
how many persons you are and what kind of tour you are booking. Our tip, once they give you the price of the
tour bargain and try to lower the price without taking things to the limit to avoid making
the seller angry, after comparing the prices surely go for the best one and you will save
a lot of money. Now that you know from where to book your
tours lets us tell you what points you have to be careful of, while booking it. Each tour differs from each other by some
details that makes some tours cheaper than the others. For example, you can have an island tour with
an speed boat option which is more expensive than big boat option, another example you
can have an island tour that includes 5 and more islands with lunch, and other island
tour with 3 island to visit and no lunch. Our point is always while booking the tour
ask for the details and be sure what you are paying, so not only the price is important
but also the tour details. now that you know from where to book your
tours and how to book them, let us give you a quick list of some popular tours in Phuket
island. Phi Phi island tour, a full day tour which
starts with a pick up from your hotel with a minivan transferring you to the pier, then
with a speed boat to some popular islands including snorkeling and swimming and a lunch
in one of the islands, you will be back from the tour around 5 pm in the afternoon. James bond island is another tour in the Andaman
sea which has the same details like phi phi island just different locations and extra
canoe drifting activity. Safari is a tour which will make you interact
with Phuket real nature and have a half or full day activities in Phuket tropical nature. If you want more details about the tours and
what can you do while visiting Phuket island you can watch our vlogs about the top things
to do and see in Phuket. I hope this vlog was helpful for you and will
make your choices easier and better while booking your tours in this tropical island
called Phuket. Thank you for watching subscribe for more
from live love Thailand.

43 Replies to “How to book cheap Tours in Phuket Thailand – Where to book tours in phuket #livelovethailand

  1. Very well prepared Vlog. Same happened with us once we left the airport with minivan they stop on the road and let us go inside an office which there they tried to sell us tours ohhh it was so pushy. I wish you had uploaded this Vlog before we went to Phuket

  2. Prices of some famous tours in Phuket
    They vary due to high or low season
    Phi phi island tour 30$ to 45$
    James bond island tour 35$ to 45$
    Safari tour 30$ to 40$
    Krabi tour 40$ to 50$
    Tiger land 30$ to 45$
    Siam niramit show 35$ to 45 $ with dinner
    All the tour prices can vary depending on the season and the packages that includes the tour.
    As I said bargain and you will get the best prices.

  3. you saw the tour package prices. can you tell how much does it cost for one person to go to james bond island and phi phi island on one day. price of long boat and speed boat

  4. Awesome! Thank you for the info. You also need to constantly be negotiating for the best price possible.

  5. Great and very beautiful video and travel, my dear friend, i, really like it very much!!
    Warm greetings with much love from me and Greece and a happy Sunday to you!! George + like 38

  6. good points very helpful saves a lot of money and gives you the best trips , thank you again for sharing with us

  7. When is the high season and when is the low season?

    And where is these shops located ? In patong?

  8. Great and useful as I will be going there in two months. Gained yourself a subscriber. Thank u💝💝

  9. Can I book the tour at night,i was going to arrive at night,so will i be able to book the tour for the next day…

  10. I will be spending some time in Phuket and Krabi in November with some friends who are going to Thailand for the first time. Please advise whether it is cheaper to book tours to Phi Phi and James Bond from Phuket or is it cheaper from Krabi. By the way love your videos. All the way from South Africa

  11. Great video! Is it possible to book cheap tours in Kampala Beach or is it only in Patong and Phuket town that you can get a good deal? Thanks

  12. Just superb and complete video thank u friend.
    Pls let me know best option from phk airport to aaonang area we r 4 frnds.

  13. Will I have to invest much more time to find the correct tour package, will they be that trustworthy about providing hidden services like insurance, snorkeling gears etc………. This makes me feel safe to book online as everything is clearly mentioned and they have good reviews also

  14. Can you PLEASE tell that we are non swimmers so will they provide life jacket for Snorkeling? We're ready to pay extra for it but is it available?

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