How To Become A Travel Specialist – Introduction To The Certified Travel Specialist Program

How To Become A Travel Specialist so are you really serious about becoming
a travel specialist alright Larry Porter here and we are back once again so for
all my fruit to travel specialists if you’re really inquiring about becoming a
travel specialist listen up okay a couple things you’re gonna need okay
let’s start off with number one you’re gonna need a travel booking website okay
don’t don’t get scared don’t worry about trying to set out it’s uh can you do
this only can you do this on your own yeah you can well stay to the end this
video I’m gonna point you in guys in the right direction where you can get
started quickly have everything you need up all up under one umbrella okay so
back to number one you do need a travel agency booking
website you need a booking engine okay you need a place where you can send
clients send friends and family etc okay you need a place where they can book
their own vacation packages their own cruises and all that stuff or you can
book it for them so in addition to that you need to be knowledge about the
travel industry okay and the best way to do that is to get trained and take
courses and things of that nature do you need horses to take to become certified
yes and no okay reason why I say yes I know if you do something I don’t do this
on your own yes you can have to do all this and get certified however if you
partner with a host travel agency you can become certified quickly like the
same day just because you’re partnered with a host agency and the reason why I
say partner with the host agency because all the tools the resources the training
support everything you need to become a travel specialist will be at your
fingertips okay the training the tools everything
okay you don’t have to waste time try and do all this on your own cuz if you
do go that route you’re gonna waste time How To Become A Travel Specialist and money especially you don’t have any
knowledge about travel industry like I’d be I don’t have
any knowledge so I partner with the professionals and I became a
professional okay am I still learning yes I am but however
do you really want to become a strap travel specialist learn as much as you
can share market back to the marketplace give value brand yourself online as a
travel expert and you begin to track the leads and sales on autopilot so what I
recommend doing maybe look what I’m doing I’m shooting videos ok shoot
videos menu maker we shoot videos now we attract prospects and clients on a daily
basis because we give value to the marketplace so brand yourself online get
knowledge about knowledgeable about the industry have the tools and resources
available on hand have vendor access everything you need to book a vacation
package for your client friends and family who ever the case may be ok and
the good thing about a partner agency is you can be you can run a global business
meaning you know you’re not confined to one area you’re online but so you can
connect with people all across the globe and booked vacation packages for them or
send them to your website website and let them look at themselves ok so if
you’re new to the industry and you’re really serious about becoming a travel
specialist I have good news for you ok I have a presentation I want to share with
you it’s the same host travel agency that me and you Meeka have partnered
with and I want to share this tiny opportunity with you all ok so click
that link below I’ll have access to this presentation make sure you watch the
whole presentation where you can learn or how to get started you can get
started today people and you can book vacations today okay a lot of people are
already doing this and it but they’re not getting paid for it because they’re
not certified so partner with a host travel agency become certified and if
you have any questions please leave a comment below this video and media Mika
will truly gladly answer your questions okay so right now click the link below
go watch the presentation and we’ll connect with you on the other side
alright have a blessed day How To Become A Travel Specialist

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