How To Be a Successful Travel Agent From Home

If you’re wondering how to be a
successful travel agent from home, you’re going to like today’s video because I’m
going to share with you a big mistake that many travel agents who work from home
make and how you can avoid. It the number one mistake that travel agents who work
from home make is treating their business like a hobby instead of like a
business. To have a successful travel business you need to run your business
like a business. You need to create structure, you need to set working hours,
set goals, set action plans, invest in your marketing skills, invest in your
skills as a travel agent and you need to track your efforts and results so that
you can make smart savvy business decisions. When you have a family and
you’re working from home it can get dicey some days. The way to set yourself
up for success is to sit down with your family and go over with them what the
dreams are you have for your travel agency and how when you achieve those
dreams. It will improve their quality of life. Their quality of life may improve
with more family vacations or more spending money. Talk to them about how
they can support you in achieving your business dreams. For example one way they can support you is by respecting your designated work times and staying out of
your office during those times, not interrupting you unless the house is on
fire. Start treating your business like a
business by first getting your family’s buy-in on your dreams for your travel
agency. Then sit down and create some structures for your travel business. Set
goals, schedule in time blocks for client calls and follow-up time blocks for
marketing time blocks for tracking and analyzing your stats and so on. Just
because you’re a travel agent who works from home doesn’t mean that you can’t
have a highly successful travel agency because you absolutely can however, if
you want your travel business to be a real business that provides you a
consistent and solid income you need to treat it like a real business. Now I want
to hear from you. What are the first steps that you’re going to take towards
treating your business like a real business? Please share with me in the comments below. If you liked this video click the like button and share it with your
travel agent friends and if you want more videos like this subscribe to our
YouTube channel. It’s your time to shine. What are you going to do to break through
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  1. Hi!!! I definitely believe becoming a travel agent from home and having a successful business is having access to great Mentors.. I really liked your video!!! taking my travel agent course right now

  2. I started My agency last week and Ive Booked 27,000 in cruises this week I love Avoya and The Live leads program and I love being a travel agent !

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