How to Back Up Your Trailer

We all have trouble now and again backing up the RV. So here’s some tips and tricks from our friends at RV On the Go Watching someone with no experience back in their RV is hilarious. Unless that person is you. If you haven’t done it before or it’s been a while, don’t worry. Every RV owner has been there. Becoming proficient takes practice but here are a few tricks from experienced RVers to help. What you’ll need: a spotter, a good set of mirrors that are properly
positioned, an RV spot that’s on the driver’s side of the vehicle. Before you start make sure you and your spotter are on the same page about the hand signals you’ll use. Remember that the trailer will turn the opposite direction to the way you turn the wheel. Turning your wheel to the right will turn the trailer to the left, turning the wheel to the left will turn the trailer to the right. Hold the bottom, not the top of your steering wheel to turn your wheel in the direction you want your fifth wheel to go. To follow the trailer – straighten
your vehicle’s wheels. Start off with your vehicle as straight as possible, drive past the spot by about 10 feet, park, get out and take a look at the space, discuss your plan with your spotter. Remember, if at any time you
can’t see your spotter, stop. Try having your spotter stand near your open driver window so you can hear them instead of at the back of the trailer. Get back in your truck and turn your wheel all the way away from the site until you’re in the jacked position. Watch the trailer tires, where they got the trailer follows. Once you’re in the jacked position, turn the wheel all the way towards the site, called the ‘chasing the trailer position’. Then straighten your wheel and back in. If you’re on a narrow road, then come in as close to the site as you can. Try to avoid turning the wheel too much and holding the wheel in the turn
position for too long. Other common problems include driving too far past a spot, or not far enough before beginning to back in. Don’t worry if you don’t get into your spot on the first attempt, it happens to everyone. The more you practice together the more comfortable and confident you’ll feel about backing up your 5th wheel. Thanks for joining us on this little adventure if you enjoyed it please hit the like button. We really appreciate it and if you’d like to see more click on that subscribe button too. Till we see you again, safe travels from everyone at Snowbirds & RV Travelers.

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