How to: Agent Universe

Hi Everybody, this webinar is an orientation
on how to work Agent Universe. What is Agent Universe? Agent Universe is
a consortium. A consortium is a group of suppliers and vendors have have come together under
an umbrella. In this website you’ll find a lot of cruise lines, suppliers, and information,
so we’ll go through it part by part, and I’ll show you how it works. Agent Universe is going to be really great
for international travel. When you get that client who comes to you and says, “It’s
my 25th wedding anniversary and I want to take my wife on a tour of Italy and France,”
if you go to Agent Universe, it’s pretty easy. It will list out a bunch of suppliers for
international travel, and you can book it in Agent Universe. Where do I find Agent Universe? At
How to register: Before you’re able to register, you must finish your PTA Training. We check
to see if you’ve completed the training before you’re able to register. After you get your
accredited PTA certificate, you’re going to watch a webinar that says “Congrats New
Evo Agent”. In this video, it will give you the link for your Agent Universe Profile.
Once submitted, Archer Travel approves you and you receive a confirmation email. Before you can register with Agent Universe,
you have to fill out an Agent Profile. Here is the link for the Agent Universe Profiler.
At this link you will begin your registration. To assist you, we’ll go through the first
two pages of the profiler. As you can see, it says “Create Your Account”.
Enter and confirm your email address, enter and confirm your password, save and continue.
The next page can be more difficult. As you can see, it will already have your email and
password you created on the previous page. What you’ll answer on this page is everything
that’s marked with the red dot. Don’t worry about Travel Institutions, Cruise Certification,
etc. In the phone number field, put in YOUR business phone number, not Archer Travel’s
phone number. The agency location will stay the same. You are NOT licensed to sell in
Canada, so don’t click that. You do click Register as an Independent Agent. Save, and
continue. You’ll then go to a page that will ask for
your personal information and travel experience. Fill in as much as you can, and if you have
any issues, you can always contact us here at the office. Okay! Let’s go to Agent Universe. As you can see, I’ve already signed in, and
I just want to show you this home page before we do anything. You can CLICK HERE for live
help and that opens a chat. HERE is the search box. This is where you’re going to find all
your information. The page really breaks down into three parts. You have current promotions. As you scroll
down you can see promotions and sales on cruise bookings, hotel and tour specials, and much
more that you can offer to your clients. 1. In the middle column you’ll find Current
Trainings that are accessible to you. You can register with them and learn how to work
PinSight, CruisePro and Agent Universe Programs. 2. In the right column, you’ll find the quick
links. Here is the Agent Profiler which you should have already filled out, CruisePro,
PinSight, and a couple other things you can go through. Now, here’s the top bar menu. You have BOOK
IT. When you point your cursor on it, a drop down menu comes down. Here is CRUISE PRO.
Click on it and it will take you to the page. CruisePro is really great, because let’s say
you don’t book a lot of cruises but you do a lot of all-inclusive resorts, and you do
a lot of guided tours. But every now and then you get a client who wants some cruise information.
Well, instead of registering for RCI or Carnival or Princess, you can actually go to Cruise
Pro and it has the complete inventory of the North American port terminals of all the cruise
lines. So you can enter your dates and you can find 4-5 listing of Carnival, RCI, Princess,
etc. You just put in your destination, departure dates, and length of trip, then if you scroll
down and hit “search” it will show you everything you need to do. We also have IN COUNTRY PARTNERS. This is
a website for FIT Tours and when you watch the webinar in our Weekly Webinars series
in your Travel Cafe, we explain what an FIT Tour is. It’s for specialized travel. Then we have PINSIGHT HOTELS. This is the
hotel booking engine site I mentioned earlier. For this, you have to get an invite to join
PinSight. Just email Archer Travel for a request for a PinSight invite, and we will approve
you. They have great deals, promotions, and sales
for you to offer your clients in regards to hotel bookings. They also pay out really good
commission. But be aware of this with PinSight – it’s a little bit different from Expedia
TAAP. PinSight usually always requires payment is upfront before the client goes to the hotel
stay. They do not usually take payment at the end of the hotel stay. That’s the reason
you get the discount – because you’re paying up front for the room. Then we have VAX VACATION ACCESS.
For more information, see the webinar, “How to: VAX Vacation Access.” PROGRAMS – you don’t need to worry about
theses, but you can explore these topics if you wish. MARKETING – Agent Universe work really well
with agents to market themselves. They’ve got all kinds of webinars and information
on how to market yourself better and get out there and offer these travel experiences to
your clients. Let’s look at the SUPPLIERS. They offer in
suppliers: Premiere Tech Suppliers, Search A-Z, Search by Category, or Search by Partners
Inquiry Form. So, for example, I’m interested in Disney. So I’ll go to SEARCH A-Z, go to
the “D”s, and here we see Disney suppliers. Let’s say I want to look at Disneyland Resort.
Now remember, you have to register with these suppliers if you want to use them. Here I
am on the Disney information page. It’s showing me the Disney Agents website I need to go
to, it shows me the commissions Disney is now offering, and as I scroll down it show
the Booking Procedure, Product Description, and Specialized Training. Let’s say I want
to become a specialist for Disney Travel Agents. I can click, register myself on there with
my IATA number and email, and I can register to the “College of Knowledge.” That’s
a pretty intense course, but once you graduate you’re really going to know the product of
Disney. Now, let’s go back home. You can click on
the Agent Universe logo to do so. Let’s go back to our example of the client
who wants to go on their 25th wedding anniversary trip to Italyand France. I’ll go up to the
search bar, type in France, hit enter, and look! It gives me all of the suppliers I can
register with and create an itinerary that I can give to my client. Here, they have TRAINING AND EVENTS. Agent
Universe has a ton of webinars all the time. NEWS AND PR and RESOURCES. This can tell you
where the nearest Agent Universe conference is going to be held, Member Incentives, and
much much more. If you want more information, you can go to
the Travel Cafe, and in the Weekly Webinars tab, you can find the Evolution Travel Agent
file. In there you’ll find how to work VAX Vacation Access, Agent Universe CruisePro
Cruise Bookings, and How to book Hotels using Evolution Travel Systems where we touch on
PinSight. If you need help with any travel booking or
information you can always give us a call – that’s why we’re here. Or you can email
us at [email protected]

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