She said she’s got her insurance information
on her phone. Ahh, I’d have to ask her, Brandi? Who was in what car? [Crying] This is Brandi. I’m just going to tell you my personal experience
and a company, I would never do business with, stick around until the end so, You know which
ones not to use. Hey, I’m Bloggin Brandi, and this is Rversity
a university for RVers. In this video, I’m going to be sharing with
you how the different RV carriers calculate costs for Rv insurance and some of the different
carriers to choose from. Be sure to stay tuned until the end of the
video because whether you’re renting or buying an Rv, the process can be super stressful
and you don’t want to make the same mistakes that I did, but I’ve got something for you,
some tips I’m going to share with you to help make the process, seamless. Let’s get started. Your Auto Company may let you have your rv
on their policy and it’s going to give you a multiple discounts. You might actually need a specialized type
of insurance. My insurance, I pay less than $100 a month
for this van. If That gives you any idea of how much your
insurance will cost, but I don’t have full timer insurance. I have like a part time insurance. It’s just for recreational right now because
I don’t even have 2000 miles on this thing. When you’re buying your rv insurance. Good Sam is where I started. They’ll shop around different companies. I don’t know if they even sell like their
own insurance. They may, but when I called they just shop
around to different places, so it’s just kind of like a shopping service, but it’s worth
it. That’s how I got mine. They do sometimes offer paid in full discounts
or monthly rates. I pay my monthly, but that’s just me and I’m
a business owner and I really liked to pay everything monthly unless it’s certain things
that maybe don’t cost as much, but something like that. It’s a heavy ticket item. I’m going to pay it monthly versus overall
at one time, but they do have discounts if you pay in full. How does it cost and carriers differ? These are the basic things that insurers look
at when they’re insuring your rv and what kind of makes the price fluctuate. So the first thing is the RV types and models. A bigger RV is going to cost more to insure
because it’s going to cost more to replace or fix should something happen. The more expensive the RV, the more expensive
the insurance. That’s just hand in hand. The state in which your policy is issued. Other vehicles in your household. You might have a multiple policy discount
depending on if this is something that you insure with your other cars or not. I actually had to have mine insured separate
than my auto insurance because my auto insurance doesn’t carry rv insurance or they do, but
they outsource it to a company I don’t do business with progressive. Don’t ever get them. There are going to look at the driving history
of anybody that’s going to be driving an Rv. This is a massive ton vehicle that could kill
somebody. The amount of coverage that you’re trying
to get. So are you trying to get 10,000? You’re trying to get 20,000, a hundred thousand,
the more expensive the RV, the more expensive the coverage. If You’re going to be full time or recreational. And like I said, you really got to talk to
the insurer and what they consider full time because you’re a full time and they’re fulltime
may not be the same and plus they just up the limits in the coverage a little bit. You may not get what you pay for depending
on what you’re expecting out of that, you may just be paying to pay and I’ve heard it’s
really expensive. I know when I got a quote, it was probably
like three, four, five times as much as what pay. Completely different! Now you know how to get your rv insurance
and that’s just one of the costs associated with buying your rv. If you’re trying to learn the whole rv buying
process, I did make a video about financing and choosing the different types of Rvs, which
one might be right for you? I put that in the description below. When I got started, I had no idea about buying
an rv. Nobody taught me anything, it was such Greek
language. I put everything into an amazing checklist
for you in the description below. It Is my rv buying guide for all the things
that you need to think about before you actually make this purchase. Not just your insurance, but the whole buying
process. Do you want to finance it? What do you need it for? are you buying the
right one for you? All questions I had. I made really expensive mistakes and I made
really cheap mistakes. You don’t want to make the expensive ones
because they live with you for a really long time. Check all of that good stuff out in the description
below, any of the other stuff I mentioned, that’s where you’re going to find it. So if You’re not checking the descriptions. You’re missing some really good stuff. If you’re not subscribed, make sure to subscribe
to my channel. I’m Brandi of I’ve got to get that. I’ll See you in the next video. In this video, I’m going to be sharing with


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