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How Much Does It Cost To Be A Travel Agent what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
and I’m back once again and today I want to talk about the cost of becoming a
travel agent and how much you gonna spend getting started okay so this is
very important guys so make sure you stated in this video I’m gonna go over
to packages where you can get started with travel agent today okay so the name
of the company I want to refer to you all it’s called plenty of marketing okay
Planet Marketing has partnered with Intel a travel okay so they have two
sides of the opportunity okay plan that marketing is a rep side you can become a
representative platform other words we have a team plan that marketing you have
a rep side okay so far to join the rep side guys it costs $19.95 okay and after
that the monthly fee is $19.95 Taft okay it comes with your personalized playing
that marketing replicated website How Much Does It Cost To Be A Travel Agent direct sales commission so you can refer
other travel agents without being a travel agent into the business and get
paid off ith sales okay you can roll other reps and earn
override commissions okay so this is very very probable if you want to build
a team of travel agents this is why I recommend anyway if your own budget
start small and build a team of travel agents okay now if you want to become a
travel agent let’s go to the travel side okay it’s right here but I already got
it open so I’m gonna click here okay the travel side you can become a
independent travel agent within teletraffic for a low startup cost of
one 7995 okay now you are independent traveler okay they have ongoing training
to further you education in the travel agency so but good thing about the guy
once you purchase this pack and get started you immediately become a travel
agent and have the necessary tools you need to start booking travel right away
okay you have your very own booking engine gonna tell the travel ITA a
personalized website and the monthly cost after this one-time fee of 117 is
$39.95 okay you also have the ability to earn travel commissions okay and 30-day
money-back guarantee so this is for those who want to become a travel agent
and do just a traveler side now here’s the important part this is what I
recommend I recommend doing both sides that way
you’re not only a travel agent and know the ins and out of the traffic industry
but you also have the ability to refer other tribe aides and build a travel
team and earned over a commissions okay not only over wired Commission’s of
people they enroll but also their Commission’s on their travel package
that they booked for their class as well so I recommend doing both sides so if
you get if you start as a travel agent today you can always upgrade for the
extra $19.95 ok so if you put both of these monthly costs together thirty nine
ninety five plus nineteen ninety five you’re looking at about fifty nine six
six sixty bucks a month to do both sides now keep in mind guys once you get
started and start referring to other How Much Does It Cost To Be A Travel Agent people into the business you’ll be able
to pay for your monthly cost automatically because you’re gonna make
commissions coffee-mate ryx okay I’m not gonna go in detail about it but I have a
compensation plan that you can make money
just once referring other people and long as you got a certain amount of
people in here that you refer it’s pretty much pay for your monthly cost so
now you run the business with no overhead okay so think about it guys if
she really would really wouldn’t really want to learn more information about
this wonderful opportunity click the link below this video and I me and your
maker would love to ask any of your questions feel free to leave a comment
below the video we’ll be sure they reach out to you but make sure you watch that
presentation on the other side it would explain everything in detail we can get
more understanding on how to get started and break down the cost and everything
okay so hope this video was found valuable please like share leave a
comment and I will see you guys on the next video
remember and happy market How Much Does It Cost To Be A Travel Agent

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