How does travel change you? (Subtitles in EN/PT/IT)

Since I started travelling I’ve become more open… Nooooo. That is my word! Since I started travelling, I’ve become
more… I became more in charge of the quality of
my life. It is up to me to decide if I am going to live a happy life or a miserable life. Patient. With myself, other people and with the
world around me. Flexible. Because you are out of your comfort
zone and you find yourself in situations that you wouldn’t otherwise, and you just have
to deal with it. Focused. What I mean by focused is, more focused
on what is important for me, in my life, and to really experience life instead of just
following what everybody else in the world does. Relaxed. I used to have a need to schedule
everything. Everything had to be on a list. And now, ah… you just take it and stride.
It is just part of life and part of travelling. Often times when you the least all of that
need to control, that’s when the best things happen. Life is about the experience. Independent and myself. I’ve become who
I am really truly needed to become as a person. When you grown up in a certain place and your
expectation of being ‘that person’… When you move or when you travel, your are not ‘that
person’ anymore. Nobody holds you accountable. So you can become, really in essence, who
you actually are and discover yourself more. It is amazing. Since I started travelling, I became more
accepting. But it is not only accepting about the cultures that you visit but you start
to accept things about yourself, and you start to realise why you are the way you are, even though it is not exactly how you thought you wanted to be or it is, you just start to accept
more things about yourself and I think understand more things about yourself, so… Wait! There is one more… Since I started travelling, I became my true
self. The main advantage of travelling for me was knowing who I really am and what I
really want in life… Now we are done! Music: Birds are away by S.F. T. Can I start again? Thank you for watching!

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  1. It personally made more open, more open minded, more flexible, more daring and more self sufficient. Actually I am thinking of doing a vlog about it – how the travel changed me. And how it helped me to find what I really want to do in my life, and gave me the courage to do it:) Well done on the question you asked people. I agree with all of it!

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