How do I travel so much ! How do I earn money!!

It is 2:50 AM and today’s date is 8th of September, 2017. Right now I am in my hometown, Delhi. And I’m very pleased to share with you that now we are a family of 50,000! Mountain Trekker’s YouTube channel has crossed over 50,000 subscribers! This was actually done a couple of days back I felt this was the right time to make the video. Congratulations to all of you! And thank you! It is because of you all that we managed to achieve this milestone. Thus there is contribution from everyone. I had been to Thailand in January 2017 and now it’s September I started uploading videos from February and at that time, there were hardly 500 subscribers. That means in the last 7 to 8 months, more than 49,000 people have subscribed to the channel. For me, it’s a very big thing! Thank you all once again! All your love in the form of likes and comments has taught me to run the channel. The channel was made since 2007 But it was since a few months that I developed interest. I have been travelling since a long time. But now I regret not making videos of all those amazing places that I have visited in India. But it’s alright. better late than never! The Malaysian series is going on currently. I have come out of the airport and going in the city. I thought of posting a few videos which could be really beneficial for all of you. Especially the members of Tourist Helpline who were planning to visit Malaysia. I had interviewed an officer from Malaysian Tourism. And that series was going on. But a few people did not like it. So wait a little my friends. These are small videos. After this the original series will resume. Today is 8th September and exactly 8 days from today, I’ll be back to the same airport. Right now, I’m in the arrivals section. A few days later, I’ll be in the departure section! That series will be a little different. This time, I’ll try to post current videos. I’m planning to be a little more active on Instagram. In this way, we could interact more. My Instagram handle is by the name of ‘varunvagish’ Let’s get connected and have more interactions! Most of you might be knowing about my upcoming trip. For those who do not know, follow the Tourist Helpline group. You will come to know! I realized one thing, especially after the Spiti videos. There was lack of stability in the videos. I felt the need to do something about it. So I found something! I got a Gimbal. I will make the Russian videos using the gimbal. This will help in providing more stability to the videos. And at the same time, enhance the quality! Thanks to those who suggested me to use a gimbal. I thank all of you who provide me with these helpful feedback! I had ordered this gimbal and it’s name is FEIYUTECH ‘WG2’. It’s speciality is that it is waterproof. I can use it even during rains. I’ll be mentioning the link for the gimbal in the description. I’ll be telling more about the gimbal as the Russian series progresses. I’m also planning to make a video regarding the information about the the gadgets that I use and the things that I carry while travelling. So the Russian series will be a little different. I read all your comments. Often I’m not able to reply to all of you due to the shortage of time. That’s why, I try to make more and more videos. For all travel related queries please join the group, Tourist Helpline on Facebook. The people on the group are very helpful. You might not need my help thereafter. The people on the group are very well equipped with knowledge and experience. Many people asked regarding my occupation. I’m not a full time traveler. Like many of you I’m also in a job. Whenever I get holidays, I set off for travelling! From the past 15 years I’m in service and in the same way I’ve been travelling. I come from the field of journalism. My graduation to doctorate, all have been in journalism. My career began with a reputed newspaper of our country. After that, I taught in a lot of universities. Later, worked in a lot of government sectors as an officer. Currently I’m working in a Government PSU (Public Sector Undertaking) as an officer Delhi is my hometown and Asansol, my workplace. So this was a little about myself. Hope you all liked it. So how do I travel so much? For my upcoming trip to Russia, I was getting a week off from office because of Durga Puja. I took another 7 days leave. That summed up to 14 days and the plan was made! Got really cheap flight tickets! I’ll make a separate video in which I’ll explain in detail as to how I got such cheap flight tickets. So stay connected! You’ll find a lot of good videos in the upcoming days! And keep sharing the videos. I thank you all once again! So now I’m heading home. We’ll meet again soon!

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  1. Varun bhai tum khud sab free doondte ho wifi, transport many other but scbscription me paisa Wah bhai duniya ke logo k bare me batate ho aur subscription with money

  2. Apke bat krne ke tarike me jo tehjib hai usse saf jhahir hota hai ki apki pervarish bde sanskar se hoi hai vese to umr me ap bhut bde bt sach me apke bt krne ke tarike
    Se ye pta chlta hai ki phde likhe or phd likh kr anpd rhe me Kya frk hai

  3. I'm from Memari, Burdwan. Living in a village. If u get a holiday please visit my village. My Phn no 8629990012.
    It's about 2.5 hrs journey from Asansol. Any query please call me.

  4. Bro i am watching ur most of the videos related to USA trips all videos of hitchhiking and etc.This will also help me to travel. Best of luck for best videos keep travelling

  5. Asansol!.!. Sir r u still in asansol?.. Actually I am from asansol.. I know it's been a two years… So if it's possible plz answer..

  6. You are from Delhi. Delhi has water shortages, caused by global warming. Please stop encouraging people to fly.That directly causes global warming and water shortage.

  7. Sir video m my name bol kar helloooo kardo i am sahil pathankot sa….please please sir…ma apki all video dekhta hu …..

  8. Kash mai apko madina lejata and Allah ke Mehboob ki ziyarath karwa tha and jis kai liye ye universe banaya gaya uski kuch haqiqath batata.

  9. Asansol is birth place. Where do you live in Asansol. Apcar Garden, Burnpur, Chelidanga…. where. Basical I belong from Asansol but settled in Gujarat from 1992. I'll be visiting Asansol in September. Hope we will meet. And I'm really impressed and loved all your videos of all of your trips.
    Good Luck. And do let me know where you live in Asansol, so i can meet you and have the privilege. It's my earnest request, rest is upto you Sir ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Sir ek question tha aapse aap video record k lie knsa camera use krte ho and external mic v use krte ho kia aap bolte samay

  11. Agar aapke taraf se koi offer ho to mai apke sath jarur travel karna chahunga beacause its my dream to travel with u to foreign countries

  12. Hello sir so much…. Mai apke sath south Korea ๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ท travel kiya tha but apko pahchan nhi paya hum dono sath me baithe the ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  13. Your facebook group is utterly rude to new people. Had a question about the travel as a beginner and got the post deleted. Asked why my post was deleted, got no response and got myself banned for 1 day. Do you call this HELPING COMMUNITY? Bullshit. I thought travellers are open to anything and welcome anything. But no. Typical bullshit Indian mentality.

  14. May too west bengal ka north 24 parganas may Raitha hue. Mujha apka channel achaa lagan to subscribe kardia

  15. I thought you are Medical Doctor and had my own doubt that how a medical doctor can devote so much time to travel? Now I got the answer which I am searching for. Being Doctorate you do real justice by narrating the events in a very lucid and realistic manners which no Indian U Tuber capable of. Serpenza is the real one who is based in China gives real story of day to day life of China. You have great potential in this line and I wish you best of luck

  16. Wow So Nice, apki awaj me jo Politness hai jo masumiyat hai.jis khubsurti se bataty h bhut achha lagta h. Aapka bhut sukriya.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  17. September 6 2019 7:15 AM Now you have 887k subscribers just waiting for completing 1 million subscribers ๐Ÿ˜ LOVE YOU SIRโค

  18. How can a person be so down to earth??!!๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™โ™ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿ–คโค๏ธ

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