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From Disney, the studio that will soon make every one of the movies you see, comes a movie made for everyone. From 10-year-old girls to people high on shrooms to… Actually, that’s pretty much it. This one is really Nietzsche. A Wrinkle In Time Enjoy the simple story of a girl with low self-esteem finding her missing father and learning to believe in herself While at the same time, director Ava DuVernay pours LSD directly into both your eyeballs In a bonkers mix of grounded straightforward storytelling and Reese Witherspoon transforming into a giant flying leaf Pokemon. “Wow.” I am freaking out, man! Meet Meg A girl who gets bullied about as much as Meg from Family Guy “Shut up Meg” “Yeah, shut up Meg” “Shut up Meg.” When her dad pulls an Interstellar and crosses the universe with the.. power of love? “Love. That’s the frequency.” She’ll team up with her brother, young Sheldon Three fairy godmothers and a cute boy who just kind of wanders in “What are you doing here?” “I don’t know” Together, they’ll find her dad on the set of Drake’s “Hotline Bling” video and defeat the embodiment of fear and negativity that feeds on children known as It. *Pennywise Chuckles* No, the other embodiment of fear and negativity of children known as It. *Child Cliche #6 Screams* That’s the one. Get ready for more A-List stars dressed like J-Pop Idols than an anime themed met gala Featuring the larger than life wise sage known as Oprah As a more grounded 100 foot tall version of herself Reese Witherspoon as your favorite weird aunt “We’re warriors who serve the good and light in the universe” and Mindy Kaling as that copy of Bartlett’s familiar quotations you leave near the toilet “Tomorrow, there will be more of us. Miranda, American” “‘The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground. Buddha Napoli” “DAMN!!!!! Tucker, American” Enough!!!!! Epic Voice Guy, Internet. So thrill at the latest Disney juggernaut Which enchanted critics (with the idea that this is awful source material to make a movie out of) and made (a fraction of) a billion dollars at the bo– Wait, what? It wasn’t a critical success? “I’m underwhelmed” And it was a box office disappointment? And this isn’t the first time they screwed up A Wrinkle In Time? That’s impossible… That just doesn’t happen in Disney (Tell that to John Carter and The Lone Ranger from 2013) Is this a dream? Seriously is this a dream? Am I dreaming right now man? Because I had a couple of edibles before seeing the movie and I’m kind of waiting for the second one to kick i– Oooohhhhh nnnnooooo The Lisa Franktrix “To you I give you the give of your faults” “My gift is my command” Note to self: Don’t invite Reese Witherspoon and Oprah to your secret santa Their gifts suck! *reading comments*

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  1. Which book do you want to see made into a movie next?

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  2. I saw the movie, it was alright, but it was way too clunky and felt very inconsistent. Some of the acting was a little too phoned in and it was a great idea trying to be great, but wasn't. Also the device of "love" being the answer is not new and didn't add anything to the story, it was just there.

  3. Worst movie ever disney sucks they should sell star wars to warner bros and let go marvel studios but ofcourse they wont do that

  4. Watching the trailer (not the honest one) made it look like a cheesy "made for TV" type movie, like Shark boy and lava girl or something. Hard pass.

  5. I’m confused. Remind me why the MCU’s best storyteller/character is now evil and hanging out with your stuck-up neighbor’s middle child?

  6. Pretty sad. After two stinkers, it looks like we'll never get a decent film version of A Wrinkle in Time. Btw, the crappy quotes at the end of this video were never in the novel. I can't understand why they'd trade the simple wisdom and spirituality of the book for trashy "uplifiting" slogans.

  7. I saw this movie at a free screening. I still want my money back. It’s definitely one of the worst movies I’ve ever sat through.

  8. I was an exchange student. My host family promised to take me watch the Panther, and i ended up watching this crap 🙁

  9. The book was was way better, and the 90s version was okay. I thought a series of unfortunate events with Jim Carry was bad and left out many important points, but this was very disappointing. For one thing, if I remember correctly Mrs. Who, Mrs whatsit and Mrs. Which turned into Pegasus like creatures not that ugly butterfly dragon thing. Also, again if I remember correctly, there was a part of the book where Meg was unconscious for a while and saved by very general Bigfoot like creatures.

  10. I'll never forgive the filmmakers for butchering this classic, especially by removing the Christian elements on the grounds of "inclusivity".

  11. cries because I actually like this movie and everyone is hating on it but stops because I realize everyone has their own opinions

  12. i almost didn't watch this as the movie is beyond terrible, the Matthew McConaughey voice was so worth it, LMAO

  13. Even if I had watched for free I still would've wanted my money back with this movie. It sucked more than a 50 year old woman who molests little boys.

  14. The sad fact is the book is actually really good. If you want to have fun, the movie adaptation of "The Dark is Rising" by Susan Cooper (one of my favorite children's books) is really really bad.

  15. His Matthew Mcconaughey impression is a killer. 😂 😂 😂
    By the way, “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind…” is from Shakespeare, and I hope they gave him due credit for it. 🤨

  16. does this movie seem His Dark Materials-ie to anyone?

    main charecter – Lyra, dad – Lord Asriel, it – negativity that feeds on children – catholic church

  17. Brie Larsen: “this movie wasn’t made for you”

    Yes because your target audience are the Only people that can resonate with your art, that’s why only preteen boys like superhero movies or why only young adult women like hunger games

  18. But…it’s so woke and diverse and stuff. Waaaa
    Seriously though, I love Madeline L’engle books and was super pissed when I saw they SJWed-up the cast.

  19. Worst Movie Ever
    Also Oprah her acting and her work is sucks big time, she should quit long time ago the show business

  20. It was nothing like the book. The book was a classic. They even cut out one of the most beloved characters. I cannot imagine why anyone would think that was a good move.

  21. Wow. Double wow. I have watched a lot of these and this is top 3!!!

    "Note to self, don't invite Oprah and resse Witherspoon to your secret Santa, their gifts suck" so so good.

  22. I feel like the old movie was better then this version, but its been years since i've seen it lol. Can't belive you didn't compare them though or that there are no comments about the old version

  23. What a real sh*tbag looking movie, made by sh*tbags, for sh*tbags. Hollywood allows this to be made but leapfrog over a proposed Neil Blompkamp Alien 5, a Who Framed Roger Rabbit sequel, and what would have been a return-to-form, Arnold Schwarzenegger 90s film, Crusade, which would have had bloody and violent action, similar to 300, and directed by Paul Verhoeven.

  24. 0:44 I would say Artichoke Angel, Cabbage god, Salad Genie…………………now available from Whole Foods

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