HomeAway uses Confluent & Apache Kafka® to Transform Travel

♪ (music) ♪(Paveen) There’s millions of places
around the world
where one would want to go and explore,
and I think HomeAway
gives you an excellent opportunity
to be able to enjoy the world as it is.
(Rene) The opportunity to be able
to match people is a data problem and being able to collect that data
at scale– not only for places, but for people. We’re able to serendipitously
match travellers with our partners. (Paveen) Most of the industry
is being revolutionised by, not only software, but also by data. I think the travel industry
is no different, in that it’s also being revolutionized
by our ability to collect information.KafkaandConfluentare extremely critical
for us to be able to create a single data pipeline, that enables us to go process
this information as needed on demand. (Rene) I think what we’re doing
is double digit billion messages per day. We’re seeing things get faster and faster
and I believe thatStreamsis at the heart of that acceleration. We needed a way to be able to go fast
and be able to scale with different teams that we’re deploying at different versions
and different speeds. We started having pretty much everybody,
every single product, every single portfolio, at some level,
actually depending onKofkaand onSteamsfor the analytics. We’re finding out–
it’s absolutely critical to build your business
dependent on our steaming platform. And making that simple at scale
was absolutely necessary, and that’s why we were hooked
at that point on theConfluentplatform. (Paveen)As we end up digitizing the world,
those signals that we acquire from that digitizing process,
are the ones that we’re going to be able to use to get value for our customers. And I think that’s the direction
we’re going to head in. ♪ (music) ♪

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