Holiday Science: Time Traveling Scrooge

Old-time radio announcer: From John Hopkins University, it’s holiday science! Putting your favorite seasonal stories under
the microscope. My name is Ibrahima Bah. I’m faculty at Johns Hopkins. My specialty is in theoretical physics. Christmas Carol–
you know everyone gets to see it… (laughs)
…growing up. Scrooge: Who or what are you? I am the ghost of Christmas past. Bah: You have Scrooge. I am the ghost of Christmas present. Bah: He appears to be moving back and forth
in time. Scrooge: Am I in the presence of the ghost
of Christmas yet to come? Bah: You should wonder how that happened. How should that happen? [dramatic music] Going forward in time is physically possible. It uses a trick in special relativity which says that
the clock that you measure is relative to your frame. All you have to do is move at incredibly high
speeds then you can go forward in time
and meet people in the future. Going backwards in time is the one that is
hard. And in order to go backwards in time
either you have to figure out how to make a loop in space-time
or you can make what’s called a naked ring singularity in space-time. Then going through the ring and around you
can go back in time. [dramatic music continues] Bah! Humbug. Announcer: It’s holiday science from Johns
Hopkins University.

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