89 Replies to “Hiking to Mexico at Seminole Canyon State Park – #SUMMER2019 Episode 8

  1. This park looks great. I haven't spent a lot of time out west. Maybe 2021. Just finished booking the KW trip for 2020. Nice job.


  3. Gooood Morning Robert. From Pymatuning State Park in NW PA. 36 degrees with lake effect snow 😡 forecast beginning Mon afternoon. Time to load up our 5er & head south to Gulf Shores. (11/20🤗)

    The question, what to do when we leave in April?

    Easy solution, place each of your video titles in a hat and away we go.

    Your videos are tops and your narration is second to none.

    Say hello to your wife for us.

    Thanks for the inspiration, safe travels & be well.

  4. When I see you walking with the headphones on I wonder what's Robert listening to?I just figure it must be The Miami Sound Machine or something like that…lol.The desert really is a beautiful place and like you I would just enjoy the vegetation if not any nice views.Having to spend 40 or 50 dollars just to park the camper really is expensive if you had to do it every single night,it kinda sucks when you have a camper that can be parked most anywhere,but the heat alone makes it very difficult so I can see why you seek out electricity.Sleeping and sweating just don't go together.Another fantastic project from you Robert,well done!

  5. Anouther enjoyable and informative video. Greatly enjoyed finally meeting you and your lovely wife at the Huntsville meet up. Safe travels.

  6. Im a simpel man. I celebrate my birthday with a cake, cup of coffe and a video from Robert. Thats enough for me to have a great day.

  7. Ft Stockton…stopped there for fuel and picked up a nail in the parking lot. All part of life…I suppose.
    From there on to KOA, Carlsbad for 2 nights. Found a cheaper site in Alamogordo for a 2 week stay..

  8. What a beautiful hike you took us on Robert !!! There is so much beautiful vegetation in the desert if only you have eyes to see it. Thanks for this walk to the Rio Grande. Whats amazing is I didn't get tired at all.

  9. Excellent, as usual. The remote canyon campsite with the elegant pink blooming bush was beautiful. Wild and free and lonely along the canyon hike with just the bird voices.

  10. Gooooood morning Robert! Thank you for the new video. We hope that you and your family are doing well. Have a great day. Fly pelican, fly! 👍😎🌴

  11. I wish I knew you were passing by Del Rio. I am a great fan of your channel and I live here in Del Rio. I would have loved to show you around the town . We have a lot of great history here. Look us up on a show called Yolo Texas, Texas country reporter, and Texas bucket list. They all did specials on Del Rio. I so glad u got to experience my neck of the woods.

  12. Thank you! Your videos show quality and empathy. It's nice for me to sit here in Germany on a cold November afternoon and travel with you these loooong distances – in a moment. Does anyone appreciate how much YOU do for your country when you acquaint foreigners/people living abroad with the beautiful scenery of the USA? I do.
    Looking forward to the following episodes. Greetings from a native Bavarian.

  13. Great videos Robert. I'm sitting here watching this vid enjoying some chorizo con huevo tacos y un cafesito. Saludos desde Grand Prairie, Tx.

  14. Another great episode 👍👍. Question how does the Colorado pull Minitnne? I’m looking in to getting the same set up.

  15. Saludo Robert, I've been following your travels for nearly two years now. Of all the gadgets and aids that are in your arsenal, I believe you're missing the most important one. It's the most important one because it's a life saving piece of equipment. I paused the video because I don't want to forget telling you about it. Hiking alone in a remote area, without a phone signal prompted my recommendation. You need a Garmin inreach plus. Check it out on the Garmin website. My reason for recommending it is as follows. Two years ago, at the age of 53, despite being a runner and cyclist for nearly 30 years, I suffered a heart attack. Imagine a sudden heart attack or a simple ankle injury while on the hike in today's video. Unable to walk back to tini-mini and without a phone signal. Enough said. You'll thank me later.

  16. Gordon Ramsey couldn’t do it any better. If you wrote an RV cookbook and put it on Amazon, along with photos and comments about your travels, you’d be a pretty big hit. I’m sure of it. You could sell your Cuban cookbook. Dang, you could open a food truck.

  17. In those desolate canyons, it looks like the park service visits one time to put up the signs and then never comes back for the next 100 years.

  18. Years ago, we used to get hit with roaming charges from the west side of the island where I live. Canada is just across the river. Not a problem recently.
    Loved the canyon views and the wildlife …. even the creepy crawlers 😉 🐛

  19. Just as your viewer Cathy below said Robert, your videos cannot be described better than she did, they are wonderful in every way!
    As you know we Love them so much we have been begging for 2 a week, but how about every day, Lol? Just kidding, but we obviously are spoiled by you because we cannot imagine how much work goes into every single one you produce Robert! We understand but probably don’t know the extreme effort involved?
    We have to apologize for being so head strong, because when we write this, we never mentioned our joy to see how much longer yours are vs. many youtubers who regularly post from even 5 minutes to 15 minutes, if that, on average?
    So when Sunday morning comes, we realize our blessings when we see what we saw today, when we clicked on this one now 6 hours ago,……..”35:05!”
    That is AWESOME buddy! WOW! Super Cool!
    May we repeat Cathy’s words?
    God Bless you Robert, and truly
    Thank you so much!

    * Also please know we are upset how some of these “supposed” tire shops continue to forget what quality means, and with that, you have to endure so many tire issues that are not only frustrating, but dangerous encounters no doubt?
    We are so sorry and you certainly deserve much much better quality service, because you strive hard to maintain everything you own so it will last much longer! Very admirable our good friend, and again, this time, a
    “DOUBLE THANK YOU” from us,
    and many kudos to your many viewers like Cathy who say, AND MEAN, how you are loved by us all!! ❤️👍

  20. Great video. Congrats Very beautiful the cliffs bordering the Rio Grande.That region can be very dangerous. I can see many animals, and you alone walking and walking.I 'am very worried about you. Be safe, love MOM.

  21. Hey great trick with the door leveling. Yay the RV cooking show, great addition to what already is captivating content.

  22. Nice video. I normally just drive right past this part of the country going one place to another. Hopefully I’ll have some time to slow down and check out the local scenery. I’d love to go to Big Bend some time also. Definitely on my bucket list.

  23. Another excellent video Robert, and with cooking instructions too, I can see a Traveling Robert Cookbook available soon… 👍

    Looking forward to the next instalment already 😎

  24. Oh Robert you should see it during spring time. Big Bend alone will take you a week and the weather and vegetation is so beautiful. You can not even imagine until you are there.

  25. When driving to Reno, NV from Florida in a van, transporting dogs for a rescue, I used All Stays to find campgrounds. We stayed at mostly state parks and 1 KOA when we couldn't find anywhere else. It was a process to figure how many miles I could drive a day and match to where there was a place to camp with electricity to run our air conditioner. With hours of searching on the computer, this was the best campground list I could find. https://www.allstays.com/Campgrounds/ Currently I am slowly exploring Texas state parks, but still had to stay in a KOA when I couldn't find a place convenient to the Austin Steam Train. It was nice people at the campground, but they didn't like my older van and camper. They hid me in the back. Good location for me though. Before hitting the road with my van and camper, I was (and still am) a nervous driver. Watching your driving to the west video gave me the confidence to think I could do it. I bought a drone, but keep running it into trees. Can you do a drone flying video?

  26. Great video and very enjoyable, as always. The oilfield is booming around the Carlsbad area. That’s why everything is so expensive there now. There’s not enough lodging to go around with the influx of oilfield workers. But ‘dystopian’? Hmm…

  27. Good video! It bothers me that they still burn off that natural gas that comes from oil wells, considering we can use it, and the energy companies frack for it…

  28. Hello Robert, you do a wonderful job of describing your travels as to go along. You truly make folks take up RVing. So sorry you didn’t get to visit Big Bend Park it really is a beautiful spot in Texas. I do have a question if you can answer. You seen to be traveling alone. Does that get old are do you enjoy the privacy? Please keep up the videos because I’m a new subscriber. I’ll look forward to meeting you some day on our travels. God Bless you Sir.

  29. Loved your hiking all the way to Mexico! Beautiful views on the trail, what was the daytime temperature there in the summer? Love your channel and videos! 👍🙋‍♂️😊👏👏👏👏

  30. I am enjoying this video, it’s more my thing, nature, open spaces, open road and beautiful sunsets. I hope you do more of your setting up and breaking down because Im still new to RVing and seeing what you do is interesting. Thank you again. Btw, where is everyone? you look to be the only human person at that campground.

  31. Being from Texas, we've had the chance to Seminole Canyon. Pretty neat state park. The Pecos River bridge is a good stop. Along with Judge Roy Beans office.
    I love the desert… Robert.

  32. I use Reserve America web site to find and book campsites. It allows selection of available sites, shows what each site has..water/electric/dump etc.

  33. Your cooking segments are pretty predictable! as mine would also be. Bean Burrito after Bean Burrito Im glad you eat healthy Robert. Vlogs are awesome. safe travels sir!

  34. where will the wall be? No in all seriousness most never get to see the border like this. would it be in the canyon or near where you were hiking? Is the wall just a metaphor or will it be grand and unlike no other structure, blocking and obstructing those views and passages.

  35. You demonstrated wisdom on your part not to get to close at the side of the canyon, Ellie needs you.
    Beautiful garlic –
    Don't go deer –
    Very lovely 'Sotol'
    Amazing insects.
    Enjoy when you are engaged in the discovery of new things and have expressions/interest.
    Caffè ,.,.,.,
    I'll drink to that or rather I will
    drink that☕
    Congrats on that hike….
    and the grub, , , perfecto!

  36. I noticed from your video how much greener the grass was on the other side of the Rip Grande . LOL and thank you for all you do. Fallbrook Dave

  37. Very awesome places that you visited especially on a hot day! I totally understand, forgot to close the fridge, forgot the salt, sometimes it gets overwhelming with the heat. I totally understand, you’re not the only one. 😅 as always, thanks so much for having us to travel in the road with you, can’t wait to see you on the road again. Safe travels!! 🤟🏻😊🤟🏻 I love your stickers that I just got in the mail from you few weeks ago.

  38. Hey Robert, just curious but when the man escorts campers to an rv site do they generally receive a tip and if so how much?

  39. I'm surprised that there are no other people around. Could it be all the bad press that's keeping travelers away? Also, if you had gone into Big Bend there are several campsites that are a mile high in elevation that look down on the desert. At least there were back in the '70s when I camped there with my kids. A beautiful country filled with a lot of "western history".

  40. This is truly a epic journey… I waited until you had two episodes up and made it a Sunday afternoon movie evening after the game.

  41. Brother I enjoyed this video! Amazing. Good job Sir. My wife and I are logging your stays so we can follow your bread crumbs. We live in Japan so this is special to us. Thank you

  42. Robert.. I do a Year in Review Volcano video every year and I was wondering if you could and make time to do the music on my 2019 Year in Review video this year? 🙂 I would, of course, compile the video in a couple weeks and could upload the video, and make it private and send you the link. Then. only if you have time available. Compile music to go along with the scenes in the video. ?? I could pay you..or we could promote your channel, as I'm a long time fan of yours. A collaboration … Let me introduce myself, I'm David from Louisville, Ky. I'm a retired 62-year-old man. I've had my channel only a couple short years I'm not monetized and will never monetize. I'm not in this for the money. Watching and recording live volcanoes is my channel's purpose. I enjoy your travel video's and have followed you sense 2015. I know that your an expert editor and musician. And I feel you have the musical background to compile on the fly, music to suit my video's. I would, of course, give you credit proudly on your musical collaboration. And I understand you may not have the time for such a project, well that's fine. I'll totally understand If you can't collaborate. 🙂 Here is last year's Year in Review video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-AfmIiiTyY, of course, my 2019 video will be hopefully shorter and much more concise.

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