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Man, this city really
isn’t afraid to embrace the eccentric. Maybe that’s why there’s
so much paranormal activity around here. [music playing] Hey, I’m Linz. Hello. I’m Ashley. We’re traveling
bartenders chasing a different kind of spirit. Come with us to check out
some of the creepiest spots that you will be dying to visit. Dying?
Get it? Oh, my god. [theme music] [music playing] We’ve gone as far
south as we can, the continental
US, Florida Keys. With scenic ocean views and
vibrant culture everywhere, I’m having a hard
time understanding why it took us long to get
here in the first place. Let’s go explore. This beacon city plays
host to millions of visitors each and every year. Is that alive
or dead visitors? Both. So actually, it shows
you’re very detail oriented and you are open to life. You are curious about life. Your energy, your
soul, is always– it’s a yes. You’re saying yes to life. Like, for you, your energy
is about accomplishment, the open heart, and always
open to learn something. But you’re set in your ways. OK, mom. Man, this city really
isn’t afraid to embrace the eccentric. Maybe that’s why there’s
so much paranormal activity around here. MAN (ON SPEAKER): We’ll be
stopping at two locations. The first of which,
the East Martello Fort. By day, it is a lovely
museum run by the Key West Art and Historical Society. We play by somebody
else’s rules. Robert the Doll, of course. Some find him cute, but
looks can be deceiving. Others find him creepy, but they
wouldn’t say that this face. On your right is the front of
the entrance to East Martello. However, we don’t go
in the front door. No, we go in the back door. They’re taking your
picture, but it’s because of us, so I hope that’s OK. Please don’t come and haunt
us for the rest of our lives. They made us do it. Thank you. I hope you have a great day. Night.
I hope you have a great night. Great night. I just always say day.
It’s habit. Yeah. And I hope that you have
a great another 100 years and more– infinity and beyond. If this tour has
freaked you out, I definitely recommend
checking out Captain Thomas before you leave town. I need a drink. Yeah, I guess I
need a drink too. Robert the Doll really
freaked me out a little bit. I need something to drink. Let’s get some booze. [music playing] Originally, when it was
built, it was an ice house. And the city realized
in 1853 that– At any given time,
there were probably 5 to 10 bodies in the ice house
staying prepped for burial. And the ice was
still going to people? – Oh, absolutely.
– OK, cool. Absolutely. Just wanted to
make that clear. – Pull from the tub.
– Make that clear. Right. There was a big
flood in Key West. As the walls were blown
out, the bodies that were inside with it. They made their
way to the streets. Correct. The bodies were blown out also. So after the flood, there
were approximately 10 missing bodies from the morgue. If you surround your
cemetery with bottles filled with holy water, it keeps
out the evil spirits and it lets the good
spirits traverse to heaven. In this bottle wall
here, again, was to keep the evil spirits
out, the good spirits in, and let them traverse. We’ve absolutely kept that,
because that’s history. Yeah, that’s awesome. And, more importantly,
we don’t need the bar to be haunted anymore than it is. As we were digging, we found
several interesting things. OK. We found bones and we
found this tombstone. [music playing] I decided that, rather than
take the tombstone and move it, if someone, in fact,
was buried here, I sure wanted her to
have her tombstone. I have a friend that’s
a pathologist in Miami. So he takes the bones. He comes back and he says,
where did you find these bones? So I told him, behind the
bar and in the poolroom. And he said, Joe,
it’s three people. Ah, the bones! Some of the bones
were in the back room. The rest of the bones we
have hanging behind the bar. Oh, that’s lovely. Initially, when I took over
the saloon from Captain Tony, he was telling me
about the hanging tree has hung 17 people. 16 of the people were pirates. The 17th was a woman that
stabbed to death her husband and two young children. She was found
walking down to Duval Street with a knife in her
hand and a blue nightgown covered in blood. The townspeople, they
actually grabbed her. No trial, no hearing, nothing. They hung her from this tree. All right. And the one time I saw her,
I was coming up from the pool room, heading into the bar. And from right to left, and– She had no features. She had on a blue nightgown. Her face was very creamy white. And as you know, it’s
very warm in here. Right. But something very cold came
over me, came over the saloon, right before and as I saw her. And as soon as she was gone, the
temperature got back to normal. Do I still question myself? No. But I did for a long time. I know what I saw. She made a big impression on me. I mean, it’s something
I’ll never forgot. – Whoa.
– Yeah. We’re in beautiful
Key West, Florida. I think we should go with
the classic rum runner. It was invented in Key West. Yeah. Fits perfectly. And who doesn’t
love a rum runner? Rum runners are great. We can add some blue Curacao
in ode to our lady in blue at the bar. Maybe finish off
with a little bit of fire, a little bit
of fun, and just go over the top with it. Cheeky mama’s coming out. Oh, god. We’re in beautiful
Key West, Florida. So, of course,
we’re going to have to riff the classic best known
in this area of rum runner. This one is going to
be called Firewater. Take a quarter ounce
of fresh squeezed lemon juice, quarter ounce
of fresh squeezed lime juice, 3/4 ounces of fresh
squeezed pineapple juice, and then take a quarter
ounce of blue Curacao. Give it some nice orange notes. 3/4 ounces of that
famous banana liqueur. So it’s a nice Creme de Banana. We’re going to give
it some nice spices, so we’re going to do a half
ounce of a nice spiced syrup. So add in those vanilla
notes, those cinnamon notes. Do an ounce and a
half of Don-Q Gold. Nice, gold rum’s going to
give it some lightness, but also add in some
really nice flavor. We’re going to take
all these ingredients, give it a nice quick whip
with some crushed ice. You want to shake it really,
really well so you get a nice froth from
the pineapple juice, because it looks
really nice and pretty. Top it off with
more crushed ice. So it wouldn’t be Firewater
without some actual fire. You we’re going put a crouton,
sugar cube, whatever you have in there, so when you take your
151 it has something to bind to. Put a little bit of overproof
rum right on top of that guy. Because we like
pretty things, we’re going to garnish it with
some more pineapple fronds. Then you’re going
to take a lighter. Light your crouton on fire. And that is Firewater. [music playing] I pictured Key West to be a
paradise, which it totally is, but it’s also pretty spooky. Like, the light
house and the saloons, everything has some
lingering history. Toodles. See you later, alligator. Like and subscribe to
see more spooky spots.

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