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It’s a really
rad, old building. But I wouldn’t go
up in the attic or down in the crawl space. Yeah. If you have any fear of any
ghosts, I wouldn’t go in there. Hey, I’m Linz. Hello. I’m Ashley. We’re traveling
bartenders chasing a different kind of spirit. Come with us to check out
some of the creepiest bars that you’ll be dying to visit. Dying? Get it? Oh my god. [music playing] We finally arrived
in our beautiful home state of Florida. Like most of Florida’s coasts,
Delray Beach is full of lots of beauty and history. And some mischievous ghosties. Are we gonna check it out? Let’s do it! [music playing] Wow, this part of
Delray Beach is beautiful! With all the color
and art and energy, I’m kind of in love with it. I can’t imagine it actually
being haunted though. I can. [music playing] Delray Beach may
be a small town. But it’s known for big city
living, vibrant art districts, and miles of stunning
beaches that have longtime made the area a popular
place to visit and stay. Maybe even forever? Well, like this
grand anchor here, some people just decide to
put roots down and enjoy its beauty year round. [laughing] It’s spooky! [music playing] We’re just about
100 years old. So it was built in 1925. You know, it’s kind of like if
these walls could talk, right? Cheers! It’s nice to have you guys. Delray is actually
a pretty old town. It feels it. Like, you can tell
there’s history and there’s energy here. Yeah, and I was just talking
to my server who reminded me of the story of they
were all the way in front of the restaurant. And back where the
service station, that a glass literally
just flew across. And she’s like,
no one was there. There’s no wind. It’s not outside. She’s just like,
we’re just like– Whoa! It’s a really
rad, old building. But I wouldn’t go
up in the attic or down in the crawl space. If you have any fear of any
ghosts, I wouldn’t go in there. That was amazing. And that was one of the
best Mai Tais I’ve ever had. That was awesome. She was such a bad ass. We’ve got one
more place to hit. We’ve got to get going. We need to be there at 10. We need to be there. Well, let’s go. [music playing] [bell ringing] So I hear you guys ring the
bell to keep the ghosts away. Yeah, that’s right. Wait, so when are they here? Mostly in the mornings.
Yeah. – In the morning?
– In the morning. Well, it sounds like we’re
coming back in the morning. We can come back
for one morning. Well, this one makes me
feel a little bit better. It’s haunted during the daytime. Bet you feel great about that. Mm, I love mornings. The Blue Anchor Pub was actually
built in London in the 1840s, during the Jack
the Ripper times. And the original pieces
eventually made their way to Delray Beach in 1996. Bringing with them history
and some paranormal residents. Good morning. Welcome to Bertha’s home. So wait, who’s Bertha? Bertha? She’s our beloved ghost. She likes to talk to me. I would like to say
every other week minimum. Well, we want to talk to her. Absolutely! So it’s kind of crazy that
she’s more of a morning ghost. Why the morning? What’s up with that? I just know that I’m
here in the morning. And I’m here every
day of the week. So I can really only
speak of my experiences. But trust me that she’s very
active in the evening hour too. First day we opened, we
had a cleaning party. And I was informed
by my bartender of 16 years at that
time, I would not be able to turn off this fan. Blondy figured out breaker box. I went and turned
off the main breaker. Restaurant quiet. Restaurant dark. And the fan was still spinning. Really? What? So I decided to take
the responsibility of cleaning the fan. So I went up, grabbed
a blade, wiped. And all of a sudden, I got
clipped by the fan blade. And 25 minutes or so had passed. I’m standing on this stool. And this welt had
started to show. And it was painful. So I just– I love that we’re looking
like it’s still there. I know. Show me your arm. –I shook my arm and just
turned to Tammy, Courtney, and my team and just
go, you don’t think for one second that was Bertha. When I said Bertha– do you
see the ox horn up here? Yeah. Yeah. I have to show you this. At that moment, this fell
off the floor and just– and I was there. And I went, all righty then. So it was Bertha! Well, that settles that. And I welcomed her. And she’s been here ever since. – Wow, that’s wild.
– I love that. That’s great. Yeah, she likes
to mess with us. World’s scariest co-worker– Oh god. –or friendliest. Maybe she’s like Casper. So now, I can tell you about
the broken glass incident. – What?
– Oh whoa. What?
Where are we going? Love a broken glass story. So glasses are breaking? What? Yeah, it’s just uncanny
that I will hear it. And it’s like, what
did you do now, Bertha? And Ali and I just last week
were over on that corner. And I heard the crash. I come around and I’m like,
Alison, explain this one to me. So you have two glasses
here, two glasses there. And this one’s the broken one. – That’s crazy.
– How did she– That’s unexplainable. –even get it out of there? She’s a ghost. She’s a ghost. She’s a ghost. She does what she wants. It’s her home. Sometimes I think if we’re too
loud or if we talk about her, she just reminds us
that yes, I am here. Is there a place that
she hangs out the most? My husband’s experienced
her in the office. Tommy at the swinging doors. Myself, Petey with
his photograph. I should tell you about that.
– Yeah. Yeah. OK, so I have these adorable
patrons, Petey and Jamie. And they were taking a selfie. Sitting right here
taking a selfie. And I’m working. I hear, Peggy, get over here. So I come over and
I’m like, what? And they, explain this to me. They show you the picture? They’re showing me the
picture of their cell phone. And I’m like– OK. –wait, no! So I come around. I take their phone behind them. Like, turn around. We’re supposed to
see what, the lamp– – Right.
– Yeah. –the criss-cross
window panes, the shell? Right above their heads,
it’s the open starlit sky– not kidding you– with
like, peach clouds that look like ghosts. What? So they took three
and go, explain that. And I’m like, I can’t. That probably has me most
freaked out about anything. That just gave me chills. What happens if we
take a selfie right here? Can you come
get in our selfie? I would be delighted to. We’re taking a picture, right? You take the selfie. We see the chandelier, the
doors behind me, all that. It wasn’t there. Above their head,
just a night lit sky with like these peach
clouds that looked like ghosts. I can’t explain it. It was freaky. Get in here. Yeah, let’s see if we
can have that happen. Come on, Bertha! Say hello! Cheers! All right. Slip and slide. I think it’s tiki time. All right. Finally it’s tiki time! Mama’s happy with some tiki. Anyway, so one thing I
really love about this bar is that it’s come to us
from London to Delray Beach. Put it in a to-go cup. Yes. All right, garnishes, mint. We can do like a cool
little pattern on the inside of the to-go cups.
– Yes! So it’s just going
to be clear with like, oranges and some lemons. Over the top beautiful
tiki amazingness. It’s tiki time. And this is a Lover’s Quarrel. So we’re going to start
with a deli container. So we can take it to go since
this bar was risen from London and taken all the
way to Delray Beach. We’re going to do
little two-for. Since Bertha was technically
killed by her lover, which was deeply sad, we
wanted to make something that two people could enjoy
as they’re strolling the beach or doing whatever
they love to do. We’re going to start
off with 1/2 ounce of fresh squeezed lemon juice,
an ounce of fresh squeezed orange juice, 3/4
ounces of Grenadine to give it some nice sweetness
in there, an ounce and a half of PX sherry. This is going to introduce
some nice rum notes, a little thickness to it. And who doesn’t love a
little sherry in their drink? And then we’re going
to go to our rum blend. We’re going to do 1 3/4 ounces
of an original dark rum. And then we’re going to move
to an ounce of the Plantation pineapple rum. This rum’s really
unique in that they actually distill, or infuse,
it with pineapple barks. So it just gives it this
really nice, natural pineapple infused flavor for the rum. We then have 3/4 ounces
of this Jamaican rum. It’s going to introduce
some funky notes to it. It’s going to dry
it out a little bit. Just going to add a little
bit of spiritful notes to the entire guy. And then we’ll
end with 1/2 ounce of the Plantation old
fashioned traditional dark, super over proof. Going to give this
guy some heat. Going to give it some love. Going to give it some goose. Going to give it
a quick swizzle. And then you’re going
to put a little bit more crushed ice in there. So you can do a really fun
design with some oranges, with some lemons. Tiki’s all about appearance
and over-the-topness. So why not? Right? Plus, we have to set
the mood for the lovers. And then we’ll just top it
off with more crushed ice. We need a little drinking
vessel, some mint to give us some nice aromas, flamingos
since we are in Florida after all, a little
pineapple friend up there, some pineapple
fragrance, and then of course, a beautiful, edible flower. And that is a Lover’s Quarrel. Delray Beach appears really
colorful and bright at first. But that’s not what
we’ve seen here. There is definitely
a lot of history lingering in the
walls around us, if you just dive a
little bit deeper. Bertha was pretty cool. Well, catch you next time. Bye. Like and subscribe to
see more spooky spots.

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  1. Travel Channel sucks now.. you guys were once a channel I had on all the time, but now all you guys want to show is idiots running around in the dark basically playing flashlight tag.

  2. Blue Anchor Pub: Please put up surveillance cameras with infrared night vision, then post the supernatural stuff here on YouTube as it happens. You can make money on your videos! 🙂

  3. How did this channel go from showcasing tourist destinations with food to ghosts, bones, death, & demonic fixation?
    What a stark turn around.
    I hate it & have stopped tuning in to this trash.

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