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What’s up guys! So, Scoot is sending us off to Harbin. So, yeah! You will get to see us on our adventures while y’all are stuck in sunny Singapore. The only thing we know right now is that the warmest (temperature)is negative 20 degrees Celsius. So, good luck to us. Y’all watch Game of Thrones right? We’re going north of the wall. The next time you see us we will be in Harbin! Slam dunk. Remember I said that the next time you see us we will be in Harbin? Well, we lied. We are inside the airplane and we are actually having our meals now. This is stew chicken. Curry rice. How’s food? Not bad! I would say. SJ, how is your chicken? Fistbump bro. We have been locked out of our room. Harbin baby! We are here at Stalin Park, really early in the morning to catch the sunrise because it is a beautiful view overlooking the Songhua river. Yeah! So, right by Songhua river and Stalin Park, there is actually a flood control monument. That has become a super iconic place to commemorate the deaths of many who died during the floods a long time ago. So, we are going to go take more shots and then, maybe take a nice walk down and see the sunrise, ya? Let’s go. I don’t understand how these people can still do their morning walks in the winter. All the old grandmothers. They were all congregated together this morning. We are going to be taking the cable car across the frozen river to Sun Island to see the opera house. Let’s go. We are in the cable car now and the view is pretty awesome. You can actually see people skating. You can see the ships completely defunct because the river is frozen and they can’t move. We are doing a hyperlapse and he forgot to on his silent shutter. So, you are going to hear yiyeah. Yiyeah? Two plus two is four. Minus one that’s 3. Quick math. We are heading to the grand theatre now. Really nice architecture and we are going to go see what it’s about. Alright, ladies and gents! We are here at the Harbin grand theatre. The beautiful architecture and really open spaces here, is, I don’t know, very aesthetic? It feels very futuristic. All the curves of the architecture makes it super, super different from the rest of the city, I would say. Let’s go see more. We are just walking down the street and we saw this really long queue here. We found out they are selling this milk ice cream which is super popular. Oh, it tastes like the rabbit candy! Yeah, it’s quite sweet and very smooth. Almost like the texture of chocolate. This is like, chocolate and coffee combined It’s like a candy, kind of, bar that you can, kind of, bite into? That melts in your mouth, at the same time. Like, literally. Eating ice cream in negative 30-degree Celsius temperature. It is actually quite refreshing. We are crazy. We are on a bus ride, out of Harbin. So, we will be heading to Snow Village. I heard it is going to be a beautiful place, 300 kilometres out. Hopefully, we will catch some sleep! On the way to the Snow Village, we are actually stopping at one of the snow trails here. Everywhere is snow. Super magical. From the moment I walked in, I was like, oh my god, I just walked into a snow globe. And, it is really the most aesthetic place you will ever be at. Super pretty. Top notch. I am ready to snap some pictures. So, right here right, everything around me is frozen right? Except, for this stream. Nobody knows why. But it just doesn’t freeze during winter. This is a special stream. As you can see, we are dressed up because it is really cold. It is really freezing but it is only, barely 7 o’clock. We will be heading to this Guan Xiang, something something. Basically, it is a very beautiful, scenic, night out here in Xue Xiang. We are back at the Meng Huan Jia Yuan, in the day. I think it looks even prettier in the day than at night. You can really see the layers of fluff of snow on each of the houses. I wish I can just go on it and lie down and make a star shape if I could. Confirm! What’s up guys! We are finally here at Tai Yang Dao, Sun Island, in Harbin. We heard that there is going to be dope scenery. I can’t feel my fingers. I can’t feel my toes but I am so ready to check it out. It’s really good. It felt super fairy tale like. We are heading where? Bing Xue Da Shi Jie. Which is literally translated into, Ice Snow Big World. Let’s go. Alright guys! After we went to Tai Yang Dao, Sun Island, you can actually come over here to Bing Xue Da Shi Jie, which is the Ice and Snow festival. Only available during winter months. Yes! And you will get to see all the famous sculptures? That, I guess, everybody has seen on the internet about Harbin. I’m excited! Yeah, let’s go! We are now on the way to the airport and it is the end of our trip! So, thank you Scoot for sending us all the way here to Harbin! And, I really miss Harbin eh. Will you come back here again? Actually, I think I might. I think I will. I want to check it out also, not during the winter months. Right, yeah. During summer. I heard the weather actually goes up to 23 degrees celsius. Wow, that’s comfortable! I think that’s a lot more comfortable as well. I am going to miss seeing solid water, more than liquid water. That’s true. I kind of miss perspiring but then again, just when I got used to it, you know? So, I definitely would come here again. So, where would you like to see us go next? Leave it in the comments below and remember to like share and subscribe and to watch our other videos over here. BYE!

87 Replies to “Harbin – A -30°C Winter City In Northern China | Smart Travels

  1. I recently went to harbin and it was beautiful. I went to the ice park and I recommend the bicycle ice ride, seriously fun.

    Edit: I just realised you went to the exact places I went

  2. How did you protect your cameras ? Because i heard the battery flat immediately due to the cold weather

  3. The video editing is extremely great. Music is good, but to loud. And the dubbing seems to low compare to the music.
    But overall I like it!
    This really brings back to my visit there, also in the same year in last January.
    I only have the photo version here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmccvi8N

  4. Hello everyone I am a German guy living an working in Harbin for more than 4 years and also Youtubing a lot about this city. If you need any informations about Harbin let me know! Very nice video and nice editing. Harbin Winters are VERY cold.

  5. What music is used for this video? By the way, great video! Just came back from a semester abroad in China and visited Harbin for Spring Festival! Great place!

  6. oh man, the frozen lashes and frozen hair HAHAHA, plus the amazing ice sculptures, really brings back memories when my family went there a couple years back :,)

  7. Yo SL crew, i went to Singapore early this year, partly because you guys introduced me how Singapore is like through the videos. Great place, thank you!

  8. Great video, we visited in January, flying from Michigan USA. We had a fantastic trip and the snow sculptures were breathtaking. We ended our journey in Qinzhou, Guangxi where it was much warmer.

  9. Thought it was about architecture 🙁 Still though nice look-at-me-here vlog, as look-at-me-here vlogs go.

  10. Ah but harbin is so gorgeous in the summer, too. It's only known for the snow and ice festival though.

  11. As a Chinese I'd like to tell you that in winter the problem of air pollution is serious in Harbin so if you plan to pay a visit to Harbin you'd better care about the local weather.

  12. For someone that been to Harbin, the cold is manageable. Wearing thermals both upper and lower body helps. However unlike this stupid doco, skip the fancy duffle coat. You need to wear a hardcore Carhartt jacket. Dealing with black ice is also a hazard especially to the elderly citizen and it causes laughable moments on the road so get yourself metal skids on your shoes.

  13. Awesome video, thanks for sharing your experience with visiting Harbin! Really love your winter outfits too, cute scarves and everything!

  14. Wow. Nice video. I don't think I can survive that kind of cold. You guys did a great job.

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