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– well I am tripping right now I have told him you’ve lived through this day already – oh cool yes a day reset when you died right yeah I might be able to help with that I died 11 times I was stuck reliving the same day over and over again into someone wearing a baby mask ordered me on the night of my birthday turns out it was my roommate Laurie I taped her crazy ass out a window and killed her which both to Luke but now I’m living the better version of my life [Applause] okay no okay yeah your pants [Music] okay I got it ended the loop but I’m back oh my god everything’s different this time it’s coming after all of us if you don’t be set the day and try again they’re dead for good aren’t they so I’m gonna have to die over and over again to save all of you I mean I guess you could just reset the day yourself genius idea I don’t stop the killing what people die failure is not an option focus man my money on my mind got a middle of the let’s see what you got Green crisis mode tree who’s gonna pledge Kappa now that we have a death curse [Applause] [Music]

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  1. Just watched it, was slightly disappointed, because after the beginning loop, we switch loops, and while everything is different, nothing makes much sense at all. While seeing the mom alive is touching and all, they NEVER resolve the beginning loop surprise.

     They never again address "Other Ryan" at all, or why there are two of him, but not two of anybody else. The most intriguing part of the damn movie, and it gets cut 20 minutes in. I wanted to know why there was doppelgangers, and why weren't they're any more. One Ryan does explain why there aren't more than one Tree, but why is there more than one Ryan in the beginning?

  2. So it seems that no one made the mistake that I did, which was watching this trailer and realizing it was movie #2. Spoiling the entirety of movie #1 in less then 30 seconds.

    Solid effort on a trailer.

  3. I kinda wish Tree would have a chance to change things between Lori and her when the part 3 comes. I felt sad for Lori. 🙁

  4. The part between Danielle and the dean was so hilarious. She's pretending to be French but says 'Gracias' lmao

  5. this is NOT a horror movie? It's a comedy / wannabe sci-fi time travel movie. It steals a lot from Back to the future

  6. I have a lot of good things to say about this sequel (SPOILER ALERT!):

    1. The use of Hard Times was probably the best background music addition in a movie ever.
    2. They presented the time loop and multi-dimension thing in a very understandable manner.
    3. Tree died LOTS OF TIMES MORE. The way she reacts after everytime she dies is just priceless.
    4. Awesome cast.
    5. This was better than the first film.
    6. The choice between past and present was a great addition.
    7. It became a part Sci-fi film.
    8. The DARPA ending.
    9. The thrill. And of course,
    10. DANIELLE.

  7. Key to happy death day go buy a 12 gauge from USA Pawn and then get some buck shots from walmart and then go home sit in the middle of a no window room and aim at the door until the next day

  8. Moral lesson of the movie: “Live your life to the fullest because tomorrow is not promised” God Bless everyone 😊

  9. 1:19 😀 LOL my name is rudie but everybody always writeś it like Rudy watch the whiteboard its on the rigth side xD what a quensedence thats mine name in a movie

  10. I really wanted to make a machine to fly across the room and relive the same day so I can be smart

  11. I love the films with "time loops". I liked a lot both films, it was cool that they talked about the Groundhog Day in the first one and Back to the Future in the second one. I hope they make the third one. I even liked how the second one has an 80's vibe in the style, you know, the style of film with students making experiments. 😃

  12. Happy Death Day Was A Ghost That someone want to Unmasked it but it tp to his friend that a clearly Dead ghost 👻👻👻

  13. So it used to be Groundhog Day meets Scream. Now it's Groundhog Day meets Scream meets Back To The Future. It's a comedy horror mystery thriller sci-fi movie.

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  15. Why would they mke the trailer thumbnail look the exact same as the first one then put the ending of the first film in the 2nd films trailer…because that totally didnt spoil the first one for someone who just hasnt watched it and assumed the baby thumbnail was the same origional trailer…tf

  16. Whatever happened to this girl?
    Her acting skills truly spiked after the 16th death.
    IT was very nice to see her on her range.

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