*GOODLIFE USA* Why Our Focus Is Getting You Legacy Tree Qualified.

his communication is produced by an Independent Business Owner (IBO) with GOODLIFE USA. GOODLIFE USA cannot and does not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. Or good light for us a team legacy folks if you’re watching this video Are looking at a business called Good Life USA? And I’d like to take a few minutes at a time and explain something very important for you. We’re going to talk about becoming a part of our group and I want to talk about our first focus for you as you’re coming out of the gate after you join our group and to get you started in good life USA quickly and explain Aspect of our business, that’s so so important. It’s called the legacy straight, so let’s get going so The three ingredients that’s going to come together yes timing Positioning and Opportunity folks okay, and we’re going to talk about that right now Let me explain what the legacy tree is okay a legacy tree was put together by marks a fourth It was actually designed to say thank you from the company back to all of us Independent business owners and everyone coming on board with the good life us a business. It’s a thank you for being early pioneers of this company and It’s a company that we all know is the opportunity of a lifetime and In regards to the legacy tree we want you to realize Once you come into the business as a gold or platinum It doesn’t cost you anything to get in the legacy tree all we have to help you to do is to get to Only two other gold or platinum. I’ve use in their business and It’s pretty easy to do folks because we’re here for you. We’ve got great training for you. We’re on three ways costly That’s what we’re here for right, and you know sometimes when people first come into the business You know it may take a month may take two months for you to learn really really what to say So that’s why we’re here if you don’t know what to say give us on the phone We’d rather be on the phone with you explain this business properly and not mister and Make sure that people understand All the different levels of this company. That is so powerful and how? They can finally be involved in the opportunity of a lifetime, okay So our first focus for you Is to help you of course when you come to the business and that that is on your warm market on your cold market? However you want us to do it, but our first focuses thing help you to get to gold or platinum. I IPOs that Way we can get you timestamp in that legacies rate Okay, that legacy would she tree you’ll be locked in once you get locked in It’s it’s like a retirement plan folks. It’s like a 401k for the future and there’s something about 3,500 people In the legacy tree right now So that that is one of our main goals right away to get you your first two people And get you a spot in that legacy tree before any other Countries come in like we’re going to be bringing in Mexico the Dominican Republic Australia we already brought in Canada and it’s Every day it just keeps getting more exciting and more exciting this company with our major Advancements and what’s going in internally in Goodlife USA and a lot, that’s gonna be released next month We have so many new things coming out, but folks right now There’s thousands of people lining up and waiting from all these other countries. I mean about the pre-registration Exactly. They’re pre-registered There’s there’s positions are locked all we have to do the company needs to go into that country Make sure all the t’s across all the I’s are dotted Legally and in as soon as it’s open boom those people are there and they’re under you If you are time stamped in the mecca situation right and right now. We’re just waiting for all the legalities to take place make sure all our eyes are thought teaser crossed you know and Then boom is some start happening real quick folks. I mean real cracks in the next couple months so You know that’s why we’re doing this video We want to let everybody keep studying that legacy if you’re still looking a good life USA keep studying the videos of a legacy tree And keep looking at the business itself And I want to also explain it or similar funding comes from from Alexia, okay? It’s 25% of all commissioning volume Commission of volume is the things from the VIP club card The membership has 25% of that that goes actually back into Lex’s the legacy tree Now the legacy trees not gonna pay you right away. You know building the business You know we got many levels to income that you can get paid quickly the legacy tree like I said, it’s like a retirement fund okay, it’s a 2 by 30 that means only two people below you and then four then a minute bills and It’s just such an exciting concept for a company that is a little over. You know Which one let’s all work so and what that legacy tree is gonna be like your 401k pension plan retirement fund it’s going to be for your kids You know for tuition for retirement supplemental income? You know anything like that so we really want everybody to get educated about the legacy tree And like I said the only requirement is we want to help you get started right away Help get your first two people As gold or platinum and now it gets you locked on the legacy tree okay, and that’ll get your good life business rolling in the correct direction quickly okay So again our goal is to be there for you so we can help you to achieve your goals and get you in that legacy tree correctly by helping you to bring in those two gold or platinum people and We want to thank you in advance for being a part team legacy and gotta remember our team legacy group Very very great people as an all good life members of that honestly so many good great could creep people out there Great groups, and we call it the good life nation. I mean we should all share with you each other So you know if you’re watching this video Even though we did it go back to the person that made have shared this video with you, okay If you don’t have a sponsor if you’re not talking to somebody of course you’re welcome to get a hold of us our numbers at the bottom of the screen there, okay, and You will also receive a keys that team legacy vault when you come into the business Yes, you join under team- Detroiter it seems like summers not every team has that only team Legacy has the keys to the team at this a ball and That is a private website that holds some of the industry’s most powerful and good for careful training in the world guys And it’s exclusively available to team legacy members so again we wanna thank you for taking a few minutes, and we’re gonna be putting a lot more videos and It’s just you know if you’re not sure about good life. You know keep studying it. You’re welcome to give us a call anytime and Get on the train guys get on the train because it’s moving fast I’ve been in this business over 30 years, and we’ve been successful in a lot of companies And you know some not so successful in but I tell you what nothing like this We said twelve or thirteen years ago. We never get involved in another company That’s right Never get involved in and again But here we are what’s good like USA and it’s only because it is completely different from any other company That’s why we are here because it has proven to be a successful company And it is continuing to grow in leaps and bounds And that’s why you need your two people when you come into the business. It’s very important ASAP get your two people either gold or platinum II get time stamp because you want everybody enjoyed you that you can get so that 25% can just be absorbed by you You’re like a sponge your little Center will be like a sponge and you’ll just be absorbing all of that TV 25% no so that that is the main goal right there yes you know it’s like you’d being you know on top of the tree and as all these companies come in or all these countries I Mean, I’m sorry That’s gonna flow up to you okay, and you’re gonna absorb that Volume right and like I said, there’s only thirty five hundred right now right I imagine is You know as this country next couple months. Yeah, let’s go. It’s done grow. You know 25,000 50,000 hundred thousand dad don’t be surprised when I hit some million right it’s coming. It’s coming. It’s coming quickly very quickly So folks thanks for taking the time watching our video Please subscribe our YouTube channel is it’s a good life USA our telephone number is seven to seven four zero three four one six seven you can text call anytime and our Email is it’s a good life here save gmail. Yeah, okay We are located on the East Coast if you can keep that in mind if you’re on the west coast feel free to call But just remember we’re a few hours ahead of you, so we’re Eastern Standard Time But give us a call anytime, and we will be happy to answer any of your questions I think she’s actually saying that because you’ve seen me jump up at 2 or 3 a.m.. And grab the phone hi Delbert Good yeah, I mean we love it we have fun. We jump up. I’ll just throw a coffee and occuring it’s like let’s go bye guys bel Baird signing off and Pam Baird and be blessed and Jump on board the team legacy train and be a part of good life USA You would never see nothing like this again. Folks. It is truly the opportunity of a lifetime god bless

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