GO. NOW. – Travel the World with Monograms

Because the Coliseum isn’t getting any younger. Because Paris ain’t getting on a plane to come see you. Because we all know “Someday” really just means “Never” We’re for going now. As in right now. As in: from this moment forward – the
dreaming stops. And the doing begins. We’re for getting out of the magazines. Getting off
of the Internet. And just getting there. We’re for letting your inner adventurer be the driver. We’re for telling your rational side to zip it. We’re for enjoying once-in-a-lifetime experiences When you still have a lot of life in you. When you still have a lot of life in you. We’re for zero excuses.
And zero regrets. We’re for walking on cobblestones. Hiking a rainforest. Riding an elephant. And having a pint in a genuine pub. We’re for “been there, done that.” We’re for “Where to next?” And we’re for making going now … not only possible. But also, easy. Because we’re not a website that leads you down a rabbit hole. We’re a travel company. With real, live humans who are as passionate about experiencing and discovering as you are. We are an entirely new way to see the world. We put all the planning, arranging and coordinating into an all-in-one package. So all you do – is GO. We’re Monograms. We’re Monograms. We’re for travel. We’re for travelers. And we’re for not letting another minute pass by. www.Monograms.com

5 Replies to “GO. NOW. – Travel the World with Monograms

  1. My Wife and I have taken 11 Cosmos Tours. Never tried monograms. But we are happy with Cosmos. It is cheap, affordable and hasslefree,

  2. we are going to a week in London and Paris.  I would like to see the video about the trip. Which video about London and Paris.?

  3. Kudos for a video that many travelers can connect to. I plan on offering Monograms to as many clients as possible.

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