hello friend Gila Travel now we are in village begagan limo, district gondang mojokerto regency, east java province after this we will go to the roots tour of a thousand yes, exploring the root tree of a thousand. there is a waterfall also there. So, how is the root of the thousand? follow our journey… GILA TRAVEL… GILA BANGEEET…!!! GOOD AFTERNOON SIR MY NAME IS MBAH SRAWI introduce my name bobby, we are from youtube Gila Travel channel. we want to ask what story is there about the root of a thousand? the history of the thousandth roots is the Talirogo tree in the days of majapahit the tree is hundreds of years old where there had been a battle between Ronggolawe and Kebo Anabrang. hence the name of the cage kebo the jungle of the megalamat lies the existence of a thousand root trees the megalamat was the annihilation of the heirloom ronggolawe That tree has a thousand roots or how, sir? if calculated yes more than a thousand, so it is called as a tree of a thousand roots. at the root of a thousand, are there any foreign tourists also visiting? many who visit, there are from dutch, japan also exist. so how our excitement in the root tree of a thousand, we prove ourselves a thousand root roots there. thank you, sir. the direction is over there yes! we will begin our journey to the root of a thousand, which is about 2 kilometers or 45 minutes to reach the root of a thousand. we keep walking and walking, this is a bridge we have to pass. Yes, right. we will pass a bridge made of bamboo, made by local people to cross the small river to the root tree of a thousand… in the journey we are presented many beautiful scenery, there are trees, rocks and small streams that currents entertain the ears so we do not get bored ya sister dita and brother bobby… Yes, it is true there are so many banana trees here, maybe here hungry one can just take it .. hahahha all, make a snack. so we have to pass a muddy path, due to the weather after heavy rain. so we must remain cautious and alert. yes many memories ni here .. ups wrong meaning many puddles .. hehehe hahaha .. ah so carried away feelings. follow our journey continues, until heading to the root of a thousand. GILA TRAVEL… GILA BANGEEET…!!! naaahh…now we will pass the river on foot, the depth below our knees. however, we must remain cautious and alert! really brother rizal, we should not be careless though in the slightest thing. okay, be careful bobby brother be careful too, brother rizal. I why not be noticed too? hahahaha… due to time and unfavorable weather, the Gila Travel team decided not to head for the waterfall. so we immediately continue the journey to the root tree of a thousand. wooooo…. finally we arrived, friend Gila Travel. now we are in the root tree of a thousand. look, it’s amazing. Friends Gila Travel, The shape of the tree and its roots is very large. wow … amazing here many streams, can be used to take a bath and unwind. we try to go there and enjoy it. stay with us GILA TRAVEL… GILA BANGEEET…!!! we will try to play and feel how cold water is in this place. how will we be here later? playing water, it must be very exciting. wow…amazing yuuk..yuuk…yuuk.. GILA TRAVEL… GILA BANGEEET…!!! after we go through a pretty tiring and full of struggle. we decide to play water around a thousand root trees. well .. finally paid already our journey far enough, finally we can play here. keep in mind as we said before, because weather and time that do not support us decide to end the journey at the root of a thousand. GILA TRAVEL… GILA BANGEEET…!!!


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