Georgia Road Trip: From Jekyll Island to the North Georgia Mountains

– [Robert] Here we are, about
to cross the Dames Point Bridge, which bypasses
downtown Jacksonville on our way to Georgia. (upbeat banjo music) I was gonna wait until Georgia to put gas, but, meh, I’m kinda running on fumes here. You know what’s on my mind? Georgia. Good-bye Florida! (upbeat banjo music) – [GPS Voice] Welcome to Georgia! – [Robert] Thank you so much, Google Lady. There’s a message from Eric. After spending some good times in Florida, we are now in Georgia! And while I’m here in the South, I think I’m going to
explore Jekyll Island, and then head north to the Atlanta area, and the Georgia mountains, but first, it’s getting late, so I’m going to spend the night here at the
Wal*Mart in Brunswick. (upbeat banjo music) (“Riding With My RV” by Robert Morales) Well, hello everybody. Just arrived here at the Wal*Mart. We’re just north of Brunswick. Haven’t had anything to eat since that breakfast/lunch I had earlier, and uh, we’re gonna get a cold
front here really quick so it’s gonna be a nasty weather night, so I’m gonna have some, some dinner. I don’t feel like
cooking, so I want to have one of these frozen meals by P.F. Chang’s. Chicken and broccoli, and,
mmm, really, really good. Does it come with like a separate sauce? Just that, yeah, the sauce comes frozen. It looks pretty good. Bon Appetit! Well goooood morning! As you can see, we’re not
the only RV’s out here. It’s 48 degrees out there. So, let’s make some coffee. All right. Let’s go get some water. Here at the Wal*Mart. There’s blue skies on this
side, so there’s hope. (light drum beat) Well, I really needed
water, so that’s what I got. We’ve got an Airstream
International back there. Mini Winnie Class C. Allegro Class A. Dakota Ultra Lite. And of course, Minitini. The Colorado changes with the weather. Today it looks almost black. Yeah, I’m definitely
calling it The Chameleon. Chameleon, how do you like that? Or in Spanish, El Camaleón. I like Chameleon better. All right, let’s get
ready to hit the road. (light piano music) Our first stop today is going to be Jekyll Island, of course. Then, we continue north. (light guitar music) Here we are on the Sidney Lanier Bridge, spanning the fancy Bluff Creek. (upbeat trumpet music) Oooh, there’s a toll booth,
and it’s all automated! Six dollars for cars, ten
for oversized vehicles, but I don’t see an option
on the machine, so, off we go. Well yeah, I know, bad hair day. It was six dollars to enter the island, I wasn’t expecting that, but um, anyways, it is what it is, right? I don’t know if I was supposed to pay for an oversized
vehicle, because I’m towing, but, the machine said six dollars, so, shhh, don’t tell anybody. (upbeat trumpet music) And here we are! There is a very historic
district here, but first, let’s circumvent and explore
the rest of the island. (upbeat keyboard music) All right, let’s take a break right here! Wow, they got some Christmas
decorations here already. Well, there it is, the Atlantic Ocean. Kind of makes me wish for
better weather, actually. Although at least we’ve
got some blue skies. (waves crashing) It is all this hard-packed sand. And you can tell that it’s
probably low tide right now. This is, by the way, right off the public parking lot
of Beach View Drive. (waves crashing) I believe that ocean front
residential area in the distance is actually located on a neighboring island called Saint Simon’s. Just north of Jekyll Island. One of these days, I’m going to come back, and I want to visit all the
Georgia Barrier Islands. There is so much to see in this area, and I just love to be here
lingering in front of the ocean, hearing the soothing sound
of the waves crashing. (birds chirping, waves crashing) Let’s continue towards Driftwood Beach. (upbeat keyboard music) And here we are. Let’s take this short trail here. This is Driftwood Beach we’re going to. (soft keyboard music) The most prominent feature
here is the graveyard of sun-bleached trees,
apparently caused by erosion, which made the soil unable
to support life anymore, to support the trees, so they died. (soft keyboard music) The gloomy day certainly adds to the post-apocalyptic feel of this site. (soft keyboard music) There, we can see the
Saint Simon’s lighthouse. (soft keyboard music) Well, this is the famous Driftwood Beach here on Jekyll Island. The gloominess of the day actually kind of enhances the experience. Quite interesting, I’m
gonna do some research on all this dead trees here on this beach. But, it’s pretty cold, it says 48, but with the ocean breeze, it probably feels a little colder than
48 degrees Fahrenheit. Check this out, check this
out, all this dead trees. They go on and on and on. It’s quite beautiful in a post-apocalyptic kind of way, isn’t it? All right, let’s get back to the RV. And uh, I’m gonna start
going in-land from here. I was gonna visit Savannah, but I kind of changed my mind, I’m
gonna head towards Macon, through one of the blue
highways, if you will. It’s not gonna be an
interstate, I don’t think. And then from Macon, up to Atlanta. Check it out, haha. This is awesome. Hmm, I wonder what that is in
the distance in the horizon? (soft keyboard music) Okay, let me show you a
different perspective. (soft keyboard music) (light drum beat) Let’s continue. The campground should
be coming along soon. The campground’s right here. So maybe next time, we can stay here. Looks pretty nice. This structure here,
coming up on the left is the Horton House, a fine
example of Tabby construction, which was an indigenous type of cement made of crushed oyster
shells, lime, and water. (light drum beat) All right, let’s go to
the Historic District. Sometimes, it can be a
challenge finding parking. You know, something that
can accommodate the truck and the trailer; but, if you are patient, something usually pops up,
like this lot right here. (upbeat drum music) You’ve gotta love those
Spanish Moss draped trees. The first building we encounter
here is the Sans Souci. This six apartment
complex was built in 1899 by Henry B. Hyde, the
czar of Jekyll Island. This was all during that time after 1886, when the island became the richest, most inaccessible club in the world. Besides J.P. Morgan, of course, this became the winter
retreat of Joseph Pulitzer, the William K. Vanderbilt, and
Marshall Field, among other. There’s the Indian Mound
cottage, nowadays a museum. And there is another view of
the aforementioned Sans Souci. (light keyboard music) This ritzy looking
building is none other than the Jekyll Island Club Resort,
originally the Club House, a statement of splendid elegance. And it was here at a
secret meeting in 1910, that a plan was written to
reform the nation’s banking system, and laid the foundation
for what would become, eventually, the Federal Reserve System. (light keyboard music) Let’s continue walking around
the impeccably kept grounds. (light keyboard music) They have many signs all over the place, like this one with historical information. And that’s the bridge
we went over earlier. (light organ music) Let’s check out some of the other villas, or cottages, here on the island. This one is called the Crane Cottage, and apparently it is a very coveted venue for like, wedding receptions. (light organ music) This one here is the Cherokee Cottage. All part of the resort. There’s the Faith Chapel,
established in 1904. Okay, it is five dollars to enter, so we’re going to do it some other time. (light piano music) Beautiful trees! (light piano music) Oh, everything seems to be closed today. There we are! Our stealth location. That’s a nice looking rig. The journey continues. For the rest of the day, I will be driving all the way to Ackworth,
Georgia, just north of Atlanta, and that’s where my brother-in-law lives and the rest of the family. And why in such a hurry, you might ask? Well, because the CDs have arrived, and I have a lot of
pre-orders, so I am anxious to ship them all, and then,
I’ll be joined by Ili, and we’ll explore some of
the North Georgia mountains. But first we have to get there, right? So enjoy the ride! (light banjo music) Mmmm, pollution. While we’re here, let’s drive through historic downtown
Brunswick, and check it out. (light banjo music) Eventually, we make it to
this town called Baxley. I think it is time to
take our first break. And when I’m on these roads
that don’t have rest areas, I usually just look for a Wal*Mart. They have the large
parking lots, and probably won’t mind if I just park for
an hour or so and recharge. It is one those gas stations
where you get a different price for cash or credit, but, it was
only three cents difference, so I said, you know, whatever;
screw it, let’s do it. I um, I showered here at
the Wal*Mart parking lot. In my enclosed shower. – [GPS Voice] Take the
next left towards US-341, North Golden Isles West, then
turn right onto US-341 North. – [Robert] Still have about a little over four hours to go on this trip here. And um, I’m supposed to make a left. Am I not? I think so. (GPS makes a recalculating noise) No, I’m supposed to make a right. No, make a left. The Google Lady’s confused. – [GPS Voice] Use the
right lane to turn left onto Golden Isles West,
Golden Isles Parkway. – [Robert] Uh, okay. What I’m saying, I still
have four hours left. It’s about 1:30 PM, and
as I’ve said before, many times I like to take
a break in the middle of a long driving day like today, and uh, and just take a shower, because it kind of resets your clock. – [GPS Voice] In 600 feet,
turn right after O’Reilly Auto Parts on the right,
onto Westbury Road. – [Robert] Wouldn’t it
be easier to make a–. – [GPS Voice] Take the next
right after O’Reilly Auto Parts. – Yeah, I’m going the wrong way. – [GPS Voice] Onto Westbury Road. Then turn left onto Tippins Street. – I might do something different. ‘Cos the Google Lady doesn’t
know what she’s talking about. (GPS recalculating) Anyways, as I suspected, my
ETA is going to be about 6 PM, a little later, actually. – [GPS Voice] Take the
next right onto US-341 North Golden Isles Parkway. – But um, I had to take a
shower, I ate something. I did not have a Cuban coffee,
– [GPS Voice] 341 North for 15 miles. – I’m going to have my Cuban
coffee like last minute emergency, like in two hours,
just for that final stretch from Macon to um, to Atlanta. But, here we are in, what
was the name, Baxley? It reminded me of one of
my former advertisers. For Lisa Baxley of Custom Covers. Maybe I should give her a call. See if they want to renew
or something (chuckles). Anyways, off we go for four
hours and fifteen minutes to go, and (clears throat)
I’m losing my voice. Oh by the way, I’m also uploading a video here using the Chevy
Colorado’s built-in WiFi. Hopefully it works. (dramatic keyboard music) 19 here, going northwest. I’m going to join the I-16
soon, and then the 75 North, but a lot of the businesses
around this road, like gas stations or if you
go through a downtown area, are all shut down; it’s like everything’s completely deserted. A lot of barns, like, in ruins. It’s interesting. I love taking this back roads. See so much more. And I haven’t taken much
video because I’ve been concentrating on the
road, but hopefully the Go Pro on the roof took,
got some nice shots. (electronic keyboard music) This is the home stretch. I got some Pilot coffee. And um, an hour 43 minutes to go. Which I’m gonna do non-stop. And um, I was going to say something else. Oh yeah, gas mileage. Hauling butt on the interstate,
like 65, 70 miles per hour, 10 to 11 miles per gallon, so. – [GPS Voice] Turn right
onto the ramp to Atlanta. – So you’re gas mileage
is inversely proportional to your speed, so the faster
you go, the less mileage you get.
– [GPS Voice] In a quarter mile, merge onto I-75 North. – Which, we all know that right? (chuckles) Anyways, I got my Pilot coffee. Mmm, ooh. It’s all right. Colombian blend, or something like that. Okay, let’s step on it! Yeah, the old Kia didn’t
do this, for sure, heh heh. Atlanta, here we come! (uptempo drum beat) Well, to make a long story short, I arrived at night, at my
extended family’s place. And after socializing a little bit, I stayed up until 2 AM mailing CDs. On the next day, I moved to
Sweetwater Creek RV reserve, which is more or less equidistant between their home and the airport. In the afternoon, I went to pick up Ili, and we did enjoy some family time. (upbeat electronic music) Good morning! Isn’t that interesting? Some kind of sublimation
phenomenon here on my car. Very nice, crisp morning here,
on the outskirts of Atlanta. So um, let’s go to the mountains! Beautiful day, not a cloud
in the sky, check that out. This is perfect weather. (instrumental country music) Well, there’s Atlanta! As we are on our way through
Sam Ash to get a cable. (instrumental country music) I came by Sam Ash music
store because I needed to buy a cable, I didn’t come
prepared to do an interview for the podcast, and an
interview came up, so. I needed one particular
cable to connect to my audio interface, and uh, very nice. Very nice people everywhere, and people are very nice here in Georgia. Now we’re going to the mountains. Gonna begin by Ellijay, Blue
Ridge, and then we’ll see. (instrumental country music) Of course, I visited this area last fall. There’s the campground where I stayed, and there are a lot of apple orchards and wineries all over the place. Here we are, Ellijay,
a small town of barely 1600 inhabitants, the
apple capital of Georgia. This time around, parking
is proving to be a little more of a challenge,
maybe because it is such a perfect weather weekend. Here by the traffic circle,
that’s the Glimmer County Superior Court, and I want
to go to eat at this place called Cantaberry, because
the last time I was here, there was a long line
and I couldn’t go in. It is our lucky day! I found parking right
here in River Street. There’s Cantaberry. Well he we are, let’s see
what all the fuss is about. This is a Grasshopper Imperial Pale Ale. I got the chili. Yes, a chili and the
famous rueben sandwich. Well, that was the Cantaberry. Not bad, but our expectations
were really high, being so highly recommended, so, I mean, it was a good pastrami sandwich, for sure, and the chili, very hearty. Now let’s check out this
um, they have some kind of festival or fair or farmer’s market, or I have no idea what it is. You look slightly familiar. Well, this is apparently the
Second Annual Christmas Market. Pretty cool, and very timely
for us to be here today. (light symphonic music) Santa is here. (acoustic band playing) This is beautiful. (crowd chattering) A coffee wouldn’t be bad, actually. You want a coffee? And they have fresh fudge. Oh there we go, we got some
fudge with pecans at this place. That’s what the other side looks like. Not a whole lot more for us
to do here now that we ate, we’re just gonna walk around a little bit around this boardwalk area. They have free wine tasting. Yeah, wish we didn’t have to drive. Wine tasting would’ve been nice. But, we might go to an
actual winery later. Yeah, everything around this
boardwalk is kind of dead, except kind of the place that’s
giving free wine tastings, and this little pub that has music. All right, let’s go back to the car, which is right there. We’re gonna drive about 15 miles north to the town of Blue Ridge. (light drum beat) Blue Ridge here is the gateway
to the Georgia mountains. There is a scenic railway,
which we will ride one of these days, there
is horseback riding, a bunch of waterfalls nearby,
the Appalachian trail, and wineries; many wineries and breweries. Cool town, but it is too crowded today. Parking will be a challenge. And we want to do some more
exploring around the area, so we’re just gonna do a
quick drive through here. (light guitar music) I don’t know if I’ve told you, but it is our intention to, at some point, buy a piece of land in this area. At least, to have a home base, you know, somewhere to park the rig. So we’re going to do some
exploring with that in mind. (dramatic keyboard music) I won’t lie, this is
perhaps a little too rugged for my taste, but it is a start. We will find the perfect place someday. (dramatic keyboard music) Okay, let’s head back down. (dramatic keyboard music) We’re gonna take a quick break here by the Stanley Rapids on the Toccoa River. (water rushing) (uptempo electronic keyboard music) We’re gonna stop here by the R&A Orchards, and maybe get some apple cider. (uptempo electronic keyboard music) Here’s the apple cider, and popcorn. We wanted to end our day at
Amicalola Falls State Park, but it looks like there
might be a change of plans. (fire engine blaring) There’s a pretty bad wreck up ahead, and the road is closed indefinitely. Holy smokes. Yep, that looks pretty bad. Plan B! We are going to go to a winery instead. (uptempo keyboard music) This is called the Chateau
Meichtry Family Vineyard and Winery; let’s check it out. (uptempo keyboard music) There, it says Tasting
Room, that must be it. We’re gonna do a tasting
here at the very busy bar. (customers chatting indistinctly) After the tasting, we
came to the outside patio, enjoying the beautiful weather, the crisp, late afternoon air, and some live music. Seems like a fitting end to our day. (man singing as customers
chat indistinctly) That looks like a happy cow. I got some wine for tomorrow! Or, for one of these days. (electronic keyboard music) The one thing I dislike
about this time of the year is that it gets dark so early. On the next video: I am
coming back to the mountains, and we are going to visit
the Amicalola Falls, and Vogel State Park, among other things. Good morning! Yeah, that train has
been running all night. Check it out. The ice. ♪ Ice, Ice Baby! ♪ (chuckles) (“Riding With My RV
Instrumental” by Robert Morales)

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